New Products - April 2019

Fenders Down With A Push Of A Button

Hanging bow fenders on many cruisers is uncomfortable and can be problematic. Boaters try different fender baskets and clip solutions, but none seem to solve the hassle and the potentially unsafe situation.

A local company is offering an interesting solution: using the Automatic Fender™, you can dock without leaving the cockpit! They deploy the fenders with a single push of a button, without the need to climb on the boat bow/deck. The fenders are stored horizontally under the railing, almost invisible. The Automatic Fenders are made of white, shining Polycarbonate/ABS and blend nicely with the boat; making them almost invisible.

Fender height from the water can be set to support different height docks and rafting/tethering (boat to boat). Installation and operation are very easy requiring only three clamps connection (no drilling). No electrical connection to the boat is required; the Automatic Fender comes with a rechargeable battery using solar cell Bluetooth communication. The fenders are stored horizontally under the railing not blocking the captains view.

Automatic Fender

That Is One Sturdy Table

Many new boats have tables and cutting surfaces, but they are typically positioned where the boatbuilder thinks is best, not always where they are wanted. SeaSucker tables are different. Using excessively strong Vacuum Mounts, they install almost anywhere, without holes or adhesives. Four models are offered to fit almost any need, on the water or off.

All components of the tables are manufactured in the USA and come with the incredible holding power of the SeaSucker Vacuum Mount. The 4.5-inch version holds an astonishing 120 pounds on a wide range of surfaces without leaving marks, the 6-inch, a massive 210 lbs. With overbuilt construction and stainless-steel hardware, they are made to be used outside in extreme conditions and last for years.

Using a SeaSucker table could not be simpler. After wetting the Vacuum Mount cups slightly, it is positioned. The integrated pump button is then pressed several times until the orange indicator band is no longer visible. The result is a solid, sturdy surface. When it is time to stow, a squeeze of the tabs on the cup breaks the seal. It is that easy.

The small and large tables are made with .5-inch impervious white StarBoard®. Ideal for preparing bait and filleting fish, open corners allow for easy overboard disposal of waste.

The small table installs on a horizontal surface with a 4.5-inch Vacuum Mount. It has a 17-inch long by 11-inch wide work space.

The 22-inch long by 12-inch wide large table has built-in knife slots and comes with a 6-inch Vacuum Mount. It is available to mount horizontally or with an “L” bracket for vertical surfaces.

Tellaro is the ultimate table, bar none. With a massive 34-inch long by 15-inch wide work area, it is big enough to handle the largest of tasks. It has two swappable surfaces, clear acrylic for use with the integrated LED lighting and rugged white HDPE for when it is time to work. It comes with a SeaSucker Ozy Mount that has two 6-inch Vacuum Mounts for 420 pounds of holding power and lever-action adjustability for the perfect angle. It can even be customized with the boat′s name or a company logo.

SeaSucker′s small cutting table is $110; the large table with 6-inch SeaSucker is $155; the Large Table with L bracket is $160; the extra-large Tellaro table is $600 and $675 if customized.

SeaSucker, LLC,
1912 44th Avenue E,
Bradenton, FL 34203

A Love Seat, Right There Where The Dock Box Used To Be

Dock boxes are incredibly useful for storage, but not too comfortable to sit on. The Waterside Lounger from Better Way Products is different. It holds an astounding 14 cubic feet and provides a comfortable spot for two to sit, relax and enjoy being by the water.

Unlike plastic boxes, the Waterside Lounger is built with the same heavy-duty fiberglass sandwich core construction that boats are, and has the same glossy smooth, UV-resistant gelcoat finish. Industrial quality gas lifts, and stainless steel full-length piano hinge, latches and cable stay attest to it being built for year-round exposure to the elements.

For maximum comfort, the Waterside Lounger is molded with a slightly angled and divided backrest. Better Way Products′ unique EZ Drain system ensures water will not collect and offer an annoying surprise.

The Waterside Lounger is ideal for use on docks and decks, and poolside. Externally, it measures 66-inches long by 24-inches deep by 38-inches high and 62-inches long by 20-inches deep by 20-inches high, internally. Available in white, grey and tan, costing $1,019.

Better Way Products, Inc.,
70891 CR 23,
New Paris, IN 46553
574/538.4037 H

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