New Products For January 2015

AIS Antennas Increase Safety For All Boaters

Originally devised for the commercial shipping industry, Automatic Identification System or AIS has proven quite useful for recreational boaters as well. By keeping users apprised of the course and speed of other vessels, AIS-dedicated antennas increase safety and security. With a variety of units specifically designed to meet the broader bandwidth requirements of all popular AIS transceivers, Shakespeare offers choices for almost any application.

Shakespeare's 396-1-AIS features commercial-grade construction with a mast mounting sleeve. Manufactured in one section from brass and copper elements, this center-fed 1/2-wave coaxial sleeve model has an SO-239 connector at the base and includes U-bolts.

Model 6396-AIS, a Phase III antenna, provides AIS functionality while enabling communication via marine VHF frequencies. Its foam-filled radome and silver-plated elements improve both performance and longevity. A stainless steel mounting sleeve accommodates easy installation and stowage.

Boaters can count on reliable communication with the 4-foot 5396-AIS Little Giant. Its commercial-grade fiberglass construction, including a stainless steel ferrule with 1"-14 thread, delivers outstanding durability and performance. Its high-gloss Galaxy polyurethane finish resists sun damage. Twenty feet of RG-8/X cable and a PL-259 connector are included.

Among Shakespeare's well-known Squatty Body series, the 5215-AIS enhances transmission quality with masthead mounting. Its tin-plated copper wire coil is sealed for reliable performance in all conditions. This 3-foot low profile model comes with an SO-239 connector and stainless steel L-shaped bracket.

Installation is simple with Shakespeare's 5250-AIS Skinny Mini. This compact, 3-foot stainless steel whip-style antenna has a chrome-plated brass canister to minimize de-tuning. A PL-259 connector and 15 feet of RG-58 coaxial cable are included. This model requires a center-hole installation, such as that supplied with Shakespeare ratchet or rail mount styles.

Shakespeare's AIS antenna offering has an option to fit any budget, ranging in price from $90 to $411.

Shakespeare Company LLC is a subsidiary of Jarden Corporation (NYSE: JAH). For further information about Jarden, please visit

Shakespeare Company LLC,

6111 Shakespeare Rd.,

Columbia, SC 29223,


Cockpit Fridge/Freezer Easily Stores Tall Items

Delivering pure freezing power previously available only in custom units, SW Class Cockpit Freezer/Refrigerators from Frigibar meet the refrigeration needs of the most discriminating yacht owners.

Nearly 10 inches higher than their standard size counterparts, the extra-tall SW 4T and SW 5T models are particularly useful for stowing bottles and other items requiring vertical storage. Equipped with dual temperature control, they serve as either a freezer or a refrigerator.

These tall units are ideal for positioning under large windows or to match the level of a countertop. The SW 4T measures 40 inches by 22 inches by 33 inches, while the SW 5T is 50 inches by 22 inches by 33 inches.

Both units fit in the same footprint as the standard SW models, but with a lot more capacity. The SW 4T has a capacity of 7.25 cu. ft., while the standard SW 4 only has 4.1 cu. ft. The SW 5T has a capacity of 9.75 cu. ft. with the SW 5 having just 5.75 cu. ft.

Freestanding and self-contained, these tall top-opening units feature a rust-proof body and all-fiberglass construction to ensure both good looks and durability. High efficiency copper/aluminum heat exchanger coils and heavy-duty pressure compressors provide extra cooling power and longevity. A hidden compressor air flow path negates any obstructions that might impede maximum cooling. Coils hidden inside the walls keep food and drink at precisely the right temperature.

Power and defrost warning indicator lights help ensure food safety by alerting users to power outages. Defrosting also sets off an audible warning alarm. The digital temperature display lets the user monitor operation at a glance, while a porcelain-smooth interior simplifies cleaning.

SW Class Freezer/Refrigerators have offset hinged lids to promote maximum utilization of deck space. Small but important touches, like heavy duty stainless steel hinges and hardware, and a stainless steel gas spring actuated lid support, offer more proof of Frigibar's dedication to excellence.

The 115V/60Hz SW 4T Cockpit Freezer/Refrigerator retails for $6,711, while the SW 5T retails for $7,430. Boaters can also order perfectly fitting 1-1/2-inch high-density foam cushion tops and matching deck boxes for a custom-built appearance. A fiberglass cradle mounting assembly is optional. Each handcrafted box is covered by a three-year warranty, with a one-year warranty on the motor.

Frigibar Industries, Inc.,

6210 NE 4th Ct.,

Miami, FL 33138,


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