New Products - March 2017

"Force5 Marine" Protects Marine Systems From Corrosion

In most marine environments, especially during the damp and cold winter season, a reliable corrosion inhibitor and lubricant is critical for properly maintaining a vessel's mechanical systems. The failure of equipment due to corrosion caused by humidity, condensation, salt air, and environmental contaminants can threaten safety as well as require costly repairs and replacement.

Force5 Marine – Rust & Saltwater Corrosion Inhibitor, works as a corrosion inhibitor, lubricant, and cleaner to protect engines, electrical gear, fittings, valves, switches, and other critical marine equipment to keep them in good working order. The Force5 Marine protectant spray penetrates metal parts to prevent rust and corrosion while forming a bond that repels saltwater and other contaminants.

The spray can also be applied liberally to wiring, switches, circuit boards, battery terminals, and other electronic circuitry and connections to prevent corrosion and electrolysis. Due to its strong dielectric properties it can restore optimum electrical connection in many cases when applied.

Force5 Marine is also a lubricant, and may be used as a cleaner to remove dirt, grime, grease, and even existing rust on metal parts and fasteners. In addition to ongoing maintenance use, Force5 is an effective protectant and may be sprayed on engine components when winterizing and prior to long-term storage.

A 12-oz. aerosol can retails for $11.95, and the 16-oz. pump-spray for $14.95. For more information visit

Force5 Marine

3434 Howell Street NW, Suite B

Duluth, GA 30096


Near-Tragedy Inspires New "Ditch" Case

Scott Smiles' forty-two-foot boat sank in 50 seconds, leaving him, a friend, and their two PFD-clad sons clinging to a cooler and EPIRB – the only items he had time to grab. The harrowing experience inspired Smiles to develop Life Cell, the innovative, self-contained, buoyant "ditch case" for user-supplied safety and survival gear.

On most small craft, safety gear is stowed away in compartments. If there is a "ditch kit", its's often a nylon bag, which can fill with water and become more of a hindrance than help. The high visibility Life Cell is available in orange or white, and is fire, impact, and UV resistant, with each of the four models designed and sized for the number of crew it will assist.

All Life Cell models may be thrown from the vessel or, should the boat sink, will float off the mounting bracket included. An optional stainless steel rail-mounted bracket is ideal for sailboats. Best of all, the Life Cell does not rely on its water-tight compartment for buoyancy. Its floatation is built in, and depending on the model will provide floatation assistance for up to eight adults. Opened, users have easy access to their VHF, flares, air horns, and other user-supplied emergency devices. An EPIRB can also be mounted externally for fast activation.

The basic Life Cell Marine Safety "Trailer Boat" model was developed with small to mid-sized vessels in mind, and will assist 2-4 people. Staying together with a buoyancy aid can be critical to survival and rescue, especially in high seas and when fatigue sets in – Life Cells have a grab handle and webbing lanyards to keep people attached.

The "Trailer Boat" model retails for $299.00, and has a two-year warranty. Other models are the "Yachtsman" for 4 people, the "Trawler" for 6, and the "Crewman" for 8. For more information and pricing visit or contact:

Land 'N' Sea Distributing Inc.

3131 N. Andrews Ave. Extension

Pompano Beach, FL 33064


Torqeedo "Rudder Drive" Leading The Way In Electric Propulsion

Torqeedo, global leader in electric marine propulsion, has done it again! Honored in 2007 for their "Travel 801 Outboard," in 2012 for the "Cruise 2.0/4.0 Drive," and again in 2016 for their groundbreaking Deep Blue Hybrid system, Torqeedo was recently awarded a fourth SAIL magazine Pittman Innovation Award for their "Cruise Fixed Pod System" (pictured).

Torqeedo has taken their technology even further now. Working with Hanse Yachts and rudder builder Jefa Marine, they have adapted the 4kw/8hp "Cruise 4.0 FP" with folding propeller to allow its integration into the rudder foil's trailing edge on the new Hanse 315 e-Motion sailboat. Weighing 200 lbs. less than a comparable diesel engine, the "Rudder Drive" is virtually silent, and offers regenerative power while under sail.

The Rudder Drive also delivers unmatched maneuverability due to the 100-degrees of rudder travel on the new Hanse sailboat, eliminating the need for bow or stern thrusters in many situations. The "Cruse FP" system recently won the coveted DAME Design Award at METS, the Marine Equipment Trade Show, in Amsterdam.

"We're honored to receive this award," said Steve Trkla, President/General Manager. "Torqeedo has a strong relationship with sailors the world over. It's a market segment that not only appreciates the technology, but understands and respects our commitment to the environment."

For more information about this and Torqeedo's other innovative electric propulsion systems visit

Torqeedo, Inc.

171 Erick Street, Unit A-1

Crystal Lake, IL 60014


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