New Products For April 2012

Stay In Touch With New 2-Way Radios

Cobra Electronics has introduced two powerful two-way radios. The CXT135 and CXT235 provide the National Oceanic and Atmos-pheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio (NWR) feature.

The NWR feature allows boaters to listen to broadcasts of warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The CXT135 has a range of up to 16 miles, Power Saver circuitry for extended battery life, Call Alert and rechargeable NiMH batteries.

The CXT235 includes the CXT135’s features, a range of up to 20 miles and NOAA All Hazards Alerts, which provide audible tones in the event of a weather alert or other emergency.

The CXT135 has an MSRP of $49.95, while the CXT235 is listed at $59.95.

Cobra Electronics Corporation, 6500 West Cortland St.,
Chicago, IL 60707,


Turtle Helps Keep Kids and Pets Safe

Safety Turtle® is a family of wireless alert products designed to enhance safety and security. The Safety Turtle personal immersion alarm is an effective last line of defense to protect your child or pet against water accidents.

The Safety Turtle has been adapted to protect adults as well as children and pets. The products work with any water hazard: pool, hot tub, pond, river/lake, although some limitations apply to use with salt water.

One Base Station supports any number of Turtle wristbands. An alarm sounds at the base station the instant the child or pet ventures into the water.

No installation is required and children love wearing “the Turtle.”

Terrapin Communications Inc., 4017 Carling Ave. Suite 201,
Ottawa, Ontario K2K 2A3 Canada, 800/368-8121,


SmartPlug Offers 50-Amp Models

 SmartPlug Systems now offers its connector and inlet in 50-amp models. Designed for larger boats, the new connector and inlet incorporate the same features as the original 30-amp version.

The SmartPlug’s straight-in, sleeved design enables the body of the plug to bear weight, instead of the electrical pins. This ensures the pins don’t work themselves loose.

The plug is intuitive to use; owners simply push the plug straight in until the side levers click and then snap the locking cap down on top to finish the job.

The SmartPlug is easy to install. Owners remove the legacy twist-type round inlet from the vessel, connect the wiring to the SmartPlug inlet and reinstall using the same screw-hole footprint.

SmartPlug Systems,
2288 W Commodore Way #300, Seattle, WA 98199,


New Package Powers Inflatable Tender

West Marine is launching an inflatable tender powered by Torqeedo’s Cruise 4.0 Tiller electric outboard and two Power 26-104 lithium manganese batteries. 

With this advanced propulsion package, the 12-foot hypalon yacht tender planes and speeds through the water at 15.5 mph. 

Perfect for boats up to 6 tons, Torqeedo’s Cruise 4.0 Tiller electric outboard operates on 48V with 8-9.9 hp. It weighs only 40 pounds. A durable and robust drive train provides superior power and range from limited battery capacities.

Waterproof to IP67 standards, the Cruise 4.0 Tiller model is great for both fresh and salt water. The tiller display shows information regarding battery charge status, remaining range, speed over ground and input power.

Torqeedo Inc.,
171 Erick St. Unit A-1,
Crystal Lake, IL 60014,


A Quick Dab Protects Zippers And Snaps

 Snaps and zippers can suffer from the corroding effects of rain, dirt and grime, resulting in a mechanism that either sticks or rips the surrounding canvas or plastic. A water-resistant lubricant, Shurhold’s Snap-Stick helps prevent those minor battles with a quick dab.

Offered in a handy twist-tube, it’s easy to apply. Users apply to one side of the zipper or snap and then close or zip to apply to the other side. Protection from corrosion lasts up to three months with a single application.

Unlike liquid or spray lubricants that drip, Snap-Stick won’t harm gelcoat, clear coat, upholstery or fabric.

Snap-Stick is available for $6.48.

Shurhold manufactures specialty care items and accessories to clean, polish and detail.

3119 SW 42nd Ave.,
Palm City, FL 34990,

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