New Products - August 2015

Useful Gear Reduces Line Wear And Tear

Constant tension from tidal surges, wakes, winds and currents can damage a line. Owners can reduce these dangerous shock loads with Davis Instruments’ DockShockle, which helps lines last longer and minimizes wear to cleats. One size fits all ropes from 3/8-3/4 inches thick.

DockShockle helps prevent cleats from pulling out and keeps screw anchors set when moored in the shallow waters of inland lakes. It also minimizes short chop.

This handy piece of gear is designed specifically for smaller, lighter boats up to 40 feet. It features a patented line limiter and progressive tension design to ease constant or sudden shock loads. The further it stretches, the greater the return force. The result is smooth action and moderated stress.

The outer cover is made of UV-resistant, hollow nylon webbing to protect the marine-grade elastomer inside from the sun’s damaging rays. DockShockle measures 12 inches long and is set up with a working slack of 3-6 inches to dampen dangerous shock loads. Carabiners, constructed from 316 stainless steel, at each end offer quick and simple attachment, and easy adjustments.

It comes with a pair of Mini-LineGrabbers for easy connection to braided or twisted lines up to 3/4 inches with a basic Prusik knot. Each Mini-LineGrabber measures 7 inches long.

One DockShockle with a pair of Mini-LineGrabbers is available from Davis Instruments for $49.99.

Davis Instruments,

3465 Diablo Ave.,

Hayward, CA 94545,


Compact Watermaker Draws Low Power

Sailors and powerboaters seeking fresh, pure water, without the space or electric demands of a full-sized watermaker, will find FCI Watermakers’ Aqualite series unrivaled. The compact reverse osmosis system produces 200 gallons per day – 8.3 gallons per hour – with only an 8 amp power draw on 110/115V or 4 amps on 220/230V.

Simple to use, the Aqualite series comes complete with a full electronics package, including a touch pad control. A digital remote display panel and fully automated fresh water flush are available. The vibration-free unit is powered by a 316 stainless steel high-pressure pump and can be run off a small generator or inverter.

Fitted neatly into a powder-coated aluminum frame, it measures 18 inches long by 20 inches wide by 11 inches high and is easy to install. The membrane adds width, but can be mounted remotely. The unit weighs a mere 68 pounds. Combined with less need for stored water, this translates into more speed under sail and improved fuel economy for powerboats.

Like all FCI Watermakers’ innovative desalinization systems, the Aqualite is built in the U.S. to the marine industry’s highest standards. The unit is offered with a two-year warranty on non-consumable parts.

FCI Watermakers,

3782 W 2340 S "E",

West Valley, UT 84120,


LED Bowlights For Safety Aboard

Proper lighting is an important part of boating safety. Accon Marine’s 210-M and 211-M Pop-Up LED Bowlights are U.S. Coast Guard approved for two nautical miles, so users can confidently navigate ahead.

They shine bright whenever needed, whether cruising at night or in the early morning. As an additional safety benefit, both the 210-M and 211-M fold down flush when not in use. This keeps the deck free from unnecessary protrusions and helps prevent tripping.

Constructed from marine-grade 316 stainless steel, these lights are easy to install and have a stud length of 2 inches. The 210-M requires users to drill a 3-1/2-inch diameter hole with a saw and fasten with three #10 screws.

The 211-M fits in the same cut-out as the company’s 204-M light for easy upgrading. A supplied template can be used to create the hole wherever the light will be mounted. It also fastens with three #10 screws.

An installation video can be found at whPo0. To prevent unwanted runoff, an optional plastic cup is available.

Accon Marine’s 210-M and 211-M Pop-Up LED Bowlights have a price of $195.89 each.

Accon Marine,

13665 Automobile Blvd.,

Clearwater, FL 33762,


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