New Products - January 2017

New Antenna Brings Internet & Hi-Def TV Onboard

Shakespeare has expanded boaters’ ability to stay in touch with the world with its new WebWatch™, all-in-one Wi-Fi hotspot and high-definition TV antenna systems. Designed to be fast, reliable, and tailored for long-range reception, the antennas provide more range than PC and mobile device wireless data connections.

The WebWatch WC-1 provides internet access for up to 32 users from nearby Wi-Fi or, with a data-only AT&T SIM card, a cellular network with speeds up to 4G. It also supports T-Mobile and Cricket networks up to 3G. The WC-1 system will share the signal wirelessly throughout the boat or via Ethernet cable to extend the signal to areas shadowed from Wi-Fi. WebWatch is easily controlled using iPhone or Android apps, and the built-in web browser based management tool optimizes it for PC, mobile, and tablet devices.

With the built-in HDTV antenna, the WebWatch WCT-1 provides local TV network programming with sharp, high-definition picture quality, in addition to internet access. It receives over-the-air digital signals, allowing television reception even during storms when satellite connections may fail. The antenna will switch automatically between Wi-Fi and cellular, picking up the best signal for uninterrupted connectivity and saving on data charges.

Both versions feature easy set-up, and are RoHS compliant and hold FCC wireless approval. Energy efficient, the antennas run on 12-24V DC, and draw a maximum of 1 amp. Made of durable and light-weight materials they are only 13" high and 11¾"in diameter, and weigh 3.85 pounds.

The WCT-1 retails for $899.95, and the WC-1 (without HDTV) is $850.95. For more information visit

Shakespeare Company, LLC

6111 Shakespeare Road

Columbia, SC 29223


Rubber Clamp, Mounts Anywhere – Secures Almost Anything

Davis Instruments has come out with another innovative device, perfect for securing those hard to stow items like fishing rods, boat hooks, spinnaker poles, reaching struts, etc. The patented "Quick Fist" is offered in two sizes and will secure a wide range of boating gear conveniently mounted almost anywhere for ready access, inside or out.

Quick Fists are manufactured from heavy-duty, UV-resistant, transportation-grade rubber. Internal ridges hold equipment securely in place, and the easy-ratcheting design provides a wide range of clamping diameters and tensions. Made to withstand extreme temperatures without becoming stiff and inoperable in the cold, or soft and loose in the heat, Quick Fists are non-conductive, and won’t rust or corrode.

The standard Quick Fist clamps are sold as a pair, and mount easily with a #10 bolt or screw through the .875-inch W x 2.75-inch L base. Each clamp will hold objects from .875" to 2.5-inch in diameter, and up to 22 pounds. For heavier items, multiple clamps can be used. Perfect for everything from a flashlight to coiled line the standard clamps sell for $14.95 a pair.

Super Quick Fist is sold individually, and designed for larger and heavier items like fire extinguishers and oxygen cylinders – anything from 2.5-inch to 7.5-inch in diameter, and up to 50 pounds. It installs with three #10 bolts or screws through its .875-inch W x 6-inch L base, and retails for $14.95 each.

For more information and to order, visit

Davis Instruments

3465 Diablo Avenue

Hayward, CA 94545


New Water Performance Shoes From Sebago

Sebago, a division of Wolverine Worldwide, recently announced a new line of men’s and women’s technical water performance footwear, the Cyphon Collection for 2017. The new Cyphon Sea Collection of boating shoes taps into Sebago’s 70-year heritage while providing true performance for water sport enthusiasts.

The Cyphon Sea Sport features all of the technical benefits of a performance boating shoe built into a sporty athletic style. Cross Channel Circulation design forces water out and dry air in for superior breathability to keep feet dry and comfortable. The mesh upper no-sew construction and elastic lacing creates an easy-on, easy-off seamless fit.

The Cyphon Sea Fisherman is specially designed as a supportive sandal-type active water sport shoe, perfect for kayaking, fishing, and PWC activities. All of the Sebago Sea Collection shoes come with a mesh foot bed liner featuring antimicrobial/antibacterial properties. The molded EVA foot bed is also removable and perforated for increased drainage and dry-ability.

"We are proud to introduce this new technology, engineered to meet the technical needs of an active sailor and boater, and also perfect as an all-day shoe for anyone spending time near the water," said John Estes, VP and GM for Sebago.

The Collection comes in a range of nautical colors including red, white, navy, and black in men’s and women’s sizes. The Sea Sport model retails for $80.00, and the Fisherman for $70.00. For more information and to order, visit


1400 Industries Road

Richmond, IN 47374


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