New Products - January 2018

New Incredibly Flexible 50A Cordset From SmartPlug

Even in hot weather, large power cords are often stiff and difficult to lay out and coil; cold temperatures only compound the problem. SmartPlug Systems’ new SUPERFLEX50 50A 125/250V cordset remains incredibly flexible, even down to 58-degrees fahrenheit. And with the revolutionary SmartPlug, it’s the safest and most efficient marine electrical connection on the market. SUPERFLEX50’s covering is made from supple 100% Seoprene® Thermoplastic Elastomer. Inside is pure stranded bare copper and #6 wire. The combination ensures maximum electrical transfer and the utmost flexibility needed for easy handling.

SmartPlug Systems’ SUPERFLEX50 can be used on standard marina 125V or 250V four-plug connections. It has dual LED power lights and is available in 25 and 50 foot lengths.

Unlike traditional twist-style connections that are hard to align and thread, the asymmetrical SmartPlug pushes straight in. Dual locking clips and the inlet cover remove tension from the pins, holding the cord securely in place. Triple waterproof seals ensure a dry connection and protect internal elements from contaminates.

SmartPlug Systems,
2500 Westlake Ave N., Ste. G,
Seattle, WA 98109-2262


Become A Grill Master With Outdoor Edge’s New Cut-N-Cue™ BBQ Sets

Outdoor Edge has introduced two new Cut-N-Cue barbeque sets that will make impressing friends and family with grill-master skills easy and affordable. The Cut-N-Cue 10- and 14-piece sets are the ultimate barbeque kits and include all the tools necessary to prepare and grill the perfect meal.

The Cut-N-Cue sets come in an easy-to-carry, hard-side case and feature professional-grade chef’s knives that are perfectly balanced and crafted from German 4116 stainless steel with comfortable yet durable, non-slip TPE handles. The 10-piece set has a 6-inch utility knife and an 8-inch chef’s knife, while the 14-piece set has a 6-inch utility knife, a 7-inch santuku and an 8.25-inch carving knife

Both sets also include a ceramic/carbide knife sharpener, a silicone marinade brush, three full-size cutting mats (colored to provide separate surfaces for preparing meat, poultry and fruits/vegetables), and Outdoor Edge’s proprietary extendable tongs and extendable spatula. The 14-piece Cut-N-Que set adds an extendable fork, a grill brush/scraper and a meat thermometer.

The new Cut-N-Cues are available at retailers nationwide or conveniently online with suggested retail prices of $79.95 for the 10-piece set and $119.95 for the 14-piece set.

Outdoor Edge,
5000 Osage Street, Suite 800,
Denver, CO 80221


Advanced LED Lighting For Marine-Tough Conditions

While LED strip lights are by no means new, most offerings were designed for interior or light-outdoor use – not for outdoor marine use. Up until recently, LED strips were relatively thick and inflexible, making it difficult to conform to contoured surfaces or bend around tight corners.

Now, however, advances in thin-film LED technology are producing much brighter lighting, using paper-thin strips that are flexible enough to bend around corners and contours. Yet the lighting is rugged enough to stand up to a harsh marine environment, where saltwater, wind, waves, and storms can often be expected. Such LEDs can also be easily installed into the existing lighting power system or a supplied battery box. As a result, the number of applications and locations for LED safety and functional lighting is skyrocketing for maritime and watercraft use.

Experienced boaters have come to rely on the XTL Marine Kit by Grote Industries, a leading LED lighting manufacturer.

Designed specifically for boats and watercraft, the XTL is designed to meet or exceed established industry standards. This includes being waterproof, submersible, and capable of withstanding pressure washing with hot water, rather than just rain-resistant.

LEDs can also improve visibility for steps, floors, cabins, galleys, bathrooms, anywhere that needs more light.

XTL Marine Kits, Grote,
2600 Lanier Drive,
Madison, IN 47250
800/628.0809 H

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