New Products For May 2013

LED Strip Lights Brighten Interiors

LED Strip Lights Brighten Interiors

The right interior lights on a boat create a welcoming atmosphere and enhance living aboard. SalVinCo’s LED Rigid Strip Light is offered in 12-inch and 20-inch lengths that provide bright and even lighting distribution. The 12V/24V light (10-30V DC) has a clear plastic lens on a low profile .32-inch sturdy aluminum extrusion.

These LED Rigid Strip Lights have a low current draw. Conven-ient design allows for ease of interconnection. The power cord has an inline switch rated at 2 amps.

They feature easy snap-in installation after screwing in mounting clips. These units can be retrofit into existing fixtures (i.e., rewired fluorescent fixtures) with double-sided tape.

SalVinCo’s Rigid LED Strip Light is available in warm white or cool white. Prices start at $35.99.

SalVinCo, LLC,

8223 Blaikie Ct.,

Sarasota, FL 34240,





Charge Two Batteries At One Time

Charge Two Batteries At One Time

Charging two batteries at once is time-saving and cost-effective. Powermania’s Turbo M212E onboard battery charger is a 3-stage automatic charger that has a built-in battery type selector. This allows users to charge two 12V lead-acid, AGM or GEL batteries up to 144 Ah to their fullest capacities.

The M212E is great for boaters and anglers with smaller vessels that don’t have much room for multiple gadgets. Measuring 8.25 inches by 5.75 inches by 2.75 inches, it weighs only 8.9 lbs. and comes with 5-foot prewired AC and DC cables.

It offers ignition protection, overheat protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, reverse-polarity protection and short-circuit protection. Powermania’s Turbo M212E is priced at $119.  It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


3333 Bowers Ave., Suite 130,

Santa Clara, CA 95054,





Caddy Eases Outboard Motor Transport

Caddy Eases Outboard Motor Transport

Moving or transporting an outboard motor presents difficulties. Even small motors are bulky and awkward to carry, particularly when wet or oily. Davis Instruments offers the Motor Caddy to make hoisting and carrying most 2- to 15-hp outboards quick, simple and safe.

The Motor Caddy provides a self-centering handle that works equally well for lifting motors by hand or with a lanyard or hoist. It includes a longer harness strap to fit four-stroke models. A shortened security strap provides extra protection when transporting streamlined engine cases.

A loop tensioner and adjustment buckle make the harness easy to customize to the shape and size of a variety of outboard motors.

The Motor Caddy retails for $29.99.

Davis Instruments,

3465 Diablo Ave.,

Hayward, CA 94545,





Holders Keep Push Poles In Place

Holders Keep Push Poles In Place


Push poles are useful for a variety of situations, from day-to-day activities to emergencies. Accon Marine’s Push Pole Holders make keeping these poles in place simple.

Constructed from marine-grade 316 stainless steel and UV-resistant glass-filled nylon, both the 710 Surface-Mount and 708 Flush-Mount models fold down flush when not in use to help prevent tripping. For maximum pole stability, three push pole holders are recommended.

Accon’s 708 Push Pole Holder and 708-R Ring Pole Holder work together to keep a pole safely in place. Installation is easy and only a 4-13/16-inch by 1-3/8-inch hole is required for each unit. The holders attach with four #10 screws.

The 710 Flush-Mount model requires only three #10 screws.

Accon Marine,

13665 Automobile Blvd.,

Clearwater, FL 33762,




Reusable Top Fits Any Cup Or Glass

Reusable Top Fits Any Cup Or Glass


The Ecotop® is a new, reusable drinking cap that fits on top of a favorite cup, glass or mug to take anywhere, anytime. The top works on standard glass, ceramic and plastic cups with three-inch openings.

The Ecotop’s mouthpiece includes a convenient push-button rocker to make opening and closing the seal a snap and is accompanied by a large crescent spout for smooth drinking. The top is microwave and dishwasher safe, and many colors are available.

It’s easy to install by pressing Ecotop down onto your container for a firm fit and to remove by pressing upwards from the outer edge. No need for a spoon to mix a beverage: add ingredients to a cup, attach the Ecotop and shake.


2 Winston Court,

Warwick, RI 02886,


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