New Products For January 2013

Powerful Production Electric Outboard

Torqeedo is recognized as a leading manufacturer of electric outboards, especially in the smaller hp range – up to 8 hp. Now, with a new 80-hp motor, the company is gearing up to support electric mobility in the higher hp ranges. 

The magnitude of this achievement was recognized in Amsterdam last month when Torqeedo was awarded the renowned DAME Award: the award for the boat industry’s most important innovation for the coming year.

In their report, the jury praised Torqeedo’s groundbreaking research and development, saying, “In bringing this truly original product to the marine market, Deep Blue’s designers have achieved a first-class package that offers convenience, price worthiness and performance.” The jury selected Deep Blue from 115 innovations of the marine industry from 25 countries as the overall winner.

Powerful ProductionDeep Blue now offers the typical Torqeedo benefits to the higher performance classes: outstanding efficiency to give greater power and range from a limited battery supply together with more convenience. It features an onboard computer that uses GPS to calculate remaining range and displays travel time and direction to individual waypoints.  Finally, it provides greater safety thanks to automotive standards in the battery technology and redundant electrical components.

Torqeedo has achieved a special coup by establishing a partnership with Johnson Controls, a leading automotive supplier of battery technology. For the Deep Blue System, lithium batteries from the automotive industry were developed further for maritime applications. As a result, the Deep Blue system’s batteries come with a 9-year capacity warranty.

Because battery costs are independent of the intensity of usage, the Deep Blue system makes a lot of sense for commercial users. “Commercial users with gasoline costs over $5,800 per year should check whether Deep Blue meets their speed and range requirements,” said Torqeedo founder and CEO Dr. Christoph Ballin. “If they do, the change from gasoline to electric motors could mean these users can start saving money today. The fact that the electric motors are naturally environmentally friendlier and future-oriented, as well as much quieter, is a bonus.”

In addition, boat owners on waters where the use of gasoline motors is limited or forbidden can rejoice. This small segment (compared to the global market) hardly justifies the industrial development and production, which is why drives that are more or less individually manufactured have dominated up until now. With Deep Blue, an industrially developed and manufactured product is available to these users with benefits in price-performance ratio, comfort and safety – because Torqeedo’s Deep Blue was developed for these applications.

Because Deep Blue is a 325V DC high-voltage system, sales will only be via boat manufacturers that take on the installation of the system during production. According to the manufacturer, there is no shortage of interest from renowned boat manufacturers in Europe and the USA.

Torqeedo Inc.,

171 Erick Street Unit A-1,

Crystal Lake, IL 60014,




Black Box Is Bluetooth® Ready


JBLMBB2020 Black Box.


Continuing to grow its line of Bluetooth®-enabled receivers, Prospec Electronics introduces the JBLMBB2020 Black Box. In addition to Bluetooth audio streaming, this new product plays AM/FM radio and hooks up to portable media devices.

Featuring a 4 by 50 watt internal amplifier, the JBLMBB2020 has a built-in RF receiver with the handheld RF transmitter sold separately. Aux-in, three pairs of pre-outs, including subwoofer output and USB input with control for playing NP3 and WMA audio files all come standard.


Operators control the device with simple pushbuttons for volume, tuning and programmed stations. It also features wired remote capability.


This receiver’s faceplate, JBLMC20, comes in a sleek glossy black. The JBLMBB2020 Black Box Receiver has a retail price of $299.95.

Prospec Electronics,

3325 S Morgans Point Rd.,

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466,



Hydraulic Reversing Autopilot Pumps


Hydraulic Reversing


Octopus Products has introduced the G2 line of Second Generation hydraulic reversing autopilot pumps. The new range is approximately 40 percent more efficient than other pumps on the market. This means that they use less power to do the same work, and enable the use of smaller autopilot electronics, providing a more competitive option for boat owners.

Through careful design, these pumps produce significantly less noise and vibration, which make them far more user-friendly for powerboat installations outside the engine compartment or on sailing yachts. 


When combined with Octopus Hydraulic Cylinders for an autopilot drive on a sailing yacht, these pumps allow the yacht to sail nearly twice as far as competitive products for the same battery consumption.

CMP Global,

The Business Center,

Upton, St. Michael,

Barbados BB 11103,




Charge Your Boat’s Batteries Quickly




 No boater wants to sacrifice time on the water to charge a battery. Waterproof, corrosion-resistant and shock-resistant, Powermania’s Turbo M220 Battery Charger is ideal for recharging 12 VDC batteries for marine applications.

The Turbo M220’s charging process fully charges all connected batteries in full automation, and completes charging cycles in the shortest time possible.


The Turbo M220 is equipped with safety features, including ignition, over-current, overheat, over-voltage, reverse polarity and short-circuit protection, as well as connection check and battery check warning.

The size of 8-1/4 inches long by 5-3/4 inches wide by 2-3/4 inches high make it a good fit for small to medium boats. It weighs only 9.2 lbs. with a price of $199.


3333 Bowers Ave., Suite 130,

Santa Clara, CA 95054,




Telescoping Bow Light Adds Personal Touch


Telescoping Bow Light


 Accon Marine’s Telescoping LED Bow Light is a simple way to add a personal touch to a boat as it enables owners to position a light to the height they desire.

This durable, solid stainless steel light mounts on the deck. It pulls up high enough to clear the trolling motor. It can also be mounted farther back than conventional deck-mount lights, limited only by the depth of the hull. The farther back this light is mounted, the more room there is under the deck to make the telescoping part taller.

This light folds down flush and is U.S. Coast Guard-approved for two nautical miles. It has a starting price of $420.14. An optional waterproofing seal is available.

Accon Marine,

13665 Automobile Blvd.,

Clearwater, FL 33762,


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