New Products For May 2011

Enjoy The Music With Black Box Tuner

Making it easier to listen to the radio or portable media devices when on a boat, Prospec Electronics introduced the Milennia MIL-PRVBB5 Black Box with a MIL-PRVMC25 five-line wired controller.
This IP67-rated AM/FM receiver can withstand chronically wet conditions and is Bluetooth®-ready, enabling users to enjoy the music with or without speakers.

A four-channel by 40-watt receiver, it features aux-in, E-prom and one pair of RCA outputs, as well as controls for portable media devices like iPods with additional cables. Half the size of traditional black boxes, the unit measures 8-1/4 inches wide by 2-7/16 inches high by 4-1/8 inches deep.

Prospec Electronics’ Milennia MIL-PRVBB5 Black Box costs $179.95. The MIL-PRVMC25 Controller is priced at $119.95.

Prospec Electronics,
3325 S. Morgans Point Rd.,
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466,


Clean Up With Spill Response Bag

In a fuel or oil spill emergency, it’s critical to have all the tools for quick containment and clean-up. The C.I.Agent® Spill Response Bag is a rapid response system for hydrocarbon spills on water and land.
C.I.Agent is a proprietary, non-hazardous blend of USDA food-grade polymers that encapsulate and solidify hydrocarbons on contact.

C.I.Agent solidifier turns fuel, oil and other hydrocarbons into an inert, rubber-like mass.

A standard kit contains a 12-foot reusable C.I.Agent Quick Deployment Boom (QDB), 10 lbs. of C.I.Agent granules in .5-lb. dissolvable pouches, a 12-inch by 12-inch bilge bag, a garbage bag and heavy-duty gloves.

The QDB captures sheen when dragged across the water. On land, it’s excellent for protecting storm drains from fuel spills.

C.I.Agent Solutions,
11760 Commonwealth Dr.,
Louisville, KY 40299,


Eco-Friendly, Improved Outdoor Fabric

Without sacrificing high performance, water resistance or high levels of breathability, Safety Components’ signature outdoor fabric WeatherMax now has an improved and more eco-friendly HydroMax finish.

The company uses C6 chemistry instead of conventional C8-based finishes. C8 chemistry has detectable quantities of PFOAs (perfluoroctanioc acid), a carbon-chain solvent used in non-stick cookware.
John Pierce, WeatherMax product manager, said, “We are very pleased we were able to improve the finish for both WeatherMax 80 and WeatherMax LT, while reducing environmental impact.”
The breathable WeatherMax has twice the strength and six times the tear and abrasion resistance of acrylic. Guaranteed to retain its color for a minimum of five years, WeatherMax fabric employs tightly woven, solution-dyed yarns.

by Safety Components,
40 Emery St.,
Greenville, SC 29605,


Keep Warm With Hydronic Heater

While it’s fun to cool off in the water on a hot day, nights aboard a boat can turn chilly. With Aqua-Hot Heating Systems’ Aqua-Hot 100 and 200 Hydronic Heaters, boaters can keep their cabin at a comfortably warm temperature.

Connecting to an engine’s cooling system, the compact units efficiently heat with a brushless, radial axial fan. Both models feature a variable speed control, which enables users to customize the fan speed.
Ideal for smaller cabins, the Aqua-Hot 100 draws less than 0.5 amps. Great for larger cabins, the Aqua-Hot 200 draws only 2 amps.

The Aqua-Hot 100 Heater has a price of $189.99, while the Aqua-Hot 200 costs $219.99.

Aqua-Hot Heating Systems, 15549 E Hwy 52,
Fort Lupton, CO 80621, 800/685-4298,


Constant Maintenance Preserves Fuel

Diesel fuel degrades in quality over time, even during short-term storage, leading to diminished performance, decreased service life and potential engine failure. Parker Energy Systems’ FPM-050 Fuel Polishing Module promotes a healthy fuel environment by continuously removing water and other contaminants before damage results.

Enabling fuel maintenance during engine downtime and off-season storage, the FPM-050 is a fuel recirculation system that utilizes solid-state pump technology. It filtrates up to 50 gallons of fuel a day and is compatible with diesel, bio-diesel and kerosene.

Consuming less than two watts of power, it won’t drain the battery. It can even work with a solar panel.

The FPM-050 Fuel Polishing Module has a price of $587.

Parker Energy Systems,
Parker Hannifin Corp.,
95 Edgewood Ave.,
New Britain, CT 06051,

14 May 2011 BAY & DELTA YACHTSMAN by christina Montroy

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