New Products - October 2016

Launching Wheels Make Shoreline Dinghy Launches a Breeze

With the fall and winter cruising season quickly approaching many boaters will be heading for distant shores. And whether you are heading for the beaches of the Channel Islands, Mexico, or just visiting local anchorages a set of sturdy launching wheels always makes small boat and dinghy shore landings and launches easier.

Wheel-a-Weigh retractable launching wheels enable one person to easily and safely roll their dinghy and other small boats to the water and back while protecting the boat bottom and outboard motor. Available in Standard and Extra Duty models, the Wheel-a-Weigh from Davis Instruments install on the hard transom of most inflatable dinghies, and small fiberglass and aluminum boats. In the down, locked position, the tires will roll over both paved and unpaved shoreline terrain. Once launched, the wheels can be easily removed for storage or raised upright out of the water.

For loads up to 220 pounds, the Standard Wheel-a-Weigh features inflatable 10-inch tires with non-corrosive hubs, and #316 stainless steel frame, pivot brackets, and hardware, weighing only 9.3 pounds. The Extra Duty model will handle boats up to 330 pounds, and weighs-in at only 15.8 pounds per set. This model features 14-inch tires along with non-corrosive hubs and #316 stainless steel frame, brackets, and hardware. The curved frame design moves the point of balance forward to make boat transporting even easier. Installation is simple using common household tools, and requires only four small holes per bracket.

The Standard Wheel-a-Weigh retails for $169.99, and the Extra-Duty model for $259.99. For more information visit Davis Instruments on line at

Davis Instruments
3465 Diablo Avenue
Hayward, CA 92545


New Class 1 LED Beacon/Strobe Light

Whether you are cruising to distant shores or just boating local waters, the new Larson Electronics CL1B-MS-1224 LED Strobe Beacon can provide you and your boat with an extra element of safety and protection.

This low-voltage strobe beacon is equipped with a momentary toggle switch and a motion sensor. The switch located on the side of the unit allows operators to easily toggle through 30 strobe patterns, including four simulated rotating patterns. The C1B-MS-1224 is a compact, high-powered strobe light containing an LED assembly that produces 360 degrees of brilliant light in an optional color array (red, green, blue, amber, and white), visible at extended distances. The unit is equipped with an adjustable motion sensor, allowing the light to be activated by outside motion with a minimum detection range of 25-feet, which can provide users with an effective defense mechanism to avert unexpected visitors and potential assailants.

Unlike gas burning and arc type lamps, LEDs have no filaments or fragile glass housings to break during operation or transport. The light unit is constructed with a waterproof and shock proof housing, and a clear polycarbonate lens protecting the LED assembly. The beacon features a black powder coated, die cast base that contains a fully potted circuit board, which can be operated on a range of 12 to 24 volts DC, drawing 1.2 amps on a 12 volt electrical system.

The CL1B-MS-1224 Strobe Beacon retails for $407.86. For more information and to order visit Larson Electronics on line at

Larson Electronics, LLC
9419 E. U.S. Highway 175
Kemp, TX 75143


Walker Bay Launches New Generation 525 RIB

Walker Bay Boats has introduced a new 17-foot premium RIB that′s definitely a bit faster, fancier, and more fun than your typical inflatable dinghy. The new Generation 525 is the largest RIB in the Walker Boat lineup with all the bells and whistles to make it an ideal day boat, great for water sports, easy commuting along the waterfront, or a luxury tender for a mega yacht.

The Generation 525 is designed for a smooth ride utilizing an innovative manufacturing process resulting in superior handling and a strong hull built to last. Walker Bay incorporates a Polyurethane Composite Micro Stringer system in the floor for strength and lightness, along with a unique approach joining the hull and deck using a unidirectional glass and polyurethane grid bonding system that eliminates the air cavity found in other RIBs. The highest quality Hypalon® material is also used, with four layers of calendared sheets providing guaranteed air-tightness, and enhanced weather, chemical, and abrasion resistance.

This spacious 17-foot RIB has an 8 foot beam providing a roomy cockpit layout for up to 10 persons, and a flip up drivers bolster seat for extra room standing at the helm. The hydraulic tilt steering system gives quick and easy maneuverability at all speeds, and the 32 gallon fuel tank provides substantial cruising range. Other design features include four stainless steel pop-up cleats, five stainless steel cup holders, an insulated cooler in one of five easily accessible gear lockers, stylish teak steps and handrails in strategic locations, and comfy cushions on all seating. Options include a stainless steel retractable ski post, sunbed, boarding ladder, and 10 gallon fresh water shower on the transom.

The Generation 525 RIB has a base MSRP of $32,950, and may be ordered equipped with optional 90hp or 115hp Honda outboard motors. For information on this and other Walker Bay Boats visit

Walker Bay Boats, LLC
3555 Bay Street
Union Gap, WA 98903
888-315-1410 H

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