New Products - July 2019

Dock Steps Make Boarding Safer And Easier

Whether at a private or municipal dock, boarding a boat can be difficult and often dangerous if the vessel deck is too high. Better Way Products Dock Steps range in size from 12- to 45-inches and make boarding safe and easy, especially when integrated rails are added. Each model is available with a locking access door that allows the steps to also function as a dock box.

Better Way Products Dock Steps are built in the USA using premium fiberglass with a glass-smooth, UV-resistant gelcoat exterior. A large flanged base provides additional stability and a rock-solid feel. Anti-slip treads are applied to each step for maximum safety when wet or dry. The optional stainless-steel rail delivers a rigid handhold for added security. Locking access door models come with corrosion-resistant steel latches, hinges and cable stays. Prices range from $300 to $2,000.

Better Way Products, Inc.,
70891 CR 23,
New Paris, IN 46553


Argos Nautic Tenders Are An Expression Of Quality

There is nothing wrong with a knock-about wristwatch, but it does not fit with a made-to-measure Savile Row suit. The same holds true with a tender. It may be utilitarian in nature, but like a fine timepiece, it is part an overall expression of quality, representing the mothership it serves. This is why discerning owners choose Argos Nautic Yachting Series RIB tender. The boats deliver style and comfort and are equally at ease with black tie or flip flops.

The Yachting Series is offered in two models, the 305 at 10-feet and the 396 at 13-feet 6-inches. Both are stunning examples of famed yacht designer Patrizio Facheris′ graceful, flowing lines and inventive use of space. Factor in the attention to detail Argos Nautic builds into every semi-custom boat, and it is clear why they are often seen in the most exclusive marinas and anchorages.

Like all Argos Nautic boats, the Yachting Series is tailored to the specifics of its owner. Whether it is matching the mothership in color and texture or next year′s trends, each tender is strikingly unique. This is on top of its superior appointments such as hand-stitched upholstery, teak flooring and top-quality stainless-steel components and hardware.

With any boat, however, form does follow function and with the Yachting Series, performance is a hallmark of the 305 and 396. Seating four and five passengers, respectively, they are decidedly dry rides, yet have the acceleration and turn-carving abilities to make them double as an exhilarating sport boat. The 305 starts at $25,000 and the 396 at $35,000.

Argos Nautic
1572 NW 165th Street,
Miami, FL 33169


Stowaway System Turns Deck Plates Into Dry Storage

Boats can never have enough dry storage space, especially places that are safe from the prying eyes of thieves. Unique Stowaway Deck Access Plates with bags from Beckson Marine allow boaters to maximize normally unutilized areas to safely stow all sorts of gear.

Featuring an integrated nylon drawstring bag, Stowaway deck plates look like any other marine access panel. They are available in 4-, 6- and 8-inch screw-out or 5-inch twist-out models. The 12-inch long bag is secured to the back side of the plate with a retaining ring.

It removes easily for access below deck or to carry items ashore. This storage system is great for securing watches, wallets, jewelry, keys and other small valuables that could otherwise be stolen or lost overboard.

The Stowaway can also be put to work for fender storage using 20 or 24-inch bags available for specific deck plate models. Beckson Marine Stowaway Deck Access Plates with Bags have suggested retail prices starting at $43.85.

Beckson Marine,
165 Holland Avenue,
Bridgeport, CT 06605 H

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