Letters from You - February 2019

Dear Publisher,

A thank you to Bill Wells for writing and to Ty Mellott for publishing the language of Coequal Goals.

Living on the Delta for nearly twenty years, I have made many friends. It is a friendly place. We all want to protect it.

The unique Delta community has a feel that is seldom reproduced. Living on the bridge between civilization and wilderness is a special experience not understood in the urban and suburban experience.

Small island communities occasionally overlap in the eating, drinking and boating experience. Out on the water, at Mandeville Tip, the many communities of locals and Delta yacht owners merge in an encampment unlike any other anywhere on the Fourth of July.

Our recreation industry and lifestyle join with the impressive importance of the rich Delta agricultural industry in demanding equity!

The co-equal goal of supplying water to almond growers on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley is not enhanced by a project that fails to tap, store or substantially protect the water shared by us all.

The biggest danger, aside from the economic burden to California taxpayers, is the pollution that will drain freely from the San Joaquin farms. Fertilizer and herbicide residues join the selenium and salt already being added to the water on which we live and that which the contractors export.

The only substantial value added by the multi-billion-dollar project is that the farms to the south will no longer be drinking their own pee! They will be peeing in our pool.

I support the elected representatives to whom I convey this message. Please listen to Dino Cortopassi on the value of Delta farming, the budget watchdogs of the University of the Pacific and Bill Wells, who is the regularly published voice of all of us all who know and love the unique environment of the Delta wilderness.

Jack Hanna,
Bethel Island


Thank you for the letter. I agree the Delta is certainly a unique place and needs protection and thank you for doing your part. You have been involved in this water war since the beginning. We certainly are living on the bridge between civilization and wilderness and we cannot allow the water exporters to turn the Delta into a stagnant backwater like they are planning to do.

This giant $100 billion money grab will be a financial legacy hung around the necks of coming generations of Californians. I think Bill is correct when he calls the WaterFix the WaterFraud. Instead of re-allocating existing water supplies like this project does, we need to create new fresh water to be able to handle California′s growing population. So far ocean desalination seems to be the most practical and cost-effective way of doing this. Dino Cortopassi, Jeff Michaels (UOP), and Bill along with many others including yourself have fought hard to expose the truth about how the WaterFix will destroy the Delta. Hopefully, our new governor will take a hard look at this project and stop it before it goes any further.

Keep the photos coming. It was good to see you at the Rusty Porthole Frozen Bun Run and best wishes for having a great 2019.

Ty H

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