Delta Rat Scrapbook - February 2013

Fantasea cruising on the Napa River.

Fantasea Up The River

Commodore Les Cochren purchased the 38-foot 1925 Matthews classic yacht Fantasea from Bev Partridge recently. For her entire 87-year history, Fantasea has been moored in San Francisco Bay but has cruised the Delta extensively over the years. The Partridges purchased her in 1959 when Bev’s husband Bob gave up sports car racing.

When Bev and Bob owned her they kept an aggressive cruising schedule, and even cruised her to Mexico from San Francisco via Catalina Island. They raised their children aboard her.

Bob was a maritime attorney with a million colorful tales to tell. He even represented the parties in a mutiny one time. After he retired, he would spend most days aboard Fantasea keeping her in pristine condition. Bob would even do much of the yard work himself when she was hauled out. Bob passed away a few years back and eventually Bev decided that Les would be a worthy steward for her beloved yacht.

At some point the Partridges replaced her original 150-horsepower Gray Marine motor with a 200-horsepower General Motors V6. The V6 not only has more horsepower, but there is also a few hundred pound weight savings with the new engine. Matthews boats are massively built vessels and noted for being sea-kindly and comfortable, but with the new motor she is relatively quick, too.

All the time the Partridges owned her they kept her at their private dock in back of their home in Alameda. Les had her moved from her Alameda berth to Bill Ament’s boatyard in Walnut Grove to have her inspected, the bottom painted, and new zinc anodes installed.

Les, Bill and Casey.When she was ready, Les asked me to accompany him on a voyage from Walnut Grove to her new homeport at the Sacramento Marina. I caught up with Les and Fantasea at the Walnut Grove public dock on the Sacramento River. Bill and his son Casey had moved her to the Sacramento River from the Mokelumne River side of Walnut Grove in preparation for her voyage to her new home.

My son Conrad dropped me off at the dock at 0900 hours. It was very foggy, so we waited for it to clear. In the meantime, Les walked up to the gas station on the road above and made a few trips with jerry cans to add some gasoline to the tanks as the fuel gauges were not working and due to the twists and turns of the fuel lines we could not use my preferred method of checking fuel – a yard stick.

We spent some time drinking hot coffee and eating donuts and pastries while we waited for the fog to clear. The maddening thing about the Delta is that the whole river can be fogged in between the levees, but it can be clear on top of the levees and the surrounding area.

The interior of Fantasea is charming, filled with memorabilia and artifacts dating to the early 20th century. One of the coolest things is the coal-burning stove in the main saloon. It invites sitting around telling sea stories with a cup of coffee or brandy in hand.

The fog eventually cleared and we finally pulled out at 1100 with plans to stop at the Boathouse Marina just upstream and take on more fuel. As we pulled up to their fuel dock, we noticed the sign saying the fuel dock was closed so we pulled a U-turn and went back to the public dock where Les got another 20 gallons – 4 gallons at a time in the jerry cans. We left again with plans to stop somewhere farther upstream to top off the tanks.


Les at the helm.We were bucking about a five-knot current and we were doing 4.8 to five knots over the bottom at 1,900 rpm according to the two GPS’s aboard. We had plenty of pastries and sandwiches and a couple thermoses of coffee for provisions.

The motor runs beautifully and when the sun came out we migrated up to the flying bridge and enjoyed the sights as we headed upstream. It is about a 40-mile trip from Walnut Grove to Sacramento and normally you can just relax and sightsee on the way. This time, however, the helmsman had to keep a constant lookout, as there were many logs and other debris coming down the river due to the recent rainstorms in the area. It was almost like playing a video game as you were constantly dodging objects headed at you and also trying to pick out the dangerous objects versus the clumps of hyacinth and tules coming down the river.

I was becoming increasingly nervous as we headed up the river with not too much of an idea how much fuel we had. Bill Ament said they filled her up when they left his yard, but they were bucking the current much of the way coming up Georgiana Slough to get to the Sacramento River side of Walnut Grove. Running out of gas in a swiftly moving stream is not a good thing to do, but just in case we made sure the anchor was ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

After passing a couple more closed fuel docks, we found the one at Sherwood Harbor open and topped off the main tank. It took only 13 gallons so we were pretty safe even if we did not stop, but at least it gave us a better level of confidence for the last few miles.

We pulled into the Sacramento Marina at about 1700 hours just as it was starting to get dark. Les pulled her into her new covered slip and we had a sip of rum to celebrate a successful trip. Les is now a two-boat owner; he still has his Owens River Cat that he also keeps at the Sacramento Marina.



Classic Yacht Association (CYA) Change Of Watch

Otto presents Carl with an album of

The CYA held their change of watch at the Tiburon Yacht Club on Dec. 8. George Homenko and Candice Gable put the party together. My granddaughter Daisy is a budding yachtsperson and a commodore in training, so I invited her and her mom Kim to join Sue and me for the occasion. We decided to make it a mini vacation and stay all night in Tiburon.

When we walked in to the clubhouse, Otto Schreier, who is a member of the CYA and the Tiburon Yacht Club, was tending bar but managed to break away later and join the rest of the group for dinner. Candice donated the wine for the meal. Diners had their choice of beef Wellington or a seafood medley of shrimp and fish. They were both excellent. I had the beef Wellington and my granddaughter sat next to me and had the seafood. When she wasn’t looking, I managed to steal a few bites (for study purposes naturally). Carl Logonth was the master chef who prepared the food. Everyone I spoke with said it was great.

After dinner, Retired U.S. Navy Captain Martin McNair conducted the traditional Navy Change of Watch ceremony. Vice Commodore John DiLillo succeeded Les Cochren as Commodore and Les assumed the Staff Commodore position. George Homenko is the 2013 Vice Commodore and Mont McMillan moves in as Rear Commodore.

The CYA Change of Watch has always been an elegant black tie affair. Generally it is held at renowned Bay Area yacht clubs.

In past years it has always been an iffy proposition whether or not the event would break even money wise. A couple of years back John DiLillo came up with the idea of having a silent auction of member-donated items. It was a great opportunity for some people to get rid of some old junk and for others to acquire a valuable nautical antique. It brings in enough revenue to keep the event in the black.

This year there were many good items. Beverly Partridge donated a collection of several nautical books. Others donated a tape to DVD transfer service, boat accessories, a gift basket of food and wine.

I found myself bidding on Beverly’s books and the beautiful art nouveau cup that formerly was the former top piece of the CYA Perpetual Commodores Cup (it has been replaced with a new silver bowl). I found myself bidding against Dave Olson, who is one of the last people I would want to be in a bidding war with. I think he took pity on me and let me win when he saw how much I wanted it.


I quit bidding on the books and I think he wound up with them. So far, the Cup is sitting on my coffee table holding extra Christmas candy but I plan to polish it up and maybe mount it in my boat somewhere.Anna, Otto and Patty Schreier.

The club is located at the Paradise Cay Yacht Harbor in Tiburon. There is an amazing view looking east across the Bay to Richmond and Point Richmond. This was a cold clear evening with no rain or fog and you could pick out the individual lights on the eastern shore with the scene framed by the Richmond San Rafael Bridge.

We stayed all night in Tiburon, so after the festivities we headed back to our hotel in downtown Tiburon. In the morning, we awoke to another beautiful warm sunny day. We went for a walk around the downtown area that is basically a couple block area of Beach Road. We walked up to Arc Row and visited the shops there. Eventually we made it back to Sam’s Anchor Café and enjoyed brunch while sunning on the deck. It was warm with nary a breeze, so you would easily think it was mid-summer not late December.

Sam’s is famous throughout the Delta and Bay Area and a favorite hangout of mariners. The outdoor deck is especially nice as you see the harbor of the Corinthian Yacht Club on one side and the Angel Island Ferry dock on the other.

On nice days the views are spectacular; you could spend a whole day here taking photos. The seagulls here even have fairly good manners. They wait until everyone is gone from a table before descending like a hoard of locusts trying to get scraps before the bus boys chase them off.

The bar at Sam’s is legendary with all kinds of colorful characters hanging out there at all hours of the day. After a leisurely breakfast we wandered around the town a bit more. The women in my party were excited about all the sales, so they did some Christmas shopping and then we headed back to the Big Tomato. The holiday season is party season in the area so we had plenty more on the horizon.


  2013 CYA Bridge: Mont, George, Shawn, Beverly, John, Les and Nancy.  



Stockton Chamber Diversity Mixer

Daisy, Kim and Sue shopping for monkeys in Tiburon.

Stockton gets a lot of bad press, but it is a great city with many boating opportunities and plenty of excellent waterside restaurants. The people are very friendly and there are a lot of great areas to explore. I think Stockton has more shoreline than all but a few of the waterfront cities in the State. It is also the easternmost inland seaport in California. It is home to many quality marinas and resorts.

The Diversity Mixer including all of the area chambers of commerce was held at the Haggin Museum. The Haggin Museum is billed as the “jewel of Stockton” and that it is. If you own a Stephens boat or yacht, you have probably visited the Stephens archives there. They also have collections chronicling the history of the area. The art collection is one of the best in Northern California with works including Pierre Auguste Renoir, Paul Gauguin and Jean Beraud, as well as many other artists of note.

There is also an exhibit featuring Holt Manufacturing Company and Benjamin Holt, the inventor of the Caterpillar Tractor, the first successful continuous track tractor. Visit their website at

Liz and Carlos Chitiva, who own the excellent Chitiva’s Sports Bar & Grill in the Waterfront Warehouse building at 445 West Weber Ave., supplied the hors d’oeuvres for the Delta Chambers booth. Thanks to them the Delta Chambers was the hit of the evening. They had fantastic pulled pork sandwiches, shrimp and salsa & chips. They ran out of food very quickly, but they had backup and brought it in. There was always a crowd around their table.

Even though many of the other participants had some excellent snacks, they did not compare with Chitiva’s. We met a lot of new contacts and left the party feeling like we had just left a Christmas feast.


Carlos, Liz, Patti and Vince at Marina West Yacht Club. Bill Corp and Charlie Jacobs at Marina West.  


Maggie, Becky and Sam.

Marina West
Yacht Club

We joined 50 or so revelers at the Marina West Yacht Club on Little Potato Slough at Tower Park Resort for the Delta Chamber’s annual Christmas Party. Marina West goes all out for any event they have and this was no exception.

It was a chilly winter evening and it was great to be in the warm clubhouse. A buffet table was set up with lots of tasty snacks prepared by the yacht club members. Commodore Ken Dretzka was unable to attend, but most of the rest of the bridge was there along with many of their members as well as many chamber members and guests. Sue and I were surprised and honored when Lynn Hahn announced that we were being made honorary associate members of the club. Marina West is one of my favorite hangouts, so we both look forward to spending even more time there.


Rusty Areias Annual Holiday Party

We headed to Walnut Grove on the banks of the Sacramento River and the Orchard Gables estate of Rusty and Julie Areias and their daughter and son Alexis and Austin. Sue was in sick bay with a back problem, so my granddaughter Daisy joined me for the day. When we first arrived, Rusty graciously introduced her to his children and they all ran off to play together. Rusty had a wine bar set up in the entryway and there were snacks strategically located around the main house so I did not get far with an empty hand. Richard Glazier, a renowned concert pianist, entertained on the grand piano in the living room. In the back yard beyond the swimming pool, a full bar with bartender was in operation and in the poolhouse many more tasty items were available to eat, including some of the best pizza I have ever had. The chef was making a huge pan of paella that was eagerly devoured by the attendees.

The Grindstone Joe Association was well represented at the affair with Tom and Cathi Sawyer and Martin and Janis McNair. Tom is the vice president of the association and Cathi is the webmaster. Martin and Janis are members and when not enjoying the island cruise their classic Stephens yacht Allure all over the Delta and Bay.

Rusty, an aficionado of classic yachts, is a partner with Bob Slobe on two Stephens, the 1956, 60-foot Miss 102, and the 1957, 50-foot Contessa. Rusty’s skipper William Bryerton and his wife Maggie McDonogh, the skipper of the Angel Island ferry, were on hand with their children Sam and Becky. Sam is studying to get his 100-ton license at an early age.



Richard Glazier entertains at the piano.



William and Maggie.Discovery Bay Christmas Parade

Erlyn Lucas Payne checks in from Discovery Bay with a report on their Lighted Boat Parade: “I was honored to be allowed to pick a group to judge the Discovery Bay Lighted Boat Parade this year. My hubby Don had the fun job of keeping four of us ladies together as we party hopped. Kitty Madison, Karen Matteucci and Betty Middleton accompanied us.

“Our first stop was Allen Bellinghausen’s home to see the boats assemble and take off. We were immediately impressed by the decorations. All of the boats looked great and we knew we were going to have some tough choices to make! We quickly dropped in on Kim Stewart’s big party of 60-plus. We would have loved to stick around, but the parade flew by and we were off to destination number three, Shane and Tiffany Taylor’s place. Luckily we had a little time there to pow-wow around the kitchen table and compare notes.

“After that, we were off to George and Judy Antonelli’s where we enjoyed some delicious dinner and I had a really yummy beer from Austria. I knew I had to keep my wits about me, so I had to decline a second although it wasn’t easy!

“We all hopped back into the Tahoe and were off to the party at the Zanger’s gorgeous home. Again, sadly, we didn’t get to stick around long before we were off to make sure all the boats checked in at the final area in Harbor Bay aboard Liquid Assets, the big beautiful houseboat at the end of B dock.

“To our delight, not only were the original 12 boats still going, but we picked up two extra along the way! One of them had me envious; it was a gorgeous long Blue Water pulling up the rear. I put that on my list for Santa, but sadly it wouldn’t fit in my stocking.

“It was my pleasure to award the Commodore’s Cup to Norm DeLong for his presentation of Charlie Brown’s Christmas complete with the pathetic tree and John Hoffman waving and dancing the entire three or so hours dressed as Charlie Brown.

“We had a fun after party at the DBYC club where I got to present the awards. Much to my delight, all the winners were there and everyone had a great time.”


Paul and Donna Clausen.Breninger’s Holiday Open House

We dropped by Dave and Linda Breninger’s holiday open house in Roseville. Dave and Linda both are very active members of the Delta boating community. Dave is the past Commodore of the California Carver Club and their current PICYA Delegate. Linda is the Staff Commodore of the PICYA and the PICYA delegate for the Marina West Yacht Club.

As you might imagine many of the folks there were from the local yachting community. Their home décor is a fusion of southwest and nautical. Dave has a collection of Native American flutes and he can play them, too. Their residence is like something out of “Better Homes & Gardens” and was selected to be part of a home tour in the area.









Frozen Bun Run

The 33rd annual Frozen Bun Run was held at Bethel Island on New Year’s Day. I have good intentions every year of attending, but I like to celebrate on New Year’s Eve and have never been able to drag myself out of bed early enough to make it. Fortunately, my friend Jack Hanna (not the zoo guy), a professional photographer, lives on Bethel Island and is able to watch the fun. He also is responsible for the photos of the event posted at the Rusty Porthole.

Jack reports: “This year’s Frozen Bun Run featured a record 37 skiers and wake boarders. The water was 43 degrees and the air was colder. Sue and I dropped anchor across Piper Slough with the help of Jason Jones, a local surveyor.

“Jonell Stooksberry kept us warm by feeding the fire in our vintage Tollycraft’s wood stove. Katie Tolly, daughter of the boat driver Matt Tolly (Pacific Boat Center), got up with her friend from Russo’s Marina, Katie Russo. The levee in front of Beacon Harbor was lined with bikes and spectators. The best seats in the house are reserved for those who brought in boats for the New Year’s Eve party.

“Many people who want to come out for the event complain about the early hour, but somehow by 0800 hours on New Year’s Day the people show up. The outside bars feature Bloody Mary and Irish coffee to get hearts started! Participants came from as far as the Bay Area and Sacramento, as well as around the Delta. Bethel Island locals participated and volunteered to help out; a good time was had by all!”


Perry’s Boat Harbor

Perry’s manager Joe Bevacqua was moved by the recent tragedy in Connecticut and got together with other business owners on the Delta Loop to hold a memorial for the young victims. At various places around the loop balloons were released. At Perry’s, Joe released 28 balloons, one for each person shot. Flags in the area were also flown at half-staff.

Joe took me on a tour of the marina. The first new thing you notice is a large structure that can keep boats out of the weather while they are hauled out for service. Nearby they are building a gazebo that will serve as a hangout for berthers. It is going to have a firepit and comfortable furniture, and it is enclosed on three sides with the fourth open and facing the sunrise.

The wooden deck is a piece of art. It is teak-looking hardwood with all the screw holes plugged like a boat deck. There are also bungalows either on water or land for berthers to use if they get cramped on their boats. Nowadays, under Joe’s stewardship the whole island is looking more like a country club than the junkyard it was a few short years ago.

Dr. John Telles, Alexis, Rusty, Jolene Telles, Julie and Austin at Orchard Gables. Cathi Sawyer, Martin McNair, Janis McNair and Tom Sawyer. The wine glasses ride well over the galley.
Dave Breninger and Vern Bendsen. Steve, Monica, Cindy, Gary, Linda and Jean. Katie and Katie take off on the Frozen Bun Run.
The new gazebo at Perry’s. Balloons taking off from Perry’s.  



Vickie and Jim Baumann.The Point

Many of us were greatly saddened when The Point Waterfront Restaurant in Rio Vista closed its doors in late December. The Point has been owned and operated by the Baumann family since 1964 with Jim and Vickie Baumann managing it for the last 18 years. Their motto has been “fine food with a view,” which is very true.

I have mentioned this before, but Jim is an artist with food and is constantly coming up with new and excellent dishes. Somehow he has also become an expert with endives and seems to know a limitless way to prepare them. I will really miss stopping in at The Point for a shrimp Louie and a half order of garlic bread along with a cold draft beer.

Jim and Vickie have been wonderful supporters of many Delta organizations that enhance and protect the Delta. I am confident Jim will be soon be involved in some worthwhile project and I think many of you are aware that Vickie has been managing Willow Berm Marina for the last few years.





California Yacht Brokers Association Announces 2013 Officers and Directors

The 2013 slate of officers elected at the Annual Membership Meeting on Jan. 7 will be current Board member Dennis Moran of Ardell Yacht & Ship Brokers in Newport Beach as President, Ron Gullan of Yachtfinders/Windseakers Yacht Sales as 1st Vice President, J.R. Means as 2nd Vice President, Ryan Eastman as Secretary and Jim Johnson of Chuck Hovey Yachts, San Diego as returning Treasurer.

CYBA welcomes three new members to the Board of Directors: J.R. Means of Bayport Yachts in Newport Beach, Chris Simpson of Discovery Bay Yachts in Northern California and Ryan Eastman of West Coast Yachts in Newport Beach. Joining J.R., Chris and Ryan are returning Board members, Jim Johnson, Dean West, Ron Gullan, Nick Friedman and immediate Past President, Tom Trainor.


Wes Williams.Wes Williams

Wes has been with Delta Boat Works on the Delta Loop for the last 25 years and has served the last 13 as yard manager. He has decided to retire effective Jan. 18 and will be gone by the time you read this.

Wes has made many friends in the area over the years and is trusted and respected by all who have dealt with him. To his friends and associates Wes says: “Leaving Delta Boat Works will of course be bittersweet. I will miss working with each of you and am grateful for the opportunity I had in assisting you through the years.” Back in the days when your writer was a yacht broker, Wes helped out on many a deal with always finding time and space for a haul out and completing quality effective repairs when needed.

Wes plans on spending time with his wife relaxing, traveling, and may even get the chance to do a bit of fishing from time to time. He wants to assure his past customers that the new management team being put in place will be just as efficient, friendly and helpful in all your boating repair needs and hopes that they will continue to make Delta Boat Works an excellent choice for repairs and service.

Wes, we will all miss you but wish you the best of luck as you open this next chapter in your life. Anyone wishing to stay in touch with Wes can reach him at his personal e-mail:

Note: Just as I send this off for final editing we learn that Ben Penn will be taking over the manager’s position at Delta Boat Works. Ben is a trusted and popular marine surveyor in the area and I am confident he will be a great asset to the operation!


Tom Trainor presents the Merle B. Parke Award to Jeanne Gorman.Bob Gorman

As you are aware, Bob Gorman passed away in December of 2011. Bob was the Executive Director of the Northern California Marine Association (NCMA) for many years. In 2008, he also became the Executive Director of the California Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA).

The CYBA was founded in 1975 as a nonprofit organization of yacht brokers and yacht salespersons dedicated to conducting business with integrity, dignity and a high standard of professionalism. In 1985, the CYBA instituted the Merle B. Parke award, which each year has been given to a member who is highly regarded and respected within the organization. The award stands for and reflects upon the recipient’s actions that are above and beyond the duties of a yacht broker. The award was named after its first recipient, Merle B. Parke, who was one of the founding members of the CYBA.

Bob Gorman began working in the marine industry in 1965 as a warehouse worker for Proper Tighe Marine in Alameda before becoming a route salesman. He then went on to work for John Berry Co. in retail sales and developed the John Berry Distributing Co. In 1975 he became the regional manager for the Western U.S. for AMF Corp. and in 1979 he started his own business whose clients included the AMF boat lines of Alcort, Paceship, Robalo and Slickcraft.

Gorman turned his business into a wholesale and import company selling Calkins boat trailers and small boats. In 1992, he sold his business to Calkins Manufacturing where he stayed on as manager until 1995. It was then he became the Executive Director of the NCMA. Bob up to that point had already served on the NCMA board for many years, including two terms as president.

As executive director of the NCMA, Bob went on to form a business relationship with Sail America to produce the Pacific Sail Expo, and worked closely with the Sacramento Valley Marine Association to manage the Sacramento Boat Show and the Folsom Water Festival. One of Bob’s visions was to have the NCMA work more closely with the Southern California Marine Association. This vision became closer to reality in December of 2012 when the NCMA completed meetings regarding the integration of the NCMA and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (see below). Bob took over as executive director of the CYBA in 2008 while he was still the executive director for the NCMA. He ran both positions from the NCMA’s Oakland offices.

In 2011, Bob Gorman was awarded the Merle B. Parke Award for his dedication to the marine industry and his outstanding performance involving the CYBA. In December of 2012, CYBA President Tom Trainor and Ty Mellott met with Bob’s wife Jeanne at Scotts Seafood to give her Bob’s award. Bob is truly missed by the marine community and the many who called him a friend over the years.


Eight Bells

Two staff commodores of the Stockton Yacht Club have passed away. Bill Wilson passed on Dec. 22 and Walt Haws passed on Dec. 23. Bill Wilson was commodore in 1999 and again in 2010. Walt Hawes was commodore in 1996. Both of these men were friends and longtime members of Stockton Yacht Club. Thanks to Beverly Cain for this information.


Walt Hawes. Linda and Bill Wilson.  



Walt Hawes.Irish Pennants

Nancy Immekeppel checked in from Korth’s Pirate’s Lair. She was watching the fishing action and met Ray DelCorso, who had just caught a 14-pound striped bass at light 51 on the San Joaquin. Ray was fishing with his friend Steve Fredricks, who caught the other one in the photo.

If you hang out in Isleton or the Delta Loop area, you have probably seen a fellow running along the roads sometime in the last few years. Tom Tate, Korth’s harbormaster, tells me his name is Bob and runs by Korth’s every day. I don’t know if he has a regular route, but he has been sighted along Highway 160, all over the Delta Loop, and in downtown Isleton.

As mentioned above, the past few months the Northern California Marine Association (NCMA) and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) have been in talks regarding the integration of the NCMA into the NMMA.

On Dec. 18 in Oakland an important meeting was held between the NMMA and the NCMA. Present were Ben Wold - Executive Vice President NMMA, David Geoffroy - Executive Director NMMA West, Lenard Lee - outgoing NCMA President, Gary Clausen - incoming NCMA President, members of the NCMA Board and a hand full of NCMA members.

This meeting was put together to collect NCMA member votes in regards to the integration of the two organizations. Non-present members votes were taken by proxy.

Word from 2013 NCMA President Gary Clausen (Twin Rivers Marine Insurance) states that the required 50 percent plus one vote had been obtained and that of those voted by proxy 100 percent were in favor of the integration.

In 2012, the Southern California Marina Association (SCMA) headed by David Geoffroy completed its integration into the NMMA and Mr. Geoffroy himself states that the integration has been very successful in all areas. There are still a few finalities to be worked out with the current situation, but once my sources check in I will report in full.

Russ Robinson checks in from the South Bay Yacht Club. They are planning a memorial to the 65-foot steamer Jenny Lind, whose boiler exploded on April 11, 1853, after leaving Alviso with 125 passengers onboard bound for San Francisco. The death toll was 34 with many injured. Russ and the club have worked hard to get funding for this monument that will be erected at Santa Clara County’s Alviso Marina Park.

There will be a public dedication ceremony on Saturday April 13 at the historic South Bay Yacht Club clubhouse commemorating the steamboat Jenny Lind disaster. (See my letter from Russ Robinson in “Letters” section.)

The 15th National Exhibition of the American Society of Marine Artists (ASMA) is currently on tour to eight museums across the country, and opened at the Haggin Museum on Dec. 20, 2012, and will remain on display through March 3, 2013. The show features 122 works, including paintings, sculpture and scrimshaw.

The show is described: “The works on display, from depictions of ships and seascapes to marine life and coastal scenes, represent the very best from the 530-plus artist members of the Society. The centuries-old art form of representational depictions inspired by the sea, sea life and seafaring is surely as vibrant as ever, energized anew with fresh visions and works in every medium.”

Bob Kenny says he was the designated driver for some Bethel Island partygoers on New Year’s Eve. Bob says some idiot put lighted Christmas decorations right in the exact spot where one of his riders decided to fall flat on his face. Ben Wold and David Geoffroy of the NMMA along with Lenard Lee and Gary Clausen

Candy Kelp at B&W Resort advises me that the Delta Loop will have their annual crab feed on Feb. 22 at Delta Shores. If you are interested in attending, give her a call at 916/777-6161.

Commodore Tom Palacioz of the Village West Yacht Club sent me a list of their officers for 2013. Tom is commodore; vice commodore is Clint Krueger; rear commodore is Bob Palacioz; treasurer is Miguel Gutierrez; secretary is Liz Anderson; staff commodore is Roger Beebe, fleet captain is Donna Davis; port captain is Ray Speetzen; and the board members are Byron Beck, Mike Krutsinger, Carol Murray and Curtis Specht.

As we go to press, we hear that another favorite Delta Restaurant, Humphrey’s on the Delta located on the waterfront in Antioch, has closed its doors.

At this writing we are at 140 percent of our normal rainfall in Northern California, so it looks like it will be a great summer with plenty of water. The fish have been biting like crazy and the fuel prices are down from the highs of last fall.

All in all it looks like 2013 will be a great year. Let me know what is happening. Call me at 916/869-9141 or e-mail:


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