Letters from You - December 2018

Captain Pat,

A group of friends and I recently enjoyed an adult beverage at one of the Delta′s waterside establishments and a conversation ensued regarding the various shapes and types of boats and their boat type names.

As an avid Bay & Delta Yachtsman reader, I recalled you had written an article sometime back on different boat types and the benefits and advantages of some versus others depending upon the use the boat owner had in mind for the vessel. I would like to share it with my inquisitive friends as I cannot recall all the nuances. Could you please provide a link for this particular article, better yet send me a copy of the magazine?

Thank you very much and please continue the good work on Lessons Learned. Your stories have prevented a few missteps for this boat handler!

Kelly Carlson
Napa, CA



Thank you for being an “avid Bay & Delta Yachtsman reader” and taking the time to email me. The article that you refer to was titled “What′s In a Name” and was published in the December 2017 issue. I took a lighthearted look at the various types of power boats and the names that the marketing folks have come up with to differentiate their offerings. Having just returned from the Fort Lauderdale boat show I have several new styles to add. My favorite is the new “Center Console with Big Ass Engine.” You can find the web article here: http://yachtsmanmagazine.com/articles/lesson_dec2017.html

I will email you the pdf of the printed article.



Hi Ty,

My name is Craig Schwartz and I just read your response to my letter to Pat Carson about my new Sea Ray in my old dock back in Alex Bay. What a great story about you considering my old Baja. Thanks so much for sharing that with me. I′ll be keeping that copy of the Bay & Delta Yachtsman forever. Still can′t believe I′m on 2 pages in one of my favorite magazines. I feel honored!

The 290 Baja was a great boat, and the new owner, Dave, is in love with her which makes me feel really good. He and his son are enjoying the hell out of it. I couldn′t be happier for them both.

Ah, Tommy Tate. He′s one of the guys on my favorite people list, which by the way, is a pretty short list! One of my old buddies called people like him a jewel. He certainly is that. Let me tell you a short story of what he did for us at the Lair for no apparent reason.

My wife Barb and I went to Pirates Lair in 09 and resided on G dock for a few years. I noticed a slip on I dock opened up and we made the move. I always thought having boats on only one side in there was cool and you had more room in front of the boat.

We stayed there for a few years and were very happy. One day, Tommy walks out my dock and asks if he can talk to me. I was taken aback a little as I followed him off my dock. I thought he was going to turn right and go out to the parking lot to talk, but he turned left and walked down to the end of the dock. There was an old Tollycraft cruiser in there and I, and most people, had always thought that was the best dock in the marina. The slip was only 30 ft and that left a huge area like a deck behind the boat. It was so cool; there was room for chairs and a table, and with the screen window, when the tide was up there was a beautiful view. I was thinking “why did Tommy bring me down here to talk to me?” So he says “this guy is going to be selling his boat over at Tower Park and if you want it, I′d like you to have this dock.” I just looked at him. We weren′t close friends by any means. We knew each other, but had not yet become good friends. I couldn′t believe he would do something like this for me. So I asked him, and he said “well, you and Barb are really good people, and I think you′d be a good fit here.” What a gift he gave us. Oh, and the kicker was, I was currently in a 34-foot slip so moving to the best seat in the house, my monthly dockage bill actually went down!

Tommy and I got a little closer in the ensuing years and I′ve come to realize the many acts of kindness he′s done for countless people. He certainly is a jewel whom I will never forget.

So, thanks again, Ty, for responding to me. We plan to spend a couple months a year back in NY, but will still reside here in Folsom for the rest of the year. I′ll continue to come down to the Lair and see people like Tommy and Dee, the best cook on the Delta, in the Lair Cafe for breakfast or lunch and pick up my monthly Bay & Delta Yachtsman.

Keep up the great work on the magazine. It′s a worthy addition to our Delta.



Hello Craig,

Thank you for the reply but more so thank you for the continued support to Bay & Delta Yachtsman. I have enjoyed being a part of the publication for what seems to be forever now and although there are many things that remind me why I love it, there is no greater than hearing from those that truly appreciate the publication.

One of those loves of being involved is, of course, all the great people I have come in contact with over the years and must agree that Tiki Tom Tate surely tops the list. His kindness and willingness to go out of his way to please are unmatched and I am grateful that he calls me a friend. I have already heard from Dave as well Craig and we talked in length about your (his), Baja and I think he is going to enjoy many years with it. Being a multiple Baja owner myself we discussed a few items that Baja is notorious for that most are unaware of. Dave assured me that during his spring service he is going to have things checked out but regardless both of us agreed that he has a real beauty of a vessel in your old boat. The slip story is a great addition and just like Tom to be thinking of others. I too noticed that the slip is for sure the cherry on top of an already great deal Dave received.

I hope to one day meet you both in person and I feel confident that, should we all be there at Korth′s at the same time, Tom will go out of his way to make sure we are introduced. I look forward to that day.

Best regards,


Editor, Bay & Delta Yachtsman,

One cannot thank your columnist Bill Wells, and the Bay & Delta Yachtsman enough for keeping us well informed on the happenings of the Water Fix aka Water Fraud. Sacramento wants to give the gift of Northern California water to Southern California. This involves two massive 40-foot diameter tunnels to take water from the Sacramento River and send it South through a 35-mile long tunnel under the Delta. The negative effects on everything from economics to flora and fauna, and certainly to boating will be severe if this project goes though.

Many may not realize that this plan has been on-going for many years and the state has already invested several hundred million tax dollars into the project. Mr. Wells estimated that the massive plan itself would take 68 reams of paper just to print! Recent activity shows that the project is still moving forward.

While the state estimates the cost of about $17 billion dollars and an 11 year completion timetable, knowledgeable people feel that $50 billion is more realistic with a minimum time of 20 years. Among a host of issues, the projected route goes right through a host of known gas wells. It could easily be asked, “What could possibly go wrong?”

While it is frequently stated that Southern California water agencies will pay for the project, this is another falsehood. Representative John Garamendi has pointed out that the Delta Conveyance Finance Authority has already applied for a $9.8 billion dollar loan from the federal government. He has filed an objection stating the application is riddled with inaccuracies and overstates any project benefits.

Further, President Trump very recently declared that the western waters will now have a streamlined application process for dams and canals that send water to California agricultural interests. This could greatly minimize any environmental laws applying to the Delta waters. It could also affect how various federal agencies react.

Thus, we must all remain vigilant and oppose this project in every possible way. The plan continues to go forward and we must not let down our guard for our precious Delta. After all, a plan that would take 68 reams of paper to print must have powerful backers and must be closely followed.

WWW.RESTORETHEDELTA.ORG is another good source of information. They also have signs and take donations.

We must commend the Bay & Delta Yachtsman and particularly Bill Wells, Yachtsman columnist and Executive Director of the California Delta Chamber & Visitors Bureau. However, we must follow up by contacting local, state and federal and officials and let them know of your opposition to the Water Fraud.

Armand Seguin
U.S. Coast Guard Master
Vallejo, CA



Thank you so much for the great letter and kind remarks. Yes, this project can never be allowed to come to fruition. It is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the good people of California. This will be a $100 billion dollar boondoggle paid for by the taxpayers that creates no new water and will destroy the California Delta in the process. A lot of good folks have been battling this scheme for over a decade and I am confident that we will eventually prevail. Of course, the $750 million that has already been wasted on it is money flushed out to sea. By the time you read this we will have a new governor and hopefully he will put an end to this disastrous plan, if not we keep fighting.

Best regards,


Good Morning Bill,

I hope this finds you well. 

I am super proud and excited to say San Joaquin Yacht Club has reached our Goal of raising $500,000 for MOW in these 30 years of support.

It has taken not just the YC but our whole community to make this happen! Tomorrow night at our Annual Meeting we will be issuing our check to MOW and with money raised and pledges I obtained this week, we have met our $33,400 goal for this YEAR!

Shhhhh... no one knows yet until tomorrow night!

Take care,
Patricia Atkins, GIA GG
San Joaquin Yacht Club


Hi Patricia,

That is excellent. You folks have done a great job raising money and serving the community. The San Joaquin Yacht Club has helped a lot of people over the years and I know they are appreciative. I did not realize that you folks have been supporting meals on wheels for 30 years. You are reading this in December so hopefully it is no longer a secret!  

PS. Yes I am fine, looking forward to another fabulous year on the Delta.



Hello Kim,

I read your column last month and I forgot to email you until my Bay & Delta Yachtsman came this month.

Please never go swimming in or around a marina. The stray electrical current from improperly or accidentally misconnected boats could incapacitate and kill you. It paralyzes your muscles, but you might be able to yell for help and then someone would jump in to rescue you and now there are two victims. I believe fellow Bay & Delta Yachtsman contributor, Pat Carson, has written about this subject before.

The Sacramento Yacht Club, at one time, had a demonstration model of stray current. The club may still have the model and it is very interesting!

Anyway, enjoy this time of year, it certainly is one of our favorites.

Jerry and Colleen Prola


Dear Jerry and Colleen,

Thank you so very much for the stern warning! I had no idea about stray current being so dangerous. You may have saved a life or two by taking the time to write.



Editor′s Note: Pat Carson did, indeed, write on this very important yet overlooked subject in an article entitled “Shore Power.” See the Bay & Delta Yachtman, June 2018 issue.

Leslie H

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