New Products - November 2015

Tips For Washing Boat's Waterline

Washing a waterline is an important part of keeping a vessel in top shape, especially if it stays in the water year round. Shurhold Industries offers the following simple steps to keep this area clean.

Before starting any scrubbing, owners must know what type of bottom paint they have, so they don't remove or damage it when cleaning. Users also don't want to employ any harsh chemicals that may hurt the environment.

When working from the dock or boat, owners will need a bucket filled with properly mixed boat soap, a Shurhold extension handle with a soft brush, medium brush, curved adapter and light-duty Swivel Scrubber.

Cleaning a small section at a time, the selected area should be rinsed first to soften and loosen the scum with the pressure from the hose. When scrubbing, owners must start with their softest tool and only move to stiffer brushes as needed. Shurhold's curved adapter helps reach those odd angles from both the dock and the boat.

For very soft ablative paints, owners should only use a gentle brush above the paint from side to side or use one-directional strokes down. Pulling up could bring soft paint onto the clean hull sides.

Some boaters find it best to clean the waterline from a small raft, kayak or even standing near a sand bar. In these situations, owners will need a spray bottle filled with properly mixed boat soap, soft brush, light duty scrub pad, Magic Eraser Sponge and suction cleat to hold on to something on the hull while scrubbing without pushing the boat away.


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Macerator Pump Eliminates Messes

Typical macerators allow waste spills during maintenance, but Raritan's macerator pump with wastewater valve is a direct replacement that eliminates these messes. It also allows users to remove the pump without disconnecting plumbing.

For maintenance, owners simply shut off the valve and remove two screws. The pump slides out without any spillage. It can be seen in action at

The Raritan Macerator Pump uses all stainless steel bolts to avoid corrosion problems. A spring-loaded Viton shaft seal is used to prevent premature leaks, while a proprietary rubber impeller compound allows a longer dry running time.

An optional Smart Macerator Control (SMC) monitors the motor and pump to prevent dry run and overload. It will shut down the pump if it doesn't prime in seven seconds, runs dry for five seconds or draws more than 20 amps. If power is not turned off to the control, it will jog the pump for a few milliseconds every seven days to prevent binding of the impeller.

Raritan's macerator pump has a price range of $235 to $310.


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New Air-Conditioning Series For Boats

 Webasto has introduced its new Thermo & Comfort North America's FCF Platinum air-conditioning series, which delivers many important design improvements.

The new air-conditioning range features two models: 12,000 and 16,000 BTU/h, both available in 115 or 230v. The FCF Platinum series features an improved slim footprint ideal for retrofitting existing units. It is engineered for a wide range of conditions, offering a higher BTU/h rating across a variety of ambient scenarios, while still providing unmatched product reliability and a two-year warranty.

“The FCF Platinum series introduces many important design improvements,” said David Wollard, Webasto Thermo & Comfort's director of marine division. “The long and slim footprint will make it a top choice in retrofits when an older air-conditioning unit is removed. In addition, it's an excellent alternative choice for boatbuilders alike.”

This air-conditioning line is designed and engineered to be long-lasting and withstand even the roughest marine conditions. These units have a marine-grade stainless steel frame built for durability, and feature a larger proprietary condenser for better water flow and improved performance in high-stress conditions.

FCF Platinum 12,000 and 16,000 BTU/h models come standard with a digital display, and feature low-cost replacement parts. The new series complements the existing line of FCF Classic and BlueCool air-conditioning systems.

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