New Products For October 2011

Aluminum Props Pump Performance

The right propeller can make all the difference on pontoon, inflatable, fishing and workboats. Smart owners employ Turning Point’s Hustler Series aluminum propellers to maximize overall performance of lower-horsepower outboards.

Designed for boats with 40-75 hp engines with 3-1/2-inch gear cases, they deliver higher top-end speeds, better handling, a faster hole shot and increased fuel efficiency.

The Hustler Series is engineered to provide stainless performance at aluminum prices. The propellers offer progressive, tuned pitch angles to accelerate and channel water, minimizing slip and improving fuel economy.

Squeeze-cast for added strength, the durable Hustler propellers are protected from corrosion by a five-step powder-coat process.

The suggested retail prices of Turning Point’s Hustler Series aluminum propellers start at $84.50.
Turning Point Propellers,
P.O. Box 803338 #27855,
Chicago, IL 60680,



Aqua Lather Cleans Up In Any Water

A day outdoors can leave skin and hair sticky and dirty. To wash up in any kind of water, Aqua Lather Salt and Fresh Water Body Gel and Shampoo from Davis Instruments cleans and freshens.

The specially formulated gel works up a rich lather in salt water, hard water, brackish or chlorinated water. Ideal for swimmers, boaters, campers, hunters and gardeners, Aqua Lather easily removes dirt without scrubbing and leaves behind no residue.

With a light, natural fragrance, the pH-neutral gel won’t harm hair or skin no matter how often used. Also great for dishes and clothes, the gel is non-polluting and biodegradable.

The suggested retail price of Aqua Lather is $6.99 for a 5 fl. oz. bottle.
Davis Instruments,
3465 Diablo Ave.,
Hayward, CA 94545,



Spare VHF Antenna For Emergencies

Time is of the essence in an emergency. The 5910 Emergency Stowable Antenna from Shakespeare Electronic Products Group is easy to spot, grab and connect.

A 9-inch yellow metal tube helps protect the antenna during storage and becomes part of the mounting system. It hangs neatly wherever it’s accessible.

Pre-installing the mounting clip helps prepare the antenna for use. In an emergency, the user simply removes the cable and whip from the tube, mounts the antenna on top, and then slides the tube onto the mounting clip. After assembly, the antenna is 16 inches long.

The VHF whip comes with 20 feet of cable.

The Shakespeare 5910 Emergency Stowable Antenna, backed by a 2-year warranty, retails for $95.95.
Shakespeare Electronic Products Group, 
6111 Shakespeare Rd.,
Columbia, SC 29223,



Engine Flushing Made Simple

Whether flushing an inboard engine to winterize, to perform maintenance or when moving between bodies of water, the process is now simple. There’s no need to crawl under the boat, open the engine hatch, custom-rig connections or turn valves on and off. Perko’s FlushPro™ is a convenient solution.

Available for hose sizes 5/8 inch, 1 inch or 1-1/4 inches, FlushPro makes freshwater flushing as easy as connecting to a garden hose. The unit’s transparent body allows visual monitoring of water flow.

Flush Pro’s durable check valve system is activated by water pressure from the hose and automatically shuts off hull intake when pressure is applied.

The suggested retail price of FlushPro from Perko is approximately $110.
16490 Northwest 13th Ave.,
Miami, FL 33169,



This Anchor Eases Frequent Re-setting 

Frequent re-anchoring is a pain. Designed specifically for anglers, divers and others who anchor several times a day, the Rocna Fisherman sets firmly and is easily retrieved in all conditions, including rock, reef, sand and weed.

Designed for smaller, weight-sensitive boats, the galvanized anchor is available in 9- and 13-lb. models. The Fisherman features a shackle rail for easier recovery of a fouled anchor from the opposite direction. A secure attachment point is designed for overnight anchoring.

A Rocna possesses stopping power superior to equivalent-weight plough or claw type anchors in soft sand or mud due to the large, concave blade.

The Rocna Fisherman anchors have suggested retail prices starting at $159.99.
Rocna Anchors,
Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand,
North American distributor is
Suncoast Marine Ltd.,
Kingsway, Vancouver,
BC Canada,

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