New Products - July 2016

New HydroHoist PWC Dock

The HP Extreme® PWC docking platform is the newest product from HydroHoist Marine Group with a number of improvements over older generation PWC ports.

"The HP Extreme is the easiest load and launch of any PWC docking platform on the market, with features unmatched by any in the boatlift industry," said HydroHoist CEO Mick Webber. "Customers say it's the easiest drive-on port, truly eliminating the initial "bump" that often occurs when driving onto a PWC dock. The added bow stop makes it easier to stop at the right point."

HydroHoist worked with Perisco Group, a worldwide leader in engineering mold designs, to develop this new platform made from polystyrene (EPS) marine foam for increased strength and leak elimination. The new port incorporates a flat, anti-skid walking surface, and an exclusive "air-pillow" bow stop.

While docking, PWCs are fully roller-supported, utilizing high performance 5" x 2" rollers, which are easily adjusted for width and placement to accommodate different hull configurations. Other user-friendly enhancements include stainless steel roller axels for increased strength and durability in fresh, brackish, and salt water, providing care-free, long-life application in virtually every water condition.

The HP Extreme is one of several new products introduced by HydroHoist this year, including a new two-valve boatlift control unit, and a boatlift designed specifically for saltwater applications. Retail price for the new HP Extreme is $1,995.00, including dock attachment / mooring kit. For more information visit

HydroHoist Marine Group

915 West Blue Starr Drive

Claremore, OK 74017


Waterproof 'Talkabout'® Two-Way Radios

The new Motorola 'Talkabout'® T600 H20 handheld UHF two-way radio offers a durable and effective alternative to VHF marine-band communication for boaters and outdoor enthusiasts. While not intended to replace critical VHF communication between vessels and emergency services, the T600 H20 radios are ideal for private communications between crew members, shore parties, and others not wishing to broadcast over the more restricted marine-band channels.

With twenty-two channels and 121 privacy codes, the T600 'Talkabout'® radios make it easy to find an available channel, and they are compatible with other radios broadcasting over UHF FRS/GMRS 462-467 MHz frequencies.

Engineered to IP67 waterproof standards, the lightweight hand-held units float face up with a built-in, water-activated flashlight making them easy to find in difficult conditions. The flashlight provides both white and red LED light settings, allowing users to preserve night vision or light the way in the dark.

The durable and eco-smart radios come with NiMH rechargeable batteries providing up to nine hours of use, and a 3-way charging adaptor. With a range of six miles over level terrain the hands-free activation and speakerphone feature allows users to keep moving without stopping to answer a call. The radios can also be tuned into one of eleven weather channels, including seven NOAA channels, and will initiate emergency weather alerts in NOAA radio service areas.

The Motorola 'Talkabout'® T600 H20 handheld UHF two-way radios retail for $119.99 each. For more information and ordering visit

Motorola Solutions, Inc.

1303 East Algonquin Road

Schaumburg, IL 60196


Keeping Cool In The Summer

The new PGF-V Personal Go Fan, from Cynwark Corporation, provides boaters with a great way to stay cool on warm summer days. The patented PGF-V fan takes the great features of the original Personal Golf Fan and adds variable speed control along with impressive portable power to provide a refreshing breeze no matter what your activity.

The PGF-V is the first patented, variable-speed, portable fan engineered specifically to fit in cup holders, and comes with seven different cup-holder adaptors that attach firmly to the base of the fan unit. Its variable-speed adjustment allows users to dial in the perfect fan speed up to 20 mph for those really hot days, whether you're in your boat, on the golf course, relaxing by the pool, or working hard at the office. The fan also features an adjustable neck for creating the perfect wind angle.

Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery is at the top of its class for performance, reliability, and safety. Approximate run times with a fully charged battery are up to 40 hours on low setting, 16 hours on medium, and 3.5 hours on high. Battery charge time is under 3 hours when completely discharged. The fan is powered by a durable, high-efficiency, high-power, ball-bearing, brushless motor for quiet and efficient operation while boating, fishing, camping, at your favorite sporting event, or just sitting on the patio deck. The fan also provides a great way to chase away pesky flying insects on a calm Delta evening.

The PGF-V Personal Go Fan is available online for $230 at

Cynwark Corporation

433 Northpark Central Drive

Houston, TX 77073


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