New Products - August 2017

Award-Winning Toilets Fit Almost Anywhere

With a bold, clean design and easy installation, the Tecma Flexi Line 2G range of macerator marine toilets from Thetford Marine is the choice for boat owners looking to replace or upgrade current equipment. The line is so striking and technologically advanced, it won the Golden Sail Innovation Award at the 2017 China (Shanghai) International Boat Show.

Noted designer Emanuele Pangrazi conceived the Flexi Line 2G range to evoke a clean, modern look from any perspective. A unique, side-mounting system eliminates visible hardware around the toilet base, improving aesthetics, and making it fast and easy to install.

Luxurious Italian ceramic hides the innovation within the high-performance Flexi Line 2G range. Siphoning and backflow issues are eliminated with integrated safe-air admittance valves. This optimizes venting and improves hydraulics, and eliminates the cause of a loud-flushing toilet. Its reliable internal macerator is the industry standard.

Four toilets make up the next-generation Flexi Line 2G range: the Silence Plus 2G, Silence Plus 2G Short, Silence 2G and Silence 2G Short. The Silence Plus 2G boasts a 15.4-inch W x 20.1-inch L home-sized bowl. Slightly smaller, the Silence 2G’s bowl is 14.6-inch W x 16.9-inches L. Both are a comfortable 18.1-inch H.

For use on base steps, the Silence Plus 2G Short is 13.8-inches H and the Silence 2G Short is 14.2-inches H, and have the same bowl dimensions as the standard versions. These low-profile models mount flush to the floor; no more cutting holes.

The Flexi Line 2G range has the same footprints as previous Tecma models, making refitting easy and straightforward. They come with a two-year warranty. A video is at

Thetford Marine,

7101 Jackson Road,

Ann Arbor, MI 48103.

Toll-free 800-543-1219

or 734/769-6000.

Navionics Cartography Enhances Mobile Apps

Navionics, the leader in content and location-based services for the recreational boating and outdoor markets, has released a software development kit (SDK) which enables iOS app developers to integrate the world’s best charts within their mobile apps.

Navionics provides a complete cartography resource encompassing depth data in up to 1 ft./0.5 m HD contours, spot soundings, detailed shorelines, navigational objects and much more, all updated daily, which can enrich the user experience of apps designed for sailing, fishing, diving and more.

Several applications will soon offer Navionics charts to enhance functionality, such as ProNav’s trolling motor route creation, Pro Angler’s fishing locations, Sail Timer’s tack display, AnemoTracker’s wind data and Siren Marine’s vessel tracker. The Navionics+ subscription, which can be purchased within the Navionics Boating app, provides access to Nautical Chart and SonarChart™ for marine areas and lakes, plus daily updates.

The free mobile SDK presents opportunities for integration of Navionics cartography in many areas, such recreational, commercial, educational and conservation.

For more information and to request the SDK, go to https://deve

Fortress FX-37 Anchor

Nowhere is it written that an anchor needs to be heavy to be effective. At 21 lbs., Fortress Marine Anchors are easily deployed, yet, in hard sand and 30 kts. of wind, it holds up to 12,000 lbs. That’s why Capt. Dave Carraro, renowned for his adventures on National Geographic Channel’s series “Wicked Tuna,” outfitted his 44-foot Calvin Beal F/ with a lightweight and highly efficient FX-37.

The FX-37 is engineered for boats 46- 51-feet. Like all Fortress anchors, it’s adjustable to 32 degrees or 45 degrees to optimize the angle of its shank and sharpened flukes for different seabed conditions.

The anchor deploys effortlessly from a bow roller or by hand. Rustproof and non-magnetic, the FX-37 is made in the USA from a precision-machined, marine-grade, aluminum-magnesium alloy. Unlike comparable steel anchors that weigh twice as much, it can be disassembled for stowage and has no welds to fail.

Carraro holds a USCG 100-ton masters license and is also a charter fisherman and has chosen to use this anchor, “I can’t compare Fortress to any other anchor after 40 years of fishing,” said Carraro. “It’s lightweight, holds like a mooring and durable.”

Fortress Marine Anchors FX-37 costs approximately $499.

Fortress Marine Anchors,

1386 W McNab Rd.,

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309.

Toll-free U.S. only 800/825-6289,


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