New Products - November 2016

Raw To Freshwater Flush With The Touch Of A Button

Ooh... what′s that smell? Flushing a marine toilet with raw water saves onboard fresh water supplies, but it also draws organic materials into the boats septic system. When they die and decay, an offensive, rotten egg smell permeates the boat after a couple of days. Raritan Engineering′s innovative SeaFresh system lets users select between water sources with the touch of a button, eliminating the cause of the odor. It′s available on Raritan Atlantes Freedom, Marine Elegance, and SeaEra QC toilets.

With SeaFresh, users can choose whether to flush with onboard water or flush the toilet with seawater initially, and later rinse the hoses and toilet with freshwater. This not only conserves onboard water supplies, but removes the microorganisms trapped in the rim, hoses, and other inaccessible parts of the toilet that create noxious odors.

Engineered safe with built-in check valves, the system prevents raw water from contaminating the onboard water supply. An unobtrusive wall switch control mounts conveniently on a bulkhead or other flat surface, and fits any boat décor.

Adding the SeaFresh option to the cost of a new Raritan Atlantes Freedom, Marine Elegance, or SeaEra QC toilet starts at around $230. It is not currently available as a standalone product. For more information visit Raritan online at

Raritan Engineering
530 Orange Street

Millville, NJ 08332


Super Slim LED Lamps Deliver Wide, Bright Light

Winter is the perfect time of year for those little boat upgrade projects, and if you′re thinking about adding some light to your situation consider a couple of low-profile LED lights from Hella Marine. The next-generation DuraLED 50LP lamps provide increased output with a wider spread pattern in an ultra-low profile housing.

Extremely powerful, the DuraLED 50LP draws less than 10W, and is ideal for onboard areas where reliability and long service life cannot be compromised. The light is completely sealed to IP67 standards in an impact, vibration, shock and UV resistant housing. This makes it perfect for engine rooms, machinery spaces or any location where the occasional knock would otherwise disable an incandescent or fluorescent fixture. It carries ISO Ignition Protection approvals for use near flammable gas sources, and Multivolt technology circuit protection from 9-33V DC, even during severe voltage fluctuations.

The maintenance-free DuraLED 50LP features Hella Marine′s advanced optics to provide a wide spread of light without glare, and boats a an output of 850 lumens in two options, Spread and Wide Spread. Both simulate daylight with a color temperature of 5000K. Each lamp measures 8.74-inch L x 3.78-inch H x .98-inch D making it small and thin enough to fit into even the tightest spaces. Installation is easy with the surface mounted, pre-wired fixtures, and heavy nylon bushes eliminate potential stress on the housing.

The DuraLED 50 Low-Profile Lamp includes a five-year warranty, at a suggested retail price of $120 for either the Spread or Wide Spread model. For more information visit Hella Marine online at

Hella Marine Inc.
201 Kelly Drive
Peachtree City, GA 30269


MOB Alarm — An Investment In Safety

For all you singlehanded boaters and fishermen, think about what would happen if you fell overboard while underway... Now available from Emerald Marine Products, the ALERT2 Man-Overboard System for Singlehander or Solo Fisherman will provide you with an extra element of boating safety.

Even with crew onboard, alone in the cockpit or on deck at night, what would happen if you somehow went overboard? How would you alert the crew, and how would they locate you? The ALERT2 system overcomes many of the downfalls of AIS and EPIRB systems, most notably, an almost instantaneous alert time, providing crew the critical extra seconds needed for a successful man overboard rescue. The ALERT2 system consists of a water-activated radio transmitter that is easily attached to any PFD, which immediately transmits a unique 418 MHz signal upon immersion. A receiver fits aboard the boat, and howls like mad, illuminating a red “Man-Overboard” light when it receives the unique signal. The receiver also can be wired so it shuts down the engine, marks a position on a compatible GPS, sounds other alarms, and other options.

The AP102S system for singlehanders comes complete with one receiver and one transmitter, an 18 inch stainless steel antenna, 25 feet of coaxial cable, and mounting hardware. The transmitter comes with a spray-tight pouch that protects it from rain and sea spray, but allows it to activate if immersed in a fall overboard, and can be activated manually. The system also comes with a relay switch and wiring instructions so users can wire their boat engine to shut down in the event of a fall overboard. The ALERT2 receiver supports an unlimited number of transmitters.

The list price for the AP102S is $999. For more information visit Emerald Marine Products online at

Emerald Marine Products
6206 1st Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107
800-426-4201 H

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