Letters from You - June 2019

Capt. Pat,

This April′s article is one of the most educational of your many collections! It brought back many good memories of my Naval Aviation Electrician days remembering the training of the younger ones to “add acid to the water,” not the reverse when commissioning new 24V aircraft batteries!

Battery technology has come a long way from the mid sixties. Your article was very informational and well written. Now, how do we get our friendly boat owners to replace their battery wing-nuts with lock washers and real nuts since many batteries are still being delivered with those wing-nuts? Only advice we can give in our Vessel Safety Check program. 

Dave Norris
U.S. Power Squadrons
aka America′s Boating Club 


Thank you for being a loyal reader of the Bay & Delta Yachtsman and I am pleased that you found my April piece on batteries educational. It is true that finally storage battery technology is starting to advance. For too long we have been stuck with lead plates immersed in sulfuric acid. Although the improvements we have seen such as the gel cell and the absorbed glass mat are superior to the basic lead-acid battery, technology advancements driven by the need for higher energy density and lower-cost batteries for the electric car industry are finally trickling down. I can see the day that we never have to check the water level in a battery ever again.


Hello Bill,

I hope this finds you very well rested after having a wonderful vacation to Hawaii. Thanks for sharing your cool photos with us all.

I found this event on a PICYA email and bought tickets. It was my first event attending as a brand new IOBG member and it was so much fun. I wanted to share with you a photo of the day.

It′s always great keeping in touch with you and hope to see you and Sue soon. Please take care.


Hi Patricia,

 Thank you for the note and the photos. A good cannon duel is one of my favorite things.  It looks like you had a fantastic time. The St. Francis Yacht Club is a gem of the Bay and a great place to meet some very interesting folks. I wish I could attend more of their Wednesday Yachting Luncheons in person, but I do manage to watch them on Facebook; it like attending a class on the subjects they talk about.

It is always great to hear from you, please keep in touch and hopefully we will get together at the SJYC this summer!


P.S. Yes, we had a fabulous time in Hawaii, I think I have discovered a new way to vacation.  Try to cram as much activity into each day as possible and catch up on your sleep when you get back.

Hello Bill and Kimmie,

I hope this email finds both of you well. Oyster Point Yacht Club promoted two successful events in month of March. On March 2, 2019, Oyster Point Yacht Club and the club caterer, Dominic′s at Oyster Point, joined forces for an All You Can Eat Crab & Pasta Feed fundraiser for the North Valley Community Fund serving the Butte County fire victims. Guests experienced a formal setting with servers, not the typical plastic table cloths and disposable utensils. Total guest count was 118 with all VIP tables sold netting $6,575.17 for the charity. Fathom Marine & San Francisco Boat Works donated door prizes contributing to the success of this event. The event was a smashing success for the local community and the fire victims.

On March 23, Oyster Point Yacht Club opened up the 2019 cruising season welcoming Sequoia Yacht Club with both clubs participating in the Clean Boating Seminar. The event was a great success in part because of an informative and thought-provoking presentation by Vivian Matuk from the California State Parks Division of Boating & Waterways and Liz Juvera with the San Francisco Estuary Partnership. The presentation is a must for yacht clubs and boating clubs on the San Francisco Bay. Everyone learned something ranging from pollution laws to marina regulations. All who participated had wonderful things to say about the presentation and the content.

John Sims
OPYC Commodore


On behalf of both Kimmie and I for the note and the photos. The photos were great, but the resolution was not high enough to print. It looks like you are busy there. Congratulations on raising $6,500 plus for the fire victims.

I don′t think a lot of folks realize what boaters and yacht clubs contribute to community service both in time and money. Keep up the good work and stay in touch!

Bill H

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