New Products For November 2014

Marine Satellite TV Antenna Systems

KVH has introduced a new TV antenna series designed to support a variety of digital TV and movie channel providers. The web-based user interface allows easy access from any smartphone, tablet, smart TV, computer, or Wi-Fi enabled device.

With an IP-enabled belowdecks TV-Hub and device-friendly user interface, the four new antenna systems, TV1, TV3, TV5 and TV6, are designed for superior TV performance and ease of use on yachts and merchant vessels worldwide.

The TracVision TV1 (32 cm, 12.5 inch antenna) is ideal for use in coastal cruising. The TracVision TV3 (37 cm, 14.5 inch antenna) has single and dual linear LNB options for multiple receiver installations, and is designed for use when traveling within 100 nautical miles offshore.

The TracVision TV5 (45 cm, 18 inch antenna) has 30% greater reception than other comparably sized systems, and provides access to worldwide regional programming. The TracVision TV6 (60 cm, 24 inch antenna) provides the tracking, reception, and extended coverage area needed when voyaging offshore.

KVH Industries Inc.,

50 Enterprise Center,

Middletown, RI 02842,

New Super Bright LED Floodlight

Hella marine's new XLR Floodlight combines ultra-durable materials with sophisticated electronics for spectacular light performance. The brightest Sea Hawk to date, the XLR generates 1,300 lumens of crisp, white illumination, while consuming only 18 watts of power or 1.5A/12V.

Its corrosion-proof housing is injection-molded from thermally conductive ceramic polymer. This material draws heat away from internal electronics. The Grilamid lens delivers strength and durability.

Spread lamps brighten a wide, close-range spread over a cockpit, foredeck or working area. Spot lamps provide a narrower, more concentrated illumination for tuna towers, yacht masts or forward-facing lighting for a variety of uses.

The Sea Hawk XLR is sealed, pre-wired with marine tinned cable, features 316 stainless steel hardware, and carries the Hella marine five-year LED warranty. The Sea Hawk XLR measures 6.69 inches by 2.68 inches.

Hella marine's new Sea Hawk XLR Floodlight is priced around $350.

Hella Marine Inc.,

201 Kelly Dr.,

Peachtree City, GA 30269


Anchor Designed With No Roll Bar

A new anchor design from Rocna Anchors offers the greatest possible compatibility across a wide range of vessel bow configurations, particularly powerboats with an enclosed bow roller assembly.

Some boat owners have difficulties accommodating the roll-bar that is fundamental to its design on their bow. The new anchor is an alternative for these boaters, since the omission of a roll-bar combined with a carefully designed shank profile ensures a snug fit on the bows of a range of vessels. Platforms, bowsprits and other protrusions are easily cleared. The shank shape encourages self-launching and smooth retrieval.

The new anchor design features a combination of shank and fluke geometry, which in conjunction with a roll-palm at the rear of the fluke, self-rights the anchor on the seabed.

Shank strength is heightened by a unique I+V profile design. This innovation improves setting performance, with the lower V edge cutting into the seabed.

Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd.,

7733 Progress Way,

Delta, BC V4G 1A3 CANADA 604/940-2010

Barrel Bolts For Doors And Cabinets

Unless specifically built to withstand the rigors of the marine environment, barrel bolts and other types of cabinet fastenings can soon lose their luster. Boaters can count on Perko for tough and attractive hardware that stands the test of time.

Available with either visible or hidden mounting holes, Slim Barrel Bolts from Perko fulfill a wide variety of applications. Strong and reliable, they're ideal for securing doors, cabinets and lockers. Chrome plated zinc alloy construction ensures that the bolts retain their shiny good looks. Both types feature an integral friction pad that eliminates rattle, while providing smooth operation. Each bolt measures 3-3/4 inches by 3/4 inches overall, and attaches with a #6 screw.

Perko Fig. 1353 Slim Barrel Bolt with Visible Mounting Holes and Fig. 1354 Slim Barrel Bolt with Hidden Mounting Holes retail for under $25.

A privately owned, fourth-generation family corporation, Perko has met the needs of marine customers for over a century.


16490 Northwest 13th Ave.,

Miami, FL 33169


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