New Products For February 2015

Fun, New E-Scooter Coming To America

Terra Motors Corporation of Tokyo, Japan's leading innovator of electric two- and three-wheeler scooter models, has unveiled the A2000 e-scooter. It is their succeeding model to the A4000i.

The A2000 has a design similar to the A4000i, but with a more competitive price. Terra Motors hopes to meet the needs of the market for good quality, prevailing design but with reasonable prices.

There are several changes between the A2000 and the A4000i models. The A4000i has single shock rear suspension, lithium-ion battery, iPhone connection, and only comes in white. The A2000 has double shock rear suspension, lead-acid battery, no iPhone connection, and three color choices including white, dark blue and red.

The powerful motor allows rapid acceleration on inclines. The maximum speed is about 31.1 miles per hour and the estimated range is about 24.9 miles.

The A2000 is now available in Vietnam from Terra Motors Vietnam. Terra Motors is planning to make distributor agreements in 10 to 15 countries now through this summer to market the A2000 worldwide.

Suggested retail price is approximately US $2,000, depending on duties and taxes in each country. Terra Motors will continue to launch the product line of electric bikes with competitive prices to satisfy more market demand this year.

Terra Motors,

Stunning Stainless Steel Anchor And Chain

Combining beauty and strength, stainless steel Rocna™ anchors and Titan™ Chain from Canada Metal (Pacific) offer yacht owners the best of both worlds when meeting their anchoring needs.

All stainless steel Rocna anchors have a stunning, high tensile shank. While this feature is costly, Rocna refuses to compromise on this important component.

A top performer in all bottom types, these anchors offer super high holding power. Rock solid with no moving parts, the need for complex adjustment systems and potentially dangerous failure points is eliminated. Rocna anchors, known for their industry-leading holding power and very quick sets, require similarly rugged and durable shackles and chain for optimum safety and performance.

Titan AISI 316L G50 Stainless Steel Chain is designed to offer superior corrosion resistance, appearance and strength. Made in Germany, each link is precisely calibrated to meet current DIN 766 windlass specifications. Rated at G50, it has a much higher strength than more traditional 316 stainless steel chain.

Rocna anchors are available in sizes from 4-275 kg (9-606 lbs.), matching every type of vessel from small runabouts to superyachts. Titan AISI 316L G50 Stainless Steel Chain is offered in sizes of 6 mm and 8 mm.

Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd.,

7733 Progress Way,

Delta, BC V4G 1A3, Canada, 604/940-2010,

Multi-Zone/Standalone Small Audio Amplifier

Prospec Electronics continues its innovation in practical audio equipment with the debut of the Milennia MIL-AMP200BT. This product acts as either a multi-zone or standalone amplifier and is small enough to fit almost anywhere. In addition, it also features Bluetooth audio streaming and aux input.

The MIL-AMP200BT has four channels and measures only 5 inches long by 4 inches wide by 1.6 inches high. It is ideal for consumers wanting to upgrade their current non-Bluetooth audio systems to Bluetooth.

This product results in an easy install for boats, golf carts or spas currently without audio. The 4 x 20W RMS amplifier also incorporates a 3.5 mm auxiliary input so that, with the proper adaptor, users could plug in their portable media devices.

This product can act as a multi-zone amplifier. For example, a stereo and four speakers are installed on the bridge and FM rock tunes are being pumped out. In the cabin, another four speakers are wired to the MILAMP200, which is connected to the stereo. Owners could connect their Bluetooth device and play jazz through the cabin speakers while not interfering with the FM rock music up on the bridge.

Prospec Electronics' Milennia MIL-AMP200BT has a price of $119.95.

Prospec Electronics,

3325 S Morgans Point Rd.,

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466,

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