New Products For March 2013

Self-Inflating Man Overboard Buoy




Just Marine is marketing the internationally renowned Dan Buoy in the United States. This quick-to-action, inflatable man overboard marker is manufactured by SOS Marine in Australia.

When not in use, the Dan Buoy is stored in an 11-inch by 7-inch by 3-inch pouch that can be kept in the cockpit or wheelhouse. In a man overboard emergency, it is hurled into the water, no preparation required. Upon hitting the water it will quickly inflate into a 6-foot high and 4-inch thick day-glow pole with an 8-foot long ribbon streamer.

If it is nighttime, a strobe light, visible for a mile or more, begins flashing.

A large sea anchor keeps the Dan Buoy in the same general location.

See the Dan Buoy at the

Just Marine website at




Stainless Steel Wheel Brightens The Helm


Atlantes Freedom


A gorgeous boat deserves a fine steering wheel, such as the stainless steel Orion model by Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products.

Made from highly polished, non-corrosive stainless steel, the Orion features a finger grip rim for user comfort. It’s offered in either 13-1/2-inch or 15-1/2-inch diameter models and fits a three-quarter-inch tapered shaft.

The one-piece design of the spoke greatly reduces the amount of welding used on the steering wheel.

A large stainless steel center cap is secured by six socket head screws that are beautifully integrated into the wheel’s design. A black plastic cap is also available. The Orion’s optional control knob eliminates hand-over-hand steering.

Suggested prices for Orion steering wheels start at $181.

Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products,

1001 Ranck Mill Rd.,

Lancaster, PA 17602,





Clean Round Surfaces With Waveblade


Pocket Anemometer


Boat owners find removing fouling from shafts, pipes or other small cylindrical surfaces a difficult chore. Wavecraft USA has the answer with an accessory for its Waveblade handheld tool.

The Waveblade Half Round Blade features a crescent shape suited for removing fouling and debris from shafts, anodes, hydraulic lines, PVC pipes, or other small diameter structures.

Designed to remove barnacles and other stubborn fouling, the Waveblade tool uses vibration to clean without harming surfaces, including bottom paint.

Each Waveblade kit comes with the Waveblade tool, a 3-inch black steel blade, flat chisel blade, filters, safety glasses and gloves. The kit retails for $399. The Half Round Blade is available in black-coated steel for $19.99 and in stainless steel for $24.99.

Wavecraft USA,

P.O. Box 2435,

Port Angeles, WA 98362,





Compact And Rugged Battery Charger





Providing serious battery chargers for serious anglers, Powermania launched its new Turbo ME-Series onboard chargers. The economical M108E is a true three-stage automatic charger. It can fully charge a depleted group 27-sized battery and is priced at a comparable range of a miniature trickle charger.

Adding even more value to the long list of features, the Turbo ME chargers have three built-in charging profile presets for the most commonly used 12V batteries. This includes lead-acid/AGM, high-power AGM and GEL batteries.

Compact and rugged, the well-constructed M108E is ideal for smaller boats with tight spaces. This onboard battery charger is fully potted with epoxy to ensure long-term waterproofing.

Powermania’s new Turbo M108E has a price of $89.


3333 Bowers Ave., Suite 130,

Santa Clara, CA 95054,




Improved Sewage Treatment Device


Shorepower Plug



Designed for most toilets and salt, fresh or brackish water, Raritan’s Purasan Ex is an onboard sewage treatment device that neutralizes waste, making it safe and sanitary for boaters and marine life. It’s legal for use in any area not considered a federal no-discharge zone.

A U.S. Coast Guard-approved Type 1 marine sanitation device for vessels up to 65 feet in length, Purasan Ex is electronically controlled and works in a two-minute treatment cycle. One unit can serve two toilets.

Based on the company’s original Purasan, this new version has a control that indicates when tablet cartridges are low. Purasan Ex is offered in 12V and 24V DC options and has a price of $1,940.


530 Orange St.,

Millville, NJ 08332,


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