New Products - March 2016

Permanent Mount LED Deck Light

Lighting specialist, Larson Electronics, has release a new 30 watt LED decklight equipped with a 360° spindle, and vertical tilt, allowing complete rotation while permanently mounted.

The DL-APB-LED-30W permanent mount LED decklight provides a high powered solution in applications where a low voltage light is preferred. The 30 watt light emitter in this unit is highly resistant to damage from shocks and vibration, and up to 80% more efficient than incandescent lights. This LED assembly has an average lifespan rating of 50,000 hours and draws only 2.5 amps on a 12 volt DC electrical system. Producing 2,700 lumens of intense light output, the standard unit is designed to illuminate out to 60', and is available in a spot beam configuration producing a beam 600' long by 100' wide.

This LED decklight can be permanently mounted to any flat surface using four small screws and a rubber gasket. Twenty-four inches of wiring is provided for connection to a 12 volt DC power source. "The LED light emitter is housed within a rugged weatherproof housing, and can withstand vibrations and impacts that comparable incandescent lights cannot," said Rob Bresnahan, with

The high-powered LED light is ideal for operators seeking an adjustable light for marine application, and has a retail price of $286.00.

Larson Electronics, LLC

9419 E. U.S. Highway 175

Kemp, TX 75143


Redesigned Sensors Enhance Boating Integration And Convenience

Lowrance®, a world-leader in boating electronics since 1957, has released a redesigned lineup of easy-to-install, intelligent sensors to monitor an array of vital engine and boating functions. Compatible with NMEA 2000® networks, the new products include the Lowrance Fluid Level Sensor, Fuel Data Manager, and Fuel Flow, Pressure, Paddlewheel Speed, and Temperature Sensors, all compatible with HDS Gen3 and Gen2 Touch Multifunction Displays.

• Fuel Data Manager and Fuel Flow Sensors feed data to compatible touch displays for effective management of onboard fuel levels.

• Fuel Data Manager stores fuel-use data from engines or engine interfaces connected to the network, supporting data from up to three engines.

• Fuel Flow Sensors track gasoline flow and calculate fuel use, trip fuel use, as well as seasonal fuel use. Combined with a GPS speed source or the transom-mounted Paddlewheel Speed Sensor, boaters can use the Fuel Flow Sensor to calculate fuel economy to optimize time spent on the water.

• Fluid Level Sensors monitor tank levels and can be configured for any liquid.

• Pressure Sensors are pre-configured for engine water pressure, but may be set for engine boost pressure, engine oil pressure, or transmission oil pressure.

• Temperature Sensors (standard and thru-hull models) are calibrated for water temperature, but can also be used to monitor bait well, engine room, refrigeration, heating and other systems temperature.

Available from authorized Lowrance dealers worldwide, the Fluid Level Sensor, Fuel Data Manager, Pressure Sensor, Paddlewheel Speed Sensor, Temperature Sensor and Thru-hull Temperature Sensors are priced at $99.00. The Fuel Flow Sensor is priced at $199.00.

For more information about the complete line of Lowrance marine products, or to find an authorized dealer near you, please visit

AmpliVox Waterproof "Made in USA" Megaphone

AmpliVox Sound Systems introduces the new model WP609R, Pro Marine Megaphone, the only product of its kind made in America. This rugged, military-tough, megaphone provides waterproof, dustproof, powerful sound coverage designed for outdoor recreation, marine, and emergency situations.

Constructed of high-impact polycarbonate, and engineered to meet Ingress Protection Standards (IP67), the unit will float, and still operate after being submerged for up to thirty minutes. In addition to its outstanding durability, the Pro Marine Megaphone provides powerful, high-quality sound from its Class D Digital Amplifier, with a range of one mile, and built-in horn and siren functions. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to eight hours of use, and an integrated charge indicator light lets users know when the battery is low. The lightweight unit carries easily with its padded shoulder strap.

"The extreme durability of the Pro Marine makes it one of the most versatile megaphones available," notes Don Roth, AmpliVox CEO. "It can go anywhere and be used under the most extreme conditions."

The Pro Marine Megaphone comes with a Five-Year Limited Warranty, and retail price of $1,199.00.

AmpliVox Sound Systems

650 Anthony Trail, Suite D

Northbrook, IL 60062


Shakespeare "JellyFish" Multi-Band Antenna

Expanding its Galaxy range, Shakespeare introduces the JF-3 Multi-Band Antenna. Built for recreational and commercial use, the JellyFish is an omni-directional, IP67 waterproof antenna for marine communication in harsh environments. Designed to reduce clutter on a boat, it features passive GPS, 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular, and WiFi reception in one compact package.

The omni-directional functionality enables the JF-3 to send and receive cellular and WiFi signals in all directions, ensuring network availability and dependable communications. The GPS component is a passive antenna that can be used to replace existing GPS antenna heads. The JF-3 has its own ground-plane, and can radiate on any mounting surface, including metal, plastic, or fiberglass without a reduction in performance.

Measuring 1.6" x 4", this antenna is small enough to fit in most locations on a vessel, and has a mounting thread of M20 x 2.5 mm, allowing it to be installed flush on flat horizontal surface. The JellyFish JF-3 Antenna comes with a limited two-year warranty and has a price of $288.95.

Shakespeare® Company, LLC

6111 Shakespeare Road

Columbia, SC 29223


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