New Products - January 2019

Air Conditioning
And Heat For Open
Cockpit Boats

For a great day on the water, few boat designs beat the adaptability of an open cockpit. But even with a T-top or bimini providing shade, it can get hot. Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America′s new award-winning Webasto Breeze is the perfect solution. It is the first air conditioning unit developed specifically for bowriders, deck boats and runabouts. Using only the sterndrive engine for power, it envelops passengers in refreshing ambient cool air. Plus, during chillier months, the season is extended with the optional heater element.

Using Webasto Breeze is as easy as adjusting the climate in a car. The control panel has three fan speeds and a temperature setting. By simply idling the engine, 7,000 BTUs of invigorating cold air is produced. Throttle up to cruising speed and it will produce up to a massive 27,000 BTU.

Webasto Breeze is perfect for smaller boats. Its compact, lightweight components are hidden from view. Blowers are mounted discretely, and vents can be added to seating areas and even a swim platform.

During cooler weather or after a dip, Webasto Breeze continues to deliver exceptional onboard comfort. Leveraging the heat generated by the engine, it delivers an impressive 29,000 BTU. Using the same control panel, passengers are surrounded by warm air delivered through the same venting system.

The first boat to come off the line with Webasto Breeze is the Four Winns HD270, but the system can be builder-added to any Volvo Penta-powered boat. This game-changing technology is expected to migrate to other sterndrive engine manufacturers and be offered as a DIY refit option in the very near future.

Webasto Thermo &
Comfort North America, Inc.,
15083 North Rd., Fenton,
MI 48430


Servicing A Macerator Impeller Is Fast, Easy And Clean

The realization that a macerator pump needs servicing leaves many boat owners sighing with despair. It is a seriously nasty job. Even if a technician does the dirty work, it will take days to get rid of the odor. With Raritan Engineering′s patented 53101 Macerator Pump with Waste Valve, it is fast and easy to disconnect the pump from the holding tank discharge tube, with minimal, if any, spillage.

Raritan′s Macerator Pump has few rivals. Available in 12V or 24V DC, it is built for a long, reliable service life. Fully encased in epoxy, its motor has a spring-loaded shaft seal and its unique nitrile rubber impeller is tested and proven to run dry three times longer than the competition. Heavy duty, dual-cut steel chopper blades ensure complete waste maceration.

Eliminating the need for an external ball valve, Raritan′s Waste Valve isolates the impeller from the holding tank discharge port. It has a 1.5-inch barbed inlet and .75-inch MNPT threaded outlet. A video is at

With the optional Smart Macerator Control (SMC), the 53101 Macerator Pump with Waste Valve is almost maintenance-free. It continually monitors the pump motor to protect against priming failure and dry running. With power to the SMC, it will move the impeller periodically to avoid binding. This is especially helpful to boats that are not used with regularity.

Raritan′s Macerator Pump with Waste Valve measures 11-inches long by 7-inches wide by 5-inches high and weighs 5 pounds. Powerful, it has a free-flow rate of 11 gallons per minute, 6.4 gallons per minute with a 20-foot head. It costs $290 for 12V and $310 for 24V.

530 Orange Street,
Millville, NJ 08332


Air-Dryer Protects Valuables From Rust, Mold And Mildew

Moisture is insidious. Even trace amounts can cause rust, mold and mildew to set in. The result can be anything from a blemish to the complete loss of an item. Air-Dryr from Davis Instruments is an effective and inexpensive way to stave off damaging humidity.

Air-Dryr is engineered to operate 24/7. Plugged into a 110/120V outlet and placed as low as possible, it warms the damp air to above the dew point. As the dry air is released through the top vents, cool, dank air is drawn into the device and processed. For safety, a thermal cutoff turns off the device in the event that something falls on top of it and blocks the air flow.

Without any moving parts, Air-Dryr is completely silent. Its durable polycarbonate housing is built to withstand years of use. UL Listed, it is completely safe to handle when plugged in.

Two sizes are offered. Air-Dryr 500 has a 70 watt heating element and handles up to 500-cubic-feet yet draws only 0.6 amps. It measures 14-inches long by 5-inches wide by 4.5-inches high.

With a 130 watt heating element, Air-Dryr 1000 takes care of up to 1,000-cubic-feet of space. Drawing only 1.1 amps, it is 13.5-inches diameter by 4.25-inches high.

Air-Dryr is perfect for boats, RVs and other vehicles, vaults and storage units. Air-Dryr 500 costs $59.99; Air-Dryr 1000 is $69.99.

Davis Instruments
3465 Diablo Avenue,
Hayward, CA 94545,
510/732.9229, H

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