Letters from You - June 2018

Hi Kim,

My name is Aletia Sexton. I am a member of the Marin Yacht Club. Captain Kim and Sweetie have many fans here. Our club would like to invite you and Sweetie to one of our events. We would love to show both of you around our 23 acre island. We know you are very busy but maybe you can make time to visit us soon. Our Fathers Day Barbecue is our next event and if you and your family are free we would love to see you. If not, we have events all through the year.

Please let me know if visiting us is something you would like to do. We hope so. We are always excited to show off our club. Hope to hear from you soon.

Aletia Sexton


Dearest Aletia,

Thank you for the promotion to Captain, Sweetie will be surprised. Your invitation is gratefully received, thank you. We have attended the Father’s Day event at the Marin Yacht Club and had a wonderful time. It is quite a party with a Concourse of both boats and automobiles as I recall. I will give you a jingle when we are next up that way and thanks for thinking of us. Hopefully my painting project will be complete so I don’t have to hang my head in shame.

Thanks for taking time to write!



I have a 31-foot sailboat at Brannan’s Island Time Marina (Bruno’s Island) and there is a guy there in charge of recreating an authentic pirate ship. He said he is backed by Disney for television purpose etc., and he is pouring a lot of money into it to make it authentic including cannon shooting black powder. The purpose of the vessel is to take veterans with PTSD, drug problems, etc., on 58 day trips in the South Pacific and Caribbean. When they step on board he will provide authentic pirate attire which they will wear entire time. He will teach them to hand, fist, steer, and navigate Pirate fashion. On the last three days he will land them on an island to dig up (pre-planted) treasure. The thing is really looking like a pirate ship. Don’t know how much is smoke and mirrors but the guy is really convincing and as mentioned, really pouring money into the project.

Thought you might be interested in taking a look. I have read Bay and Delta Yachtsman magazine forever and really like it. Your articles are really great Delta information and interesting.

Clyde Thorington



Thank you for the note and the kind words. I have been hearing rumors of the pirate ship for a while will make a point to get over and take a look. I love pirate ships; however, my own boat is a little more practical for the Delta. One time we launched a pirate raid on Rio Vista. My friends and I pulled up to the city dock and jumped off the ship waving our cutlasses and yelling. A policeman nearby accused us of drinking alcoholic spirits and threatened to detain us. We stowed our weapons and walked to Foster’s Bighorn to have a cocktail.

Bill H

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