New Products - July 2018

Albin Ballast Pump Gets Wakeboard Tanks Filled Fast

Waiting for ballast tanks on a wake surfing boat to fill can be frustrating. Albin Pump Marine’s reversible F4 Ballast Pump is the ideal choice for watersport OEMs and DIYers. It provides a massive 12 gpm of flow to get surfers and skimmers on the water faster and has a price point that is hard to beat.

The F4 Ballast Pump is built for maximum durability. Its head is non-corrosive cast brass with .50-inch port connections. Combined with a stainless steel shaft, PTFE mechanical seal and flexible nitrile impeller, it offers a long, reliable service life.

Available in 12V or 24V, the F4 Ballast Pump has pigtail leads and an integrated shockproof mounting bracket for quick installation. Flow direction is reversible by changing polarity. ISO 8846-rated, the pump protects against ignition of surrounding flammable gases; it is additionally CE marked 94/25/ECC.

Compact at only 7-inches long by 4.7-inches wide by 3.5-inches high, the F4 Ballast Pump from Albin Pump Marine weighs 1 pound. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty and has an MSRP of $250.

Albin Pump Marine LLC,
13280 SW 131 Street, Suite 108,
Miami, FL 33186


A Cleaner Trash Free Boat With Seasucker

Most boats do not have a built-in garbage receptacle, leading owners to tie a trash bag to the wheel or a fitting. Flapping annoyingly in the slightest breeze, this makeshift solution is prone to spillage putting a damper on the day. SeaSucker’s innovative Waste Band securely mounts to virtually any hard surface without drilling holes and holds a wide range of waste bags, from large kitchen to plastic grocery.

Made in the USA, Waste Bands come in two sizes, large with a 12-inch wide by 7-inch deep opening and a small size that is 6-inches wide by 4-inches deep. They install using SeaSucker’s revolutionary 4.5-inch Vacuum Mount technology. Holding an astounding 120 pounds each, the large size has two mounts and the small, one. Unlike common suction cups that begin to lose their seal as soon as they are applied, powerful Vacuum Mounts grab any clean, non-porous surface, including curved and textured.

Waste Bands are built for extreme outdoor conditions. Their components are UV-stabilized and boast stainless hardware.

Using the Waste Band could not be easier. Clips hold up to 13 gallon kitchen bags. Locating the device is not limited to out in the open. It is equally effective on the back of a door or compartment or on the underside of a lazarette or bait tank hatch.

Like all SeaSucker products, Waste Bands are not permanently installed, so they can be used anywhere. They are ideal to have when RVing, when completing home repairs or any time a portable trash receptacle is needed.

SeaSucker’s Waste Band is $80 for the small size and $135 for the large. They’re available in black or white to match any boat décor.

Contact SeaSucker, LLC,
1912 44th Ave E.,
Bradenton, FL 34203


Is Calling A Bucket Innovative An Exaggeration?

The word “innovative” is often used but rarely in reference to a pail. With Shurhold Industries’ One Bucket System, the term is almost insufficient. Creatively designed and engineered, it stores and organizes boat cleaning products in one convenient, portable location and functions as a highly effective wash station. The One Bucket System starts with the World’s Best Rope Handle Bucket. Made in the USA of durable molded plastic that is thicker than average, it has a soft .75-inch braided nylon rope handle that is easier to carry than a traditional wire hoop. It will not scratch, mar or rust making it perfect for a marine environment.

The removable Bucket Grate sits elevated from the bottom of the bucket. Dirt falls through its grating into the baffle system as the brush or rag is scrubbed against. This keeps wash water clean. Two handy 3-ounce measuring cups are built in for precise adding of soaps and other cleaning solutions.

As a storage device, this system has few equals. The Bucket Caddy fits on top of the Bucket Grate and eliminates the need to move everything from the bucket to the dock or deck just to use it. It has two compartments to store bottles and supplies, and a handle for easy removal. A perforated bottom keeps water from puddling.

With the padded Bucket Seat/Lid, using the pail upside down as a place to sit is a thing of the past. Built of sturdy, high-quality plastic, it securely snaps onto the bucket rim to keep the inserts and cleaning products in place. Strong enough to stand on, it makes a convenient boarding or step stool.

The optional Bucket Base keeps the World’s Best Rope Handle Bucket from tipping while working. It’s made from soft, pliable rubber to avoid slipping and scratching fine surfaces.

Available in black or white, Shurhold’s One Bucket System, including the bucket, grate, caddy and seat/lid, sells for $49.98; with the base, $59.98. Items are also available individually.

3119 SW 42nd Ave.,
Palm City, FL 34990
800/962.6241 H

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