New Products For September 2013

Spinnaker Sleeve For Safer, Easier Sailing

Strong and Flexible Boat Protection

The spinnaker is a very useful sail, especially in light winds, yet many shorthanded sailors, especially cruising couples, are reluctant to use a spinnaker because of the difficulty in rigging and hoisting it, then bringing it down and hauling it in, particularly if the wind should pick up.

The ATN Spinnaker Sleeve solves this problem by acting like “a big sock” to capture and release the Spinnaker Sail with relative ease.

Available in a broad range of sizes, this innovative spinnaker handling system eliminates the shortcomings of furlers, and makes it easy for anyone to hoist and lower even large spinnaker sails singlehanded. Read more about the Spinnaker Sleeve at

ATN, Inc.,

3718 SW 30th Avenue,

Hollywood, FL 33312,

800/874-3671 (US Only),





Inline System Prevents Fuel Vent Spills

These Hatch Covers Resist The Heat

Boat refueling spills take a serious toll on the marine environment and the boat owner’s wallet. The Fuel Spill Guard system from Herrington Marine Technologies offers boaters a safe solution to fuel vent overflow.

The Herrington Marine Fuel Spill Guard stops fuel spills, whether from the pump or a portable container, by alerting the user with light and sound as the tank nears capacity. Its design also prevents fuel from creeping up the vent line when hot weather causes fuel expansion, or when a boat rocks in heavy seas.

Model FSG2-058 made of marine-grade aluminum for standard horizontal installations retails for $156; model RS-058-BL made of reinforced plastic for sailboats and craft with vertical fuel lines costs $130.

Herrington Marine Technologies, 959 Vashon Dr.,

Greenbank, WA 98253,





Water-Resistant Dock And Fender Lines

Line Cutters Clear Marine Propellers

Adding to its lineup of Titan Marine chain products, Canada Metal (Pacific) offers some of the most well-constructed dock and fender lines on the market.

Made from a low-stretch polypropylene material with water-resistant coating, these lines remain strong yet supple. High-twist yarns and strands create a dense, round rope resistant to abrasion and snags.

Three-strand and double-braided dock lines include 3/8- to 3/4-inch diameters and 10- to 35-foot lengths. Color choices include white, white/black, white/gold, black, red, blue, navy and teal.

The 6-foot three-strand white fender lines come in 5/16- or 3/8-inch diameters. Double-braided 6-foot fender lines come in 5/16- or 3/8-inch diameters.

Prices for Titan dock lines start at $17.99; fender lines at $4.99.

Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd.,

7733 Progress Way,

Delta, BC V4G 1A3 CANADA, 604/940-2010,




Shims And Gaskets For Polished Style

Small, Feature-Packed Battery Charger


Utilizing mounted hardware, such as Accon Marine’s Quick Release Bimini Hinges, doesn’t mean boat owners must sacrifice style. Accon’s Shims, Curved Shims and Gaskets enable owners to place bimini hinges where they’re needed.

Accon’s 401 Shims allow owners to mount the Quick Release Bimini Hinges at a 10° angle. Two shims create a 20° angle. The 401-S Curved Shims are great when mounting the hinges to 1.9-inch, 2.36-inch and 3-inch diameter tubing. The 401-G Gaskets create a finished look when mounting the hinges.

The Shims, Curved Shims and Gaskets are easy to install with two #10 screws.

Accon’s 401 Shims and 401-S Curved Shims retail for $3.13 each, while the 401-G Gaskets are priced at $1.15 each.

Accon Marine,

13665 Automobile Blvd.,

Clearwater, FL  33762,




Steering Wheel Combines Comfort And Style

Navigation Lights Illuminate Elegantly


With a gleaming stainless steel center spoke, ergonomic polyurethane grip and control knob, Schmitt & Ongaro Marine’s Model 724 Evo Pro steering wheel provides comfort and elegance.

Cast 316 stainless steel construction ensures strength and durability. Molded to simulate fine hand-stitched leather, the poly grip contributes a plush look as well as optimal ease and handling.

The Evo Pro’s control knob eliminates the need for hand-over-hand steering, allowing greater precision and control.

Easy to mount, the Evo Pro has a 3/4-inch tapered shaft and is offered in 13-1/2-inch and 15-1/2-inch wheel diameters. Schmitt & Ongaro offers a lifetime warranty. Suggested prices for the Evo Pro Model 724 with control knob start at $289.

Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products,

1001 Ranck Mill Rd.,

Lancaster, PA 17602,



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