August 2020

Delta Rat - August 2020
Terry is celebrating three quarters of a century on the earth this year. It is somewhat maddening as he could pass for 50, but it shows that he does live a full active life. His good friends, Thom and Wendy Foulks hosted a dinner party for him and some close friends at their beautiful waterfront home in Stockton.     Read more.

Down The Rode - August 2020
Friday & Saturday · Sunset Cruises, Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry. View the Bay & the SF skyline. Wine, soda & a variety of snacks for purchase onboard. Fri - Sat evening cruises continue through mid-Oct. Adults and seniors: $30, Children 6-12: $15. For information regarding times of departure and to make reservations call 415/435.2131 or visit Please Note that due to Covid restrictions on times and days may vary.     Read more.

Front Rudder - August 2020
Wow! Going into Fourth of July weekend, what started as a series of story updates on the current state of the wide, wide world of sailing and yachting, of course knowing me, the America′s Cup has turned into a full-fledged scandal that threatens all aspects of the AC 36 scheduled to begin in January 2021 in Auckland, New Zealand.     Read more.

Lessons Learned - August 2020
If you have an emergency on your vessel which communication device would you reach for first, your mobile phone or the VHF radio? In Feb 1999, the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention required all passenger ships to carry Digital Selective Calling (DSC) equipped radios,     Read more.

Letters from You - August 2020
Hi Pat,
Gary at Twin Rivers suggested you might be able to guide me to a solution to an issue that has come up. It appears to me that another boat by the same name as mine, Dream Weaver, has pirated my MMSI. It is probably inadvertent, but still not right.     Read more.

New Products - August 2020
Mercury Marine today announced full compatibility of all Mercury SmartCraft-capable engines with the new 1st Mate Safety and Security System.     Read more.

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