New Products - March 2018

Low-Cost Marine Internet Access For Everyone

With the WebWatch™ Internet hotspot from Shakespeare®, there’s no need for expensive satellite antennas and data plans. Ideal for coastal and inland boaters, the award-winning, all-in-one Wi-Fi hotspot and high-definition television (HDTV) antenna is changing how people stay connected while on the water. And through March 2018, the company is offering $100 off 2017 prices of its popular Wi-Fi-only WC-1 model.

Engineered for increased long-range reception, WebWatch delivers fast, reliable internet access for up to 32 devices. With speeds up to 4G from a nearby Wi-Fi signal or cellular signal with a data-only AT&T SIM card, it also provides 3G speeds on T-Mobile, Cricket and other GSM-based networks. Users simply connect to it wirelessly or via an ethernet cable.

WebWatch keeps users online by automatically switching from receiving cell signals to using Wi-Fi hotspots, based on signal strength. This saves money on data charges and provides uninterrupted connectivity.

The WCT-1 version of WebWatch has a built-in HDTV antenna, providing access to free local TV network programming. Its razor-sharp picture quality is unaffected by weather the way satellite signals often are.

WebWatch is managed using Shakespeare’s free smartphone app and/or built-in web browser page. It offers the ability to select an internet source manually, change the WebWatch hotspot’s password and more. The capacity to store Wi-Fi passwords eliminates the need to reconnect every mobile device when switching to a different Wi-Fi source.

The antenna boasts universal compatibility and is simple to install. It draws a maximum of 1 amp, running on 12-24V DC. RoHS compliant, WebWatch is 13-inches high, 11.75-inches diameter and weighs 3.85 pounds. The device comes with a 25-foot power cord, 25-foot ethernet cable and 25-foot coax TV cable.

WebWatch WCT-1 costs $899.95; WebWatch WC-1 without HDTV is $699.95. Check with a Shakespeare dealer for special promotional pricing through March 2018.

Shakespeare® Company LLC,
6111 Shakespeare Rd.,
Columbia, SC 29223


Davis Packs More Into Multipurpose Boat Tool

It’s hard to imagine adding more functions to the Snap Tool Multi-Key, but that’s just what Davis Instruments did. The handiest tool on board has been enhanced with the addition of three common metric hex wrenches.

The palm-sized Snap Tool Multi-Key now has 8mm, 10mm and 13mm hex wrenches, in addition to 5/16-inch, 3/8-inch, 7/16-inch and 1/2-inch. Add a scraper, slotted and Phillips head screwdrivers, and recessed cutting blade, and it’s like carrying an entire toolbox in a pants pocket.

Designed by boaters, the Snap Tool Multi-Key has a tool for almost every job on board. A button snapper and unsnapper is perfect for corroded snaps and weather-tightened fabric. The sanity-saving zipper pull conquers the most stubborn zippers and even works when the pull is missing. A pair of deck plate keys opens all deck caps on the market today, while the shackle tool releases even rusty pins. For the end of a long, enjoyable day on the water, there’s a bottle opener and a lanyard hole, just in case.

A serious tool engineered to last, the award-winning Snap Tool Multi-Key is manufactured from hardened 304 stainless steel. Stronger and thicker than similar products, it won’t corrode or break. It measures 2.75-inches W x 4.48-inches L, weighs a mere 2.8 oz. and sells for $13.99.

Davis Instruments,
3465 Diablo Ave.,
Hayward, CA 94545


Retractable Cleats Serve Both Mooring, Lifting Tasks

Whether used for tying up for the night or hauling for launch, cleats need to perform without fail. Retractable 209 Series Mooring Cleats from Accon Marine are made from marine-grade 316 stainless steel for extreme durability and can double as lifting hardware to preserve space.

The Accon 209 Series pull-up cleats offer the convenience and safety of recessing flush to the deck when not needed. They feature a sealed base with an integral drainage fitting, eliminating the need for a separate waterproofing cup and greatly simplifying installation. Each is shipped with a backing plate, which also serves as the cut-out template. These mooring cleats come in 4.5 and 6-inch sizes, as well as 8 and 10-inch.

To enable this versatile hardware to pull double-duty, Accon offers the 6 through 10-inch models as lifting cleats by adding a 12-inch long threaded rod shank, sling, cross bar and bow eye. The maximum working load is 4,000 pounds in the direction of the axis of the threaded rod shank only.

The Accon 209 Series Mooring Cleats range in price from $77.77 to $252.68. Lifting cleat versions with all hardware included cost $213.30 to $375.89, depending on the model.

Accon Marine,
13665 Automobile Blvd.,
Clearwater, FL 33762
727/572.9202 H

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