New Products - September 2016

New Hobie Kayak "Forward-Reverse" Propulsion System

Hobie's revolutionary MirageDrive pedal propulsion system for kayaks has evolved even further with the introduction of the new patent-pending Hobie "MirageDrive 180" forward-reverse propulsion system, which will be integrated into the 2017 Mirage kayak line available October 2016.

The "MirageDrive 180" produces full power in either direction, and fantastic maneuverability with a simple pull of a shift cable changing direction 180 degrees, from forward to reverse and back again, almost instantly. Imagine backing bass out of cover, safely fishing closer to obstructions, or fishing downstream while holding in current; hands-free propulsion in any direction means better control while snapping a picture or enjoying a snack and beverage without ever stopping.

Going into shallows and into shore are also much easier with the newly designed fins and pedal system. Use partial pedal strokes to "flutter" the fins or push one crank arm forward to easily fold both fins flat against the bottom of the hull. The new fins are even more durable with high strength nylon reinforcing the leading and trailing edges, and the "MirageDrive 180" installs and uninstalls in seconds thanks to the Click and Go Mounting System. Cleaning and maintenance is also simple requiring a quick rinse at the end of the day and an occasional spray of Hobie Multi-Lube.

The "MirageDrive 180" will be standard on all 2017 model year Mirage kayaks. It is also retrofitable to existing MirageDrive kayaks, and is expected to be available as a stand-alone accessory by mid-year 2017, with an MSRP of approximately $150.00 per unit. For more information about this dynamic new kayak propulsion system, visit

Hobie Cat Company

4925 Oceanside Blvd


Oceanside, CA 92056


"Yacht Protector" Boat Monitoring System

The Yacht Group vessel technology company has introduced a new, innovative, and easy to install boat monitoring system called Yacht Protector. Designed for a broad range of boat types and sizes, Yacht Protector is a smart security and geo-location system, able to monitor vessel location, environment, and essential onboard systems via smartphone, tablet, or computer from wherever you are.

Easy to install, this plug and play system requires no rewiring, cutting, or boat modification. Up to sixteen separate sensors can be strategically placed with hi-bond tape backing and connect wirelessly to a single core module. Monitoring systems include GPS/vessel location, cabin entry motion detection, bilge water detection, shore power connections, battery power levels, local weather conditions, and more. Its innovative, user-friendly web and mobile interface allows for extensive customization of system settings, including language, sensor names, avatars, alert thresholds, geo-fence settings, and alert contacts.

When user-defined system thresholds are triggered, up to four separate contacts are alerted automatically via smartphone app, and by SMS, email, and phone by the Yacht Protector monitoring call center. Authorized users can use a yacht key fob to silence alarms locally onboard. The systems built-in GPS will monitor the boat's location and notify contacts if the vessel moves beyond a pre-set geo-fence, an ideal feature for boats at anchor, on moorings, and for theft prevention. With broad North American and other regional coverage, the vessel position can be pinpointed in map or satellite view along with a complete history of movement.

The Yacht Protector system retails for $1,250.00, including a one-year subscription and two-year warranty, and comes with complete software, a core module, four sensors, and yacht key fob. Vessel insurance discounts may apply and help cover much of the cost of this system. For more information, visit

The Yacht Group

4545 Ponce De Leon Blvd.

Coral Gables, FL 33146


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