New Products For December 2013

Booster Kit For Cellular Reception

Booster Kit For Cellular Reception

With the Shakespeare CA-VAT Anywhere Voice and Data Cellular Booster Kit, boaters will no longer miss making or receiving important telephone calls.

Shakespeare's Anywhere booster optimizes cellular coverage wherever reception is weak or spotty. The booster operates even at low temperatures, and comes protected in a weather-resistant metal casing with stainless hardware.

Dual bands make it compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon 2G and 3G wireless networks.

Measuring 5.5 inches by 4.75 inches by 1.25 inches, the unit weighs 1.7 pounds.

The booster kit's components include a cellular signal amplifier, outdoor antenna, indoor antenna, UV-resistant coax cable and user manual. Shakespeare recommends installation with LMR400 or CM400 cable.

Suggested price for the CA-VAT Anywhere Booster Kit is $612.86.

Shakespeare Company LLC,

6111 Shakespeare Rd.,

Columbia, SC 29223,





Compact Manifold For Fuel System

Compact Manifold For Fuel System

Ethanol and bio-diesel blended fuels are capable of attracting up to 300 times the moisture of regular petroleum-based fuels. Once fuel begins to break down, it can quickly gum up a marine engine. The E-Valve, a fuel vent moisture control manifold from Herrington Marine Technologies, offers an easy and economical solution.

This device allows air to freely exit the fuel vent line during refueling or when fuel expands in high temperatures. It also protects the engine by sealing the fuel system from moisture buildup.

The manifold weighs 1 lb. and measures 9.5 inches long by 3.5 inches high by 1.5 inches wide. The E-Valve can be mounted horizontally, vertically or flat.

The E-Valve retails for $178.55.

Herrington Marine Technologies,

959 Vashon Dr.,

Greenbank, WA 98253,





Chill With Cockpit Freezer/Fridge

Cockpit Freezer

Every cockpit is different, and boaters' refrigeration needs can vary from outing to outing. That's why Frigibar Industries offers numerous options with its line of upright cockpit freezer/refrigerators.

Frigibar's top-opening, upright freezer/refrigerator models conserve deck space while providing a significant amount of cold storage. Built to withstand a salt air environment, their all-fiberglass construction is impervious to rust. Interior walls are finished porcelain-smooth for easy cleaning. Heavy-duty stainless steel hinges and hardware add class and durability.

An optional dual control enables each model to serve as either a freezer or refrigerator, depending on the needs of the day.

Frigibar upright freezer/refrigerators start at $4,808 for the Tournament model. Customized units are available.

Frigibar Industries, Inc.,

6210 NE 4th Ct.,

Miami, FL 33138,





Maintain Batteries During Winter

Maintain Batteries During Winter


The cooler weather signals that winter is on the way and prompts us to start the winterization process for our recreational vehicles. PulseTech® Products has introduced a solution to keep as many as four 12-Volt lead-acid batteries maintained during long winter months.

The 4-Station QuadLink Kit improves battery condition with a patented Pulse Technology that cleans the battery plates of sulfation buildup. This allows the battery to accept, store and release maximum power all the time extending battery life up to five times.

PulseTech's 4-Station QuadLink™ Kit is a plug-and-play system that requires little or no supervision and works with ANY 12V battery.

The maintenance charger kit (XC-QL4-K1), MSRP $199, includes everything needed to maintain four 12-Volt lead-acid batteries.

PulseTech® Products Corp.,

Southlake, TX.

800/580-7554, QuadLinkKit




Light And Orange Smoke Signals

Light And Orange Smoke SignalsLight And Orange Smoke Signals


Comet's Light and Smoke Signal and Comet's Orange Smoke Signal are available through Drew Marine Signal & Safety.

The new shape of Comet's Light and Smoke Signal has a streamlined design, and is small and light. The Light and Smoke Signal has a new retaining clip to prevent accidental deployment in rough seas. Its single-piece stainless steel bracket allows it to fit existing installations.

The taller, thinner Orange Smoke Signal is a compact, flat top, daytime distress signal that produces dense orange smoke for at least three minutes and is used to mark positions during marine rescue operations and indicate wind direction.

The Orange Smoke Signal can be stored in a watertight locker at ambient temperature or in the specially designed bottle.

Drew Marine Signal & Safety,


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