Delta Rat Scrapbook - June 2018

Stockton Yacht Club Opening Day

Twenty or so boats participated in the Stockton Yacht Club Opening Day Parade. The weather had been iffy for a few days and the morning of the parade it was cloudy but by the afternoon when the parade started it had turned into a beautiful day. The Sea Ray Club of Northern California cruised in for the weekend and participated in the parade. Don and Jorja Ivie spearheaded the event and did a great job coordinating everyone.

We mounted up at 1300, Sue and I were invited to join Ron and Joan Malmquist aboard their flagship Justavacation. The theme was Caesar’s Palace in ancient Rome, so togas were the uniform of the day. Some folks went all out and wore the full Roman regalia. Ronda Beasley seemed to be one of the ringleaders of this movement. After cruising down the Calaveras, the fleet assembled at Light 32 in front of Windmill Cove. Once all the boats were assembled they cruised in single file up to McLeod Lake and back. It was an awesome sight and a great kickoff for the boating season.

Afterwards we returned to the club. The Sea Ray Club pretty much packed the guest dock. The bar was open and presently we sat down to an excellent dinner. Awards were given out and the winners were:

Boat Decorations Awards:

34-feet and Under Most Outstanding - Auri Ana, Robert Willis of Ebony Boat Club and Stockton YC

Runner Up - Mea Culpa, Roger Beebe and Mickey Johnson of Stockton YC. 

35-feet and Over Most Outstanding - Final Final Jim Kopshever and Cathi Gibson of Stockton YC.

Runner Up - Splashdance, Paul and Carolyn Rioux of Stockton YC.

Best Crew - At Last, Randy and Linda Welch of Stockton YC.

Costume Awards:

Best Women’s costume - Karen Jackson, guest of Commodore Lucy.

Best Men’s costume - Donald Ivie of Stockton YC.

Best Couple’s costume - Linda Wilson and John Contreras of Stockton YC.

Most Out of the Box costume - Carolyn Rioux (Cleopatra) of Stockton YC.

Don and Jorja did an outstanding job on this event and it was an excellent kickoff for the boating season. I am sure the beautiful weather was an omen for the coming summer.


Stockton Yacht Club Car And Boat Show

Don’t forget the boat and car show at the Stockton Yacht Club on June 23. Randy Welch says, “We will be having a special show in remembrance of one of our co-founders, Tom Walsh, who passed away too soon this year. We hope to have his little red Corvette with his son TJ at the event. Also, the Delta Sport Boat Club plans to be at our event showing off what big horsepower on the Delta looks like! Corvettes, Panteras, Ferraris, Customs, Cars from the 1920’s and up, American Motors, Ramblers, race cars, you never know what will show up.” This is a great show and Randy is correct you never know what will show up; everything from Patti Brennan’s MG to the Welch’s supercharged Mustang. I will be there with my red horse. I am confident they will have some type of great barbeque lunch available too. It should be an all-around fun day on the shady banks of the Calaveras River.


Opening Day
On The Bay

Corinthian Yacht Club celebrated their 55th year of blessing the pleasure fleet offshore from their clubhouse. The God Squad assembled on Gerry and Karen Kamilos beautiful Trumpy yacht, Aurora V. We joined the club at 0800 hours on their deck for the service, flag raising and the blessing of the vessels in the harbor. It was an absolutely beautiful morning, warm and sunny with just a few clouds to add interest.

Commodore Trip Ames kicked things off and welcomed the 100 plus members and guests who were decked out in their blue blazers and white slacks or skirts. Next, a color guard of Boy Scouts from Troop Number 1 of Mill Valley marched in and raised the flag. Rosalind Carter sang a beautiful, moving version of the National Anthem which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Deacon Ed Cunningham performed the Invocation and then Father Constantine Efstathiu, Chaplain James Current (Captain, USN-Retired) and Cantor David Margules conducted worship services (the four of them collectively are called the God Squad).

After the opening ceremony we headed into the dining room for breakfast. Sue and I were honored to sit at a table with Jim and Bernadette Sweeney along with Jim and Donna Purvis (Donna is Commodore of the Marin Yacht Club), Aileen Hanne and Henrick Liisberg (Henrick is a noted local artist), and Harold and Ailene Calloway.

Once again Commodore Ames brought things to order and introduced guests including Coast Guard Sector San Francisco Commander, Captain Tony Ceraolo who attended with his beautiful wife. Gerry Kamilos was awarded an honorary membership for his help with the Opening Day festivities.

The buffet breakfast was outstanding (I am sorry Kim Haworth had to miss this one but I tried to eat enough for both of us). We are talking scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and melon, sausage, crisp bacon, pastries and then for the piece de la resistance a beautiful, mouthwatering roast beef. The chef even had an end cut for me. Coffee and juice were served at the tables. The dining room is as nice as any fine restaurant with better service and the view over the bay is stunning.

After breakfast we waddled out on the dock and boarded the blessing vessel, Aurora V, skippered by Gerry Kamilos and the beautiful Karen. We were accompanied by the God Squad, Captain Ceraolo and his wife, Gerry’s dad Nick, his uncle Danny and some of their friends Scott, Tonya, and Jack Kageta. I think Jack is in training to become a commodore. We were also joined by Pacific Interclub Yacht Association Commodore, Winston Bumpus and his lovely wife Carole.

We pulled out of the harbor and headed out several hundred yards where we anchored in about 12 feet of water. In no time, boats started coming by to be blessed. It was an eclectic fleet with everything from stand up paddle boards, Whitehall boats, sail and power yachts of every size, and Franklin Roosevelt’s yacht Potomac. The God Squad was kept busy for a few hours with boats lined up to be blessed. There was a little bit of roll caused by the boat wakes so those of us on the front deck were doing a little bit of a balancing act. Being part of this ceremony certainly made me feel blessed. During the few lulls in action I was able to join the folks in the cabin for some great snacks and fresh lemonade provided by Karen and Gerry.

After all the boats had been blessed we headed back to the club harbor and Sue and I were dropped off along with the God Squad. If we weren’t full from the great breakfast the hors d’oeuvres aboard Aurora V certainly topped things off. This was regretful as when we arrived back at the clubhouse they were cooking hamburgers out on the dock. They looked mouthwatering, roasting on the grill with plenty of fresh tomatoes, onions and other condiments. I would have loved to have one but I don’t think I could have had another bite to eat. Did I mention that the night before we found a great Thai restaurant in Mill Valley so I felt obligated to have a big dinner. Yes, you might conclude that when I am on the road I tend to eat a lot. My New Year’s resolution is to lose ten pounds… only fifteen to go.

After dropping us off Gerry and Karen with Aurora V headed over to the East Bay to hook up with the rest of the Classic Yacht Association. We headed back to Sacramento via land yacht so I could get a good night’s sleep before testifying at the Water Board on Monday morning. Special thanks go to the folks at the Corinthian Yacht Club for their hospitality and for putting on a stellar event.


Opening Day On The Delta, San Joaquin Yacht Club (SJYC) Version

Katie Senior checks in from the SJYC with this dispatch: Commodore Patricia Atkins of the San Joaquin Yacht Club thanks all for making the 68th Annual Opening Day a fantastic event on Saturday April 21st. “It was a gorgeous day and a fun, fun time! Thank you for all the help & support.” The theme this year was The Movies with Oscar Awards given for: Best Decorated (including a $100 Prize): James Wade & Crew - “Cars”, People’s Choice: Mike Kessler & Crew - “Forest Gump - Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.”, Commodores Choice: Joe Delucia & Crew - “Oz - There’s no place like Home.”

The boats were issued powerful blessings by Bethel Island’s Pastor Will Byrn with a prayer for each boat that passed by: “God please watch over us and wrap us in your arms bringing us wisdom and protection not only for this boating season, but also for the years ahead… Amen!” Pastor Byrn said “Great weather, awesome costumes and decorated boats. What an amazing community of caring and fun people we have on the island and surrounding cities.” SJYC thanks Bethel Island and the surrounding community. What a turnout, here were 17 to 20 boats in the parade with over 80 people on those boats as actors, crew and participants, along with many who came out to attend the Oscars. Past Commodore Roy Hope (1984) presided as Grand Marshall. The San Joaquin Yacht Club appreciated the cheers from the Islanders on the levees and at Rusty Porthole Marina, Sugar Barge, Emerald Point Marina, Bethel Harbor, Caliente Harbor, Delta Boat Works, Marine Emporium Boat Works and Delta enthusiasts. The shenanigans continued at the club with the fantastically awesome, toe tapping music of The Business Band.


Marina West Yacht Club

We attended the Delta Chambers mixer at Marina West. This is always a great place to visit, Tina Tremain and the galley crew can put together some excellent hors d’oeuvres and this evening was no exception. We dined on pizza, sliders, fresh fruit and cookies. Naturally the bar was open and Mary Gereano was running things. There was a drawing for valuable prizes and Cass Gimbert who seems to win hats every time we have one once again was the winner. I figured that he could not continue his winning streak so I put my own hat up as a prize and he won. I should have expected this but at least my hat went to a good person.

The club has a full schedule this year and recently the Sportsmen Yacht Club cruised in with Fleet Captain Rick Barton leading the fleet. Bill Moore said they had a great time and invited Marina West to visit Sportsmen’s new guest dock.


Water War Update

I am sure you have heard by now that board of directors of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has voted to have their ratepayers chip in $11 billion to help finance the twin tunnel/WaterFix plan to divert the Sacramento River around the Delta. This is the official opening salvo of the water war. Metropolitan general manager, Jeff Kightlinger, is quoted as saying the WaterFix will cost an individual rate payer “About a tall latte one time a month.” Personally I don’t drink lattes, so I don’t know what they cost but I assume they are more than a cup of black coffee and it probably varies with where you buy them. I think a lot of Metropolitan ratepayers probably do not drink lattes either. Perhaps a better analogy would be that it would cost each ratepayer a gallon of gasoline for Jeffrey Kightlinger’s Mercedes each day.

This process has been going on for twelve or so years now and the state has expended somewhere between 250 million and 750 million taxpayer dollars on a project just in the planning stages. It is hard to come up with a complete figure because of the secrecy surrounding the project and the number of people that seem to migrate back and forth from the Department of Water Resources (DWR) to the water exporters. For instance, Karla Nemeth the recently appointed director of the DWR was working for Metropolitan from 2009 to 2014 (according to public record request documents obtained by Restore the Delta), her husband Tom Philp a former employee of the The Sacramento Bee newspaper also works for Metropolitan (in their Sacramento office).

According to Barbara Barrigan Parilla, the Executive Director of Restore the Delta, “The Department of Water Resources has functioned for the last ten years as a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Water District with all functions centered on construction of the boondoggle Delta tunnels. This appointment reaffirms that DWR, the state’s managing entity for the entire state’s water resources, is held captive by the outsized influence of Metropolitan Water District of Southern California…”

Assembly member Jim Frazier introduced a bill to defund the Delta Stewardship Council (many folks refer to it as the Screwardship Council). It was conceived in part to, “provide the best possible unbiased scientific information to inform water and environmental decision making in the Delta.” That has never happened as Assemblymember Frazier says the council is a rubber stamp for the Metropolitan Water District. The council is a $27 million per year boondoggle that has accomplished nothing in several years of existence. No matter what you think of the WaterFix why would you not want to save California’s taxpayers millions of dollars. The legislation got nowhere at the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee. Some of the cowards did not show up to the meeting and others voted no on the legislation so they could continue to squander your money. The no votes were, Chair Eduardo Garcia, Frank Bigelow, Steven S. Choi, Matthew Harper, Mark Levine and Rudy Salas. Abstaining from the vote were, James Gallagher, Wendy Carrillo, Kansan Chu, Laura Friedman, Todd Gloria, Ash Kalra, Blanca E. Rubio and Jim Wood. Not one person voted to stop the boondoggle.

I can understand people supporting a position but when you have $27 million per year literally being flushed down the drain by a bunch of fat cats whose only goal is to export more water from the Delta that goes too far. As Assembly member Frazier says, “The Delta Stewardship Council is a major threat to the Delta.”

The great Satan in all this, naturally, is the California Natural Resources Agency under the leadership of John Laird. Laird has been relentless in his attacks on the Delta and its people over the last several years.

This year California will be choosing a new governor. The voters and taxpayers deserve to know where the candidates stand on the idea of diverting the Sacramento River around the Delta. Are they stooges for the water exporters or do they represent the people of California? Be sure to ask them.

In case you forgot, never in human history has a project like this not destroyed the parent waterway. If the WaterFix tunnels are built, the Delta and many of its towns will be destroyed and most of California’s water will be controlled by a small group of water barons with seven figure compensation packages. For instance, the WaterFix documents propose giant construction sites virtually surrounding the town of Hood. The DWR is proposing that most of the construction will take place during the summer boating season, the peak time that the Delta will be in use by those seeking relaxation and tranquility. 



HydroHoist Boat Lifts is seeking new dealers for several markets throughout the United States and internationally. HydroHoist is the market originator of the pneumatic boat lift and continually produces innovative products for the boating industry. “Our dealer network is by far the best in the industry,” said HydroHoist Marine Group CEO Mick Webber. “We are fortunate to have more than 500 dealers across the world - each one plays a special role in our success.”

For more than 50 years, HydroHoist Boat Lifts has produced the latest in boat, personal watercraft, and dock protection. HydroHoist is the oldest and largest hydro-pneumatic boatlift manufacturer in the world.

In addition to their primary product, the UltraLift Series of boat lifts, HydroHoist manufactures the HydroPort Extreme which is the industry’s most-awarded PWC docking platform as well as boat and dock protection components

Protection for ones boat from dock entry to exit is the motto for HydroHoist, which owns five patents relating to boat-lift technology and electric power pedestals and has International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications for its manufacturing processes. “We are proud to lead the industry with a full-time design engineering department that ensures we provide innovation and feature-rich products for our dealers to offer their customers,” said Webber.

HydroHoist Dealers receive a structured on-boarding process that includes certification schools, resources, and introductions to other dealers in the network. “We have several dealers who have been with us for 25 and 30+ years and they are a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Additionally, we have several new dealers who have quickly become successful and offer new insight to our network.”

HydroHoist is committed to vetting potential dealers to ensure they will be good partners for the company and for the past 10 years have utilized a dealer council made up of a diverse group of dealers who provide feedback on products, installation and service. This cultivates a sense of partnership and proves to be a great resource for all HydroHoist dealers.

According to HydroHoist Business Development Manager Cale Grauer, “We look for many different types of dealers to represent our product, from boat dealers and marinas, to large dock builders and marine construction companies. We have unique dealer programs to fit each type of business.” The HydroHoist dealer network has access to yearly training schools, marketing and sales techniques from full-time, in-house professionals, installation and assembly schools available to dealers and their installers, and networking opportunities throughout the year. “We look for dealers who pride themselves in their workmanship and the ability to take care of their customer’s needs. With our innovation and diverse product offerings, we are proud to offer a solution for almost every application, as well as exceptional support for our dealer network,” Grauer said.

The HydroHoist philosophy is to treat their customers as they would a family friend. “We want our customers, which absolutely includes our dealer network, to feel that we are helping to protect their investment, whether that’s a boat, a PWC, a dock, or a marina,” Webber said. “I take great interest in each of the dealers we sign on which stems from the fact that my first job out of college in 1985 was building a dealer network for HydroHoist. It’s personal for me.”

If you are interested in becoming a HydroHoist dealer contact and see what the requirements are. HydroHoist is a great product that will pay for itself within a couple of years by reducing the maintenance on your boat. It will help maintain the resale value too. My daughter and her husband had a HydroHoist for their runabout and it was worth its weight in gold by keeping the boat out of the water when not in use.


Eight Bells

One of my best friends, Judy Dretzka, has crossed over the bar. She suffered from cancer for several years. Judy and Ken Dretzka were mainstays in the Marina West Yacht Club for years. Sue and I cruised with them in a few lighted Christmas parades. Judy made a great Mrs. Santa Claus. She was a kind and loving family person. She always had a smile and loved to joke around about anything. I can’t remember how it started but early on when I met her she had a flask and every time we saw each other we would try to somehow outdo one another with the most interesting or the biggest flask. The net result is now I have a drawer full of flasks. I have enough that if I filled them all they would last me all boating season. We will all miss Judy and we will always carry the memory of this wonderful person with us.


Irish Pennants

Summer is here and it will be spectacular. Don’t forget that Barron Hilton’s fireworks display is scheduled to take place after sunset on Thursday, July 4th at Venice Island this year.

I am still going to bars and restaurants and can’t get served a drink. Look, some of you could be making a lot more money if you trained your servers to hustle and always keep patrons glasses filled.

Julio Camberos reports that the new restaurant at Tower Park is open for business. They are hosting the July 11 Delta Chambers mixer where the 2018 Hal Schell award will be presented.

The Tiki Grill is now open at Tiki Lagoon. The June Delta Chambers mixer will be there on June 13 at 1800 hours. This will be the grand opening and ribbon cutting and the Delta Protection Commission will be announcing their “Best of the Delta” awards too. Do not miss this event!

Nancy Immekeppel reports that her husband Pat Bradley recently acquired his pilot’s license after much work and study at the Rio Vista airport. I look forward to receiving some great photos from them.

Every year I get calls from people that want to cruise their boat up the Sacramento Deep Water Channel and then down the Sacramento River using the lock in West Sacramento. The only problem is that the lock has been silted in for 20 years or so and there is no passage between the two waterways. There are still plenty of old maps floating around which brings up another point. If you are not familiar with navigating the Delta, you need NOAA charts 18661 and 18662, these are updated periodically and corrections are made. Electronic devices are great but personally I like paper charts you can draw on and the whole crew can gather around one and discuss possibilities.

Streets in many California cities are overrun with bums and dope fiends. Now they are moving onto derelict boats and living on them until they sink and cause problems for other people. I heard recently that a local yacht club encountered a fellow living on a boat who did not want them anchoring near him and fired a flare gun. The flare hit a person in the face but luckily did not do too much damage and he did not lose an eye. In the old days this would be considered assault with a deadly weapon and the perpetrator would be arrested and held for prosecution. Now, you are lucky if law enforcement even responds. Certainly, none of these people have or use any sanitation devices on their boats so they are also dumping raw sewage into our waterways. The lower American River in the city of Sacramento has a high level of e-coli bacteria, this is mostly caused by the hundreds of bums that live in the forests along the river and use it as their toilet. Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg worked for Metropolitan Water District before he was elected mayor. You would think he would have a vested interest in keeping the water clean. At some point our government officials are going to have to start addressing these problems before our civilization descends into chaos, these problems will not fix themselves.

The Stephens Yacht Rendezvous will be at Village West Marina this year on August 3, 4 and 5 the same weekend as the Taste of the Delta. If you own a Stephens or other classic yacht and want to attend call or email me.

Don’t forget the 17th annual Taste of the Delta at Village West Marina on August 4th. This one should be the best ever. The Delta Chamber will be having craft beer tasting along with the wine and food tasting. Live music will be provided by Tressa Gaye and friends.

Marc Bay, the noted yacht broker, is offering to donate a percentage of his commissions to support the Make a Wish Foundation. You can contact him at Marc also advises me that SMG management which manages several downtown Stockton venues is taking over management of the Stockton Downtown Marina. I think that will be a good thing as they are already familiar with the area.

Gene Beley found this quote which I think I will make my motto, “In the harsh marine environment, something is always in need of repair. Margaritas fix everything.”

Linda Korth has advised me that the Tong Gallery in Walnut Grove is now open for the summer season.

We close with a photo of JOIE, the latest addition to Rusty Areias’ Stephens collection. She is a beauty.

I am always available at 916/869.9141 or commodore H

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