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July 2019

About The Bay - July 2019
There are a lot of changes going on in our little corner of the world but here on the home front the daily routine continues as normal. I was out for my daily walk and stopped at the dumpsters to toss the garbage. I usually check the recycle area, sometimes treasures are to be found and sure enough, I was delighted to come across a rare Devil′s Stinkhorn mushroom growing up from the mulch.     Read more.

Delta Rat Scrapbook - July 2019
We enjoyed a great party at the SYC. This is the day they normally have their opening day parade on the Sacramento River but due to the high water caused by the recent rains and the amount of debris coming down the river the club decided to have a big party instead. It is also the 5th of May so what a better theme than Cinco de Mayo.     Read more.

Boat Review - July 2019
When asked if I could move a new and fully commissioned 60-foot yacht, currently berthed in Newport Beach and needing to be in San Francisco by next week, the answer is an immediate yes, let′s see what the weather looks like. Not only will I be relocating the vessel for the Richmond Boat show, but I will have a few days to experience the yacht′s capabilities for a future boat review.     Read more.

Front Rudder - July 2019
The summer season of sailing is just getting started and there is so much to talk about. I recently attended Tucker Thompson′s traveling American Magic roadshow which seems to be hitting almost every yacht club in America.     Read more.

New Products - July 2019
Whether at a private or municipal dock, boarding a boat can be difficult and often dangerous if the vessel deck is too high. Better Way Products Dock Steps range in size from 12- to 45-inches and make boarding safe and easy, especially when integrated rails are added. Each model is available with a locking access door that allows the steps to also function as a dock box.     Read more.

Down The Rode - July 2019
Friday & Saturday · Sunset Cruises, Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry. View the Bay & the SF skyline. Wine, soda & a variety of snacks for purchase onboard. Fri - Sat evening cruises continue through mid-Oct.     Read more.

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