Letters from You - April 2019

Dear Editor Leslie,

Recently Beverly and I visited Lahaina, Maui, HI. It was a particularly nice day, as it usually is, and we decided the backdrop of the Pioneer Inn would be a great shot to display our copy of the February 2019 edition of the Bay & Delta Yachtsman. A bit of the Bay and Delta spread in the tropics.

Bob and Beverly Cain

Bob and Beverly,

Thank you so much for sharing our publication in the tropics. We love seeing all the unique locations our readership visits and that you would take a few minutes to share your precious vacation time is a compliment. I am sure the shorts were a big hit as well.


Hi Capt. Pat,

Tugzilla here. I thoroughly enjoy as a longtime follower of your articles in the Bay & Delta Yachtsman.

Now that Pam and I are retired, I figured it is time to take a more active role in supporting those who make our boating lives more interesting.

Attached is a photo I took of some interesting jack stands. Granted the boat is upright; but this photo was taken six days ago before all the wind and rain. Not only are 4x6 posts nonadjustable, the pair are scabbed together with plywood and nails. Three stands are placed directly on the ground without means to prevent sinking into soft (wet) soil and there are no safety chains to prevent them from lateral movement. 

Thought you might be interested in using this example for your “Is It Right Or Is It wrong” article. 

Vince Meyer 
Rio Vista CA 


Great hearing from you, it has been a while and congratulations on the retirement. I walk past Tugzilla regularly when on the docks at Delta Marina and she always looks good.

You are absolutely correct that using non-adjustable and unsupported stands is poor practice and it is dangerous. The boat can slip off the stands at any time and not only damage the vessel but cause injury if someone happened to be in the wrong place.

Of all the yards that I have had dealings with over the years I have never seen this. For more on improper use of vessel supports see the next letter and photo.

Thank you for sharing. I will definitely use the photo in the next “Is It Right Or Is It Wrong” installment.



I thought you might possibly want to consider the photos of this boat I recently witnessed. The question: does a tree stump placed under the keel of an old wood boat for support on the hard seem like a good idea? Can you spell dry rot?

Two weeks ago, I saw this boat afloat and moored. At least it didn’t sink!

Jim Marshall
Pacific Yacht Imports
Ox Bow Yacht Club


Thank you for sending this perfect example of how not to set a boat. It would be interesting to see what the insurance claims investigator has to say. Was the damage caused by improper support or was the keel already so rotted that no matter how the boat was supported it was going to fail?

In any case, poor decision making.



I would love to bring my yacht down from Stockton to see some 60-mph racing action! I have to lift the boat out and straighten props before I do. Man, May is going to happen real quick!

Are there any other races or attractions on the Bay this summer?

Bruce Bennett


Thank you for your note and for reading Bay & Delta Yachtsman magazine! Good luck in getting the props on your boat repaired. The SailGP event will be on May 4th and 5th. That is the first weekend in May and the boats will arrive 2 weeks in advance to practice. There will be plenty of opportunity to watch all the boats on the water. The SailGP Class which is a modification of the AC 50 America’s Cup Class which raced in Bermuda in 2017. They won’t quite hit 60 mph, but the catamarans, given the right conditions, should reach 50 knots which is insanely fast!

The highlight for sailing on San Francisco Bay as it is every year will be the Rolex Big Boat Series which is hosted by the St Francis Yacht Club and runs from September 12th through the 15th. The PAC 52 Class NA Championship will be on September 27-29, followed by the U.S. Match Racing Championships on October 3rd thru 6th hosted again by St Francis. Every weekend many of the yacht clubs that surround the greater Bay Area host racing events throughout the summer so there is always incredible action to watch and follow!

Cheers again,
Mark Reid


I am looking for some guidance on the best method to get information to you and your fellow contributors. I have had assurance that a photo of Lenora Clark, Winston Bumpas and myself was sent to you to go along with other materials. Wondering if you have received it or if I am not getting it to the correct destination.

Russ Robinson


Thanks for the note. I have gone through all my emails and can’t find it. If you know who sent it and or when it would simplify things dramatically. I receive about 100 emails a day and do my best to go through them all, that is why it is important to make sure you identify exactly what they are. It never hurts to give me a call on the phone and tell me that you sent it, that is why I publish my phone number in the magazine each month.

This is a good time to review as the boating season is approaching! I try to use as many of readers photos as possible, they must be at least 300 DPI, in focus and interesting to the readers.

Cell phone photos basically do not work because of the low resolution and many use a plastic lens. If you send me a photo, make sure I know it is coming by calling or emailing. When I receive a photo, I acknowledge receipt. I don’t use photos copied from the internet or any image where ownership is in doubt, we must have specific permission to use them.

Also please keep in mind we work about a month in advance this is the April issue and the deadline was early March.  

Best regards, 
Bill H

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