New Products - September 2019

Iosso Safe-T-Solve Removes Gunk The Natural Way

Inside and out, mechanical devices accumulate gunk, a sticky combination of lubricants, dirt and other contaminants. Removing these difficult-to-clean residues has traditionally been the exclusive purview of petroleum products. But they are dangerous to both the user and environment. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Bio-based Safe-T-Solve™ from Iosso Products easily cleans the most stubborn messes using no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Its biodegradable composition requires no special handling.

Iosso Safe-T-Solve is a fast-acting, industrial-strength cleaner and degreaser that can be used on all surfaces. It removes heavy grease and oil, adhesive, ink and marker, petroleum residues, black streaks, road tar, dried bugs even graffiti and chewing gum. USDA-certified bio-based, it is safe enough to use on fabrics as a pretreatment, but strong enough to use in a parts cleaning system. The advanced formula has a high flash point and does not require EPA registration.

Using Safe-T-Solve is easy. It can be sprayed onto the surface or the entire item dipped. It is then rinsed with fresh water or wiped with a rag. A four-ounce spray bottle of Iosso Safe-T-Solve costs $3.75; a 32-oz. bottle is $16.75; 1 gallon is $34.95; and 5 galllons is $145.

Iosso Products,
1485 Lively Boulevard,
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


Finally, A Paper Towel That Is Always Within Reach

Paper towels are as common to the outdoors as sunscreen. But they are either out of reach when needed or ruined after having rolled into something wet and dirty. With SeaSucker′s Paper Towel Holder, a clean sheet is always at hand, whether in a cockpit or on the side of an RV. Made in the USA, it mounts temporarily, but with astounding strength, to most clean, non-porous surfaces without leaving a mark.

The secret behind SeaSucker′s Paper Towel Holder is its 4.5-inchVacuum Mount. Positioned where it is desired, a few pumps to the integrated power button is all it takes to make it adhere. It holds an amazing 120 pounds, more than any roll of paper toweling. When it is time to stow, a tab breaks the seal.

Unlike traditional paper towel holders, SeaSucker is adaptable to any situation. It can be used vertically, horizontally and even upside down. An elastic tension band prevents rolls from unraveling in the wind and makes it easy to tear off sheets with one hand.

SeaSucker′s Paper Towel Holder is manufactured from UV-stabilized materials with stainless steel hardware. The durable Plexiglass tube holder is 13.5-inches wide to fit a standard roll and extends out compactly at only 4.5-inches. It costs $65.

1912 44th Ave E.,
Bradenton, FL 34203


Worry Less About Your Boat With Simrad BoatConnect

Announcing the latest in remote, real-time vessel monitoring, Simrad BoatConnect™, provides boat owners with the ultimate peace of mind at an unparalleled value, keeping users informed of their boat′s location, battery level, trip history and more.

Delivering important updates on a boat′s status to a compatible smartphone, BoatConnect is comprised of an easy-to-install hub and an easy-to-use app. Once installed, the solution provides at-a-glance information to enhance the boating experience.

Perfect for trip planning, users can quickly access real-time weather in the vicinity of their boat, as well as confirm the current status of onboard power using the remote battery check option. In the event the battery drops below a pre-defined threshold, users are notified with immediate status updates. The BoatConnect app enables boat owners to keep track of family and friends using their boats and includes a trip log allowing boaters to maintain an active record of their time on the water.

For enhanced security when a boat is not in use, the app also allows owners to establish a virtual perimeter known as a geo-fence around their vessel and receive alerts if it travels outside a designated area. This feature comes in handy in the event of theft enabling users to trace their boat′s location. The BoatConnect hub is hard-wired to a vessel′s battery and, if power is lost, will continue to provide updates for up to five days on internal backup power.

The BoatConnect hub is priced at just $99, and the app can be downloaded for free from the Apple or Google Play App Store. Subscription to the BoatConnect service is $19.99 per month. The subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Simrad BoatConnect,
800/628.4487 H

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