Letters from You - August 2019

Editor Leslie,

I just had to share this picture of Fred Ramos. It was taken aboard his boat Mia Nora while anchored at Mildred Island with friends from the Stockton Yacht Club. Fred said he always smiles when he reads the Bay & Delta Yachtsman magazine.

Best regards,
Bob Cain


Thank you for sharing this great photo. I am sure it will make our readers smile as I certainly did.

Happy boating,

Hi Bill,

Always enjoy your column, however – in the June issue of the Bay and Delta Yachtsman, you start right out with “reservatioins for Sue and I”. “Rreservations for Sue and me” would have been correct. On page 18, you repeat with “gave Sue and I each an orchid lei.”

I was in grade school, I was taught that and easy way to tell whether to use “I” or “me” is to drop the first part of the sentence and then see how it reads, i.e., “reservations for me,” or, “gave me an orchid lei.”

Forgive me for being an old codger. I have no business correcting anybody′s English! I′ve been a Delta fan for over 50 years, owned a houseboat for 40 or those years and still own a ski boat. Planning to visit the B&W in August. I love the Delta! Truly a hidden gem we must protect!

Carl Cottrell


Thanks for the tip Carl, I put it on a yellow sticky on my computer screen. This might be a good time to review how I create my piece every month.

I start it in the style of Alexandre Dumas and don′t put in any capitalization or punctuation. Then I run it through a commercial aftermarket spelling and grammar checker which does a pretty good job. Then I give it to my wife who was a schoolteacher for 40 years and she finds the more subtle errors. From there it goes to the editorial board at the magazine, they make sure I am not libeling anyone or committing any crimes.

After all those steps sometimes, things still slip through. Please keep reading. Congratulations on 50 years of boating in the Delta! Maybe I will see you at B&W.


Editor′s Note:

Carl, our contributors write for the Bay and Delta Yachtsman not for the big bucks, but for the love of being part of a magazine that promotes what we all love, the Bay, Delta and boating. We are not professional writers, contributors and editors. This work is not our day job! This work is done late at night, on weekends, early mornings and, as I write this, a 4th of July holiday. Written contribution and editing are just a part of the effort spent by our team. We all attend social, political and civic events, not to mention in and out of state travel and hours of internet and in person research to provide the fodder for our content, all on our own time. While we strive for accuracy with our content, we do have our occasional slip ups. As editor, I fully accept final responsibility. Having said that, I will point out that each of our contributors have their own unique writing style, flair and a following that expects to read material as the author had intended. Therefore, there are times that I purposely do not correct errors of grammar or sentence structure as to not change the flavor or personal style of the piece. Blatant misspellings, formatting errors and flow structure I do make a valiant effort to correct or rework without compromising my authors′ intent. Therefore, I ask forgiveness and understanding when I miss errors and an open mind to personal style and creativity; and in a nod toward humor, you will note that I did not correct your two misspellings of the word reservations and a word left out in paragraph 2.

Thank you for your readership and for your letter. We love letters!

Leslie H

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