New Products For December 2011

Fuel System Locks Help Prevent Theft

Like other valuables, fuel tanks should be kept under lock and key. Perko makes it easy to retrofit a sturdy locking mechanism in most of their 1-1/2-inch vented and non-vented fills.

The black plastic 0525 Fuel System Locking Insert comes with a high-strength, zinc alloy lock cylinder. When slid into the fill, spring action retracts the cams, which then lock onto the hose bib once the device is fully inserted. A key opens the metal fill cap and operates the lock. Installation is easy.

Remove the 0525 by inserting the key and turning counter-clockwise 90 degrees.

Perko’s 1324 Fuel System Locking Cap is designed for non-vented fills.

Suggested price for either the Perko 0525 or the 1324 lock is $32.

16490 Northwest 13th Ave.,
Miami, FL 33169,


Marinized Computer Enhances Applications

A marinized computer is a critical and highly specialized necessity for any serious yacht owner. VEI Technologies’ new Mariner PC is designed for chart plotter, video security, router and navigation applications.

Utilizing an AMD Fusion, 1.6 Dual Core processor, the Mariner PC features 4 Gb of memory. It also offers four USB ports, two audio channels and comes with an air mouse and compact keyboard. A rugged, aluminum design enables it to withstand rough environment conditions. A DVD/CD-ROM drive is standard.

VEI’s Mariner PC has a price of $3,495.

VEI creates computer and display solutions for a wide variety of applications of software for a wide variety of vessels.
VEI Technologies,
1181 South Rogers Circle,
Boca Raton, FL 33487,


Versatile, Bright, Energy-Wise Mega-Lights

Dependable light goes a long way to ensure safety, security and comfort onboard or anywhere. Because of limited battery capacity on vessels and RVs, minimal power draw is a must to keep a light shining. Requiring a miniscule 0.11 amp, Mega-Lights from Davis Instruments can run 12 hours on one amp-hour of 12V power.

Also capable of operating continuously for more than 700 hours on a 12V, 80 amp-hour battery, three Mega-Light models offer multiple features and functions.

The three models are Mega-Light Utility, the Mega-Light Masthead and the Mega-Light Ultimate Cockpit Light. All feature a bulb that’s visible for two miles when used as an anchor light.

Suggested retail prices for the Davis Instruments Mega-Lights start at $49.99.

Davis Instruments,
3465 Diablo Ave.,
Hayward, CA 94545,


Feel The Sound With A New Transducer

A tactile transducer is a simple way to supplement a high-fidelity sound system. It mounts on a solid object and transfers its acoustical energy to function almost like a speaker with users being able to feel the sound.

Prospec’s newest transducer is a simple addition to easily enhance any marine stereo system.

Nicknamed a ghost transducer, it is practically invisible. When this device is used with Prospec’s black box systems, the biggest hole needed for installation is only 1-1/4 inches.

Tactile transducers should always be used in a well-ventilated area, since they can become warm like a traditional speaker. They also shouldn’t be mounted in tight areas.

Prospec’s transducer has a price of $49.95 for a pair.
Prospec Electronics,
3325 S Morgans Point Rd.,
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466,


Electronic Valve Helps Divert Discharge

Protecting the environment includes following mandated waste discharge regulations. To better divert effluent to a holding tank for later discharge, Raritan offers the Tru-Design™ Electronic Aquavalve™.

Owners can now operate the diverting valve from a control panel with the push of a button. The control panel also has a Holding Tank Lock feature. LEDs on the control panel clearly denote whether the valve is in the Holding Tank or Overboard position and show which valve port is closed. If the valve is jammed, two LEDs flash.

The lightweight Tru-Design Aquavalve is molded from a glass-reinforced nylon composite,

The Tru-Design Electronic Aquavalve from Raritan has a price of $626.73. A manual Aquavalve is available for $103.46.

Raritan, 530 Orange St.,
Millville, NJ 08332,

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