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Use Onboard Phone Via Cell Signal

While many larger and older boats have an onboard telephone system, most owners prefer to use their cell phones to communicate when on the water or at a marina. Now, the Cobra PhoneLynx® system lets users make and receive phone calls on their onboard telephone using their cell phone signal and service.

Utilizing Bluetooth® wireless technology to link the owner’s cell phone with onboard phones, installation is easy and similar to pairing a cell phone with a wireless headset.

When the cell phone rings, the onboard phone will ring. When placing an outgoing call through the onboard phone, the call goes through using the cell phone number.

The Cobra PhoneLynx system has a suggested retail price of $59.95.

Cobra Electronics Corp.,
6500 West Cortland St.,
Chicago, IL 60707,


Surfaces Are Spotless With CR2 System

When washing a boat, it’s incredibly convenient to have softened, filtered water regardless of location. Owners get that and more with the CleaRinse 75800 CR2 Wash Down System from G2 Products.

Designed for boats up to 65 feet, the 75800 model provides up to 2,000 gallons of softened and filtered water. This system removes harmful, finish-damaging minerals and contaminants that cause unsightly water spots. Softened and filtered water improves the efficiency of cleaning chemicals, while reducing consumption.

Each unit is constructed using premium quality, marine-grade components able to withstand the harsh sea environment and provide years of service.

The CleaRinse 75800 CR2 Wash Down System from G2 Products retails for $795.

CleaRinse by G2 Products, 1445 Jupiter Park Dr. #9,
Jupiter, FL 33458,,


Hand Pump Keeps Paddlers Afloat

Removing water quickly from inside kayaks and canoes can be critical when on the open sea. Beckson Marine’s Genuine Thirsty-Mate 318P1 Sea Kayak Pump helps outdoor enthusiasts remain afloat.

Specifically designed with the sea kayaker in mind, this pump incorporates a reinforced shaft that will not flex in rolling waters. It also will not interfere with compass use.

Constructed from non-corroding polyvinyl, this handy pump measures 18 inches in length and 1-3/4 inches in diameter. Efficiently pumping up to eight gallons of water a minute, it’s still light enough for even kids to use.

Beckson Marine’s Genuine Thirsty-Mate 318P1 Sea Kayak Pump has a retail price of $30.50, while an optional Float Sleeve costs $8.75.

Beckson Marine,
165 Holland Ave.,
Bridgeport, CT 06605,


“The Book of Wooden Boats: Vol. III”

“The Book of Wooden Boats: Volume III” [W.W. Norton & Company; Jan. 17, 2011; $60 hardcover] by Benjamin Mendlowitz and Maynard Bray presents some of the most photogenic boats that have been featured in the “Calendar of Wooden Boats” over the last 10 years.

Photographs by Mendlowitz and text by historian Bray treat readers to a magnificent collection of photos of boats that range from sailing and motor yachts to workboats and one-designs.

The two artists have collaborated on the “Calendar of Wooden Boats” since 1983 and both live in Brooklin, Maine.

If you love boats and appreciate fine craftsmanship, this book is for you. Look for “The Book of Wooden Boats: Volume III” at a bookstore near you.


Wristbands Fight Motion Sickness

Winding roads and choppy seas can cause motion sickness to strike at any time. Even well-seasoned boaters and RVers are not immune. Queaz-Away Travelers’ Wristbands from Davis Instruments are a non-drug aid for active people. 

Relieving the disagreeable effects of rough waters, bumpy roads, rocking trains, turbulent flights and spinning Ferris wheels, the convenient Queaz-Away Travelers’ Wristbands exert gentle pressure on specific points of the wrist to minimize or eliminate the miserable results of motion sickness. 

The one-size-fits-all, washable wristbands are made of tough, long-lasting materials. With no complicated buckles or adjustments, they’re safe and easy to use.

A pair of Davis Queaz-Away Travelers’ Wristbands with a handy carrying case retails for $9.99.

Davis Instruments,
3465 Diablo Ave.,
Hayward, CA 94545,


14 February 2011 BAY & DELTA YACHTSMAN by christina Montroy


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