New Products - December 2017

A New Paradigm In Boarding

Creaky knees making your sailboat feel taller every year? SailStep’s portable boarding ladder makes dock-to-deck boarding easy.

SailStep revolutionizes docking and casting off. With a rock-solid step, about half your hull’s height, your crew can step off on approach, with dock lines in hand. Or walk your boat out of the slip, and effortlessly step aboard. No stress, no hazardous jumping and no embarrassing sit & scootch.

SailStep models are engineered to fit slotted aluminum toerails, or the teak and synthetic teak toerails found on many European boats. An ample step ingeniously folds into a rugged aluminum frame. Solid and sturdy, in use, SailStep feels more like strolling up a set of stairs, rather than climbing a ladder.

Unlike the dock steps and folding ladders you see crowding every marina, SailStep is compact and lightweight. At about 5 pounds, it is ideal for travel and cruising, yet drops easily into your dock box. Unlike swingy rope ladders, SailStep’s rigid design inspires confidence.You’ll never be caught without a step again.

SailStep is hand-crafted of custom aluminum extrusions, welded, and anodized to match your deck hardware. The lower step is injection-molded PBT, for extreme durability and UV resistance. Each component, down to the teflon-coated screws, is designed for long-term service. It comes with a three year guarantee, but your SailStep may well outlast your boat.

Please check to confirm that it’ll fit your boat. A model for molded-fiberglass toerails will be available by the end of the year, while a model for teak cap rails will be available next year. SailStep’s M.S.R.P. is $299, but seasonal discounts are currently available.



Prospec Debuts Infinity By Harman Reference RGB Speaker Line

Prospec Electronics introduces the 2018 Infinity by Harman® Reference multi-element marine speakers and subwoofers. Engineered for the ultimate sound, the progressive grille designs complement the standard RGB LED lighting to form the ultimate auditory experience.

The high-performance Infinity Reference line is engineered to deliver massive, accurate sound in a harsh marine environment. With smooth response and increased power handling, high- and mid-range levels deliver lifelike reproduction. Their frequency bands are optimized for enhanced listening in an open-air, moving boat environment.

With an IPx5 marine rating, the Reference line’s grille-mounted balanced dome tweeters seal the front of the polypropylene woofer cone, protecting the motor structure and magnet. They feature UV-resistant one-piece cast polymer baskets. Seven-color LED lighting - aquamarine, blue, green, yellow, purple, red and white - is mounted on the tweeters’ underside to provide a vibrant visual display.

Infinity’s 622MLT and 622MLW (titanium and white, respectively) are 6.75-inch coaxial speakers with integrated .50-inch tweeters. They boast 75 watts RMS of power, utilize a 5-inch cutout and are 2.65-inches deep. The 8-inch coaxial 822MLT and 822MLW speakers have 1-inch tweeters. Needing a 6.8-inch cutout with a 3.4-inch mounting depth, they’re powered by 150 watts RMS.

Rounding out the line are the 1022MLT and 1022MLW 10-inch subwoofers with grilles. They need a 9.2-inch cutout and a 4.4-inch depth of clearance. Packing a punch, they have 250 watts RMS of power.

Prospec Electronics’ Infinity Reference 622MLT/622MLW retail for $179.99 a pair; 822MLT/822MLW, $199.99; and the 1022MLT/1022MLW, $179.99.

For over 30 years, Prospec Electronics has been a leader in quality marine audio products. It manufactures and sells complete, matched stereo packages and individual components.

Prospec Electronics,
3325 S Morgans Point Rd.,
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466,


Ditch The Car Or Truck When Parking A Boat Trailer

The beauty of a small, trailerable fishing boat is that it can be stored almost anywhere. But it often has to be maneuvered around corners and into tight parking spots. Without the size of a car or truck to contend with, Parkit360’s Force 5K power dolly opens up a world of possibilities for where a trailer can be kept. Small enough to fit in the trunk of a small sedan, it even allows the vessel to be put away tongue-first as a theft deterrent.

Perfect for aluminum and fiberglass skiffs, bass, flats and utility fishing boats, the Force 5K handles loads up to 5,000 lbs. Powered by its robust 1.5hp Bosch electric motor and a conventional 12V battery, its 4-inch wide tires provide plenty of traction over a wide range of surfaces. The device has a built-in power monitor and charger.

The Force 5K is simple to operate. After freewheeling to the trailer, it’s easily connected to its included 1.875-inch, 2-inch, 2.3125-inch or 50mm ball, and lock down. Using the thumb toggle on the handle for forward and reverse, it’s purely a matter of steering. Because the operator is closer to the boat and looking directly at it, there’s no concern over jackknifing or when within mere inches of a wall. A video of its ease of use is at

The Force 5K from Parkit360 comes with a 2-year warranty. Its cost is $1,096, but online pricing is commonly available.

130-502 Industrial Ave.,
Carleton Place, ON,
Canada K7C 3T2,
888/926-5517, H

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