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December 2019

About The Bay - December 2019
I would like to personally welcome Daniel Witte as our new editor. Daniel joined us in a pinch and his willingness to jump in and lend a hand has been most appreciated. Especially since I must confess, I really don′t know how to write.     Read more.

Delta Rat Scrapbook - December 2019
Halloween is always a good time in the Delta. Literally, every yacht club or resort has a party on or around October 31st. Adam and Jule Farrow commandeered Joe Faso′s mansion for a big party. Guests were asked to bring beverages and food. The result was a feast of unimaginable magnitude. I′m confident that no one went hungry.     Read more.

Down The Rode - December 2019
26 - Jan 5 ? Pier 39 Tree Lighting Ceremonies, Pier 39 is spreading Holiday cheer on San Francisco′s Waterfront! The Pier is unwrapping a new nightly tree lighting experience on its 60-foot Christmas tree which will come to life at the top of each hour from 5-10 p.m., November 21, 2018 through January 1, 2019.     Read more.

A New Member - December 2019
With nearly the start of a New Year, I wanted to take the time to thank one of our staff and welcome another in a brief greeting to you all.     Read more.

Front Rudder - December 2019
It′s a sailing revolution! Why should the multihulls have all the fun? What began several years ago with some pretty “butt ugly” boats and designs, has evolved into plastic fantastical technological artistry, fueled by high speed and more than an element of life on the edge.     Read more.

Lessons Learned - December 2019
It seems that anytime a group of boaters gets together, one of the discussion topics is flag etiquette, and this was a topic at a recent dockside cigar and port gathering. There are several rules and regulations attached to the hoisting of flags on ships.     Read more.

Letters from You - December 2019
Here is a letter I received from Hal Schell Award winner Tracie Glaves. Her team is doing a fantastic job cleaning up the waterways in the Stockton area. It′s amazing what she has done along with her group of volunteers.     Read more.

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