January 2020

New Products - January 2020
HarborHoist is the most versatile, free-floating boat lift on the market. Built to protect the value of a vessel in adverse weather conditions and the harsh marine environment. The unit is constructed with rugged, marine-grade, impact-resistant polyethylene tanks and an aluminum frame to extend the life of the product.     Read more.

November 2019

New Products - November 2019
Called the king of waxes, carnauba is renowned for its ability to provide a long-lasting shine in extreme environments. BoatLIFE, a division of Life Industries, introduces Liquid Life Wax?.     Read more.

October 2019

New Products - October 2019
Anyone who has come in contact with even a mild jolt of electricity knows the muscle spasms it can generate. Complete immersion after falling or unknowingly jumping into water that has been electrified by a boat?s faulty wiring can trigger total body immobility and even stop a heart, tragically resulting in a drowning fatality.     Read more.

September 2019

New Products - September 2019
Inside and out, mechanical devices accumulate gunk, a sticky combination of lubricants, dirt and other contaminants. Removing these difficult-to-clean residues has traditionally been the exclusive purview of petroleum products. But they are dangerous to both the user and environment.     Read more.

August 2019

New Products - August 2019
As nimble as they are on the water, small boats are awkward to move over dry land. By oneself or on a windy day, attempting it can be outright dangerous. Davis Instruments Wheel-a-Weigh? is set of removable launching wheels that mount on the transom of dinghies, RIBs and tenders. It provides the ability to simply roll the boat to the water instead of wrestling and potentially damaging it.     Read more.

July 2019

New Products - July 2019
Whether at a private or municipal dock, boarding a boat can be difficult and often dangerous if the vessel deck is too high. Better Way Products Dock Steps range in size from 12- to 45-inches and make boarding safe and easy, especially when integrated rails are added. Each model is available with a locking access door that allows the steps to also function as a dock box.     Read more.

June 2019

New Products - June 2019
The problem with a conventional bilge switch with a float is that it is only a matter of time before a moving part becomes stuck. This means the pump will run dry and burn out or simply will not activate. With Albin Pump Marine′s new 12/24V Digital Bilge Switch, there is nothing to corrode or jam. It provides peace of mind that bilges remain dry and boats stay safe.     Read more.

May 2019

New Products - May 2019
Keeping a boat spot?free is a constant battle, with many owners resorting to harsh, toxic chemicals and lots of elbow grease. Moldaway from Shurhold Industries is different. It is an oxygenated cleaner effective on a wide range of surfaces and removes stains the natural way.     Read more.

April 2019

New Products - April 2019
Hanging bow fenders on many cruisers is uncomfortable and can be problematic. Boaters try different fender baskets and clip solutions, but none seem to solve the hassle and the potentially unsafe situation.     Read more.

March 2019

New Products - March 2019
Boat owners all know that funky smell when opening a cooler, refrigerator or live well. That not-so-fresh aroma is algae, mold, mildew and other microorganisms that thrive in moist environments. It is simple to get rid of that annoying smell and keep it away with Iosso Products′ Live Well Cleaner. The biodegradable and environmentally-friendly solution leaves surfaces sparkling fresh and clean.     Read more.

February 2019

New Products - February 2019
Polishing and buffing with a dirty pad that is caked with wax or compound splatter materials adds time to the job and can mar the work surface. Shurhold Industries has a simple method to clean expensive pads, whether wool, bronze, cotton, microfiber, foam or synthetic fiber.     Read more.

January 2019

New Products - January 2019
For a great day on the water, few boat designs beat the adaptability of an open cockpit. But even with a T-top or bimini providing shade, it can get hot. Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America′s new award-winning Webasto Breeze is the perfect solution.     Read more.

December 2018

New Products - December 2018
For boat owners using shore power, knowing if electrical systems are safe and functional is crucial. The 30A/125V Hubbell Twist-Lock® Circuit Tester can quickly diagnose if power is present .     Read more.

November 2018

New Products - November 2018
Volvo's Easy Connect Gives Full Vessel Access With A Finger Swipe. Boat owners can now take to the water with all the information they need in the palm of their hands. Volvo Penta?s new Easy Connect app gives boat owners access to engine, boat and route data directly on their smartphone or tablet.     Read more.

October 2018

New Products - October 2018
Having a utility pump with a flexible intake hose can be a welcome problem solver in many situations onboard. The compact and durable Beckson Utility Pump 212A makes transferring water or petroleum products, other than gasoline out, of tanks, semi-closed places or any other tight space quick and easy.     Read more.

September 2018

New Products - September 2018
Not knowing whether on board systems are functioning or if the vessel is where it should be is worrisome. With the new ZigBoat from Glomex Marine Antennas USA, owners have absolute peace-of-mind that the boat is safe and protected, no matter its size.     Read more.

August 2018

New Products - August 2018
It is frustrating to spend hours cleaning a boat only to look through a windscreen or portlight and see hard water stains. Fortunately, these unsightly blemishes are easy to remove without damaging the vessel if the right tools and chemicals are used.     Read more.

July 2018

New Products - July 2018
Waiting for ballast tanks on a wake surfing boat to fill can be frustrating. Albin Pump Marine’s reversible F4 Ballast Pump is the ideal choice for watersport OEMs and DIYers. It provides a massive 12 gpm of flow to get surfers and skimmers on the water faster and has a price point that is hard to beat.     Read more.

June 2018

New Products - June 2018
With limited receptacles onboard, charging handheld devices like tablets and smartphones can be a challenge, especially when it requires unplugging onboard equipment to accommodate them. Hubbell Marine USB Charging Receptacles eliminate the need for adapter plugs, while maintaining traditional duplex electrical outlets. Two new configurations work with the latest Type C electronics connectors.     Read more.

May 2018

New Products - May 2018
If for no other reason than what might happen if the primary is lost, keeping a secondary anchor on board is a sign of proper seamanship. Storage, however, can become a problem. A lot of damage can be done if it accidentally bumps into gelcoat. To counter this, Fortress Marine Anchors offers the Stowaway Bag. With sizes to fit its full line of Fortress and Guardian models, it provides a safe and easy stowage solution.     Read more.

April 2018

New Products - April 2018
Whether catching a weather update or watching the game, viewing TV on the water is increasingly common. Glomex Marine Antennas USA makes connecting easy with its line of DVB-T2 Full HD Omni-directional TV Antennas.     Read more.

March 2018

New Products - March 2018
With the WebWatch™ Internet hotspot from Shakespeare®, there’s no need for expensive satellite antennas and data plans. Ideal for coastal and inland boaters, the award-winning, all-in-one Wi-Fi hotspot and high-definition television (HDTV) antenna is changing how people stay connected while on the water. And through March 2018, the company is offering $100 off 2017 prices of its popular Wi-Fi-only WC-1 model.     Read more.

February 2018

New Products - February 2018
Musical tastes may vary, but everyone appreciates pure, accurate sound, no matter the desired volume. That’s why the Infinity by Harman® Kappa 4100MSB Amplified Marine Soundbar from Prospec Electronics is so perfect for an active lifestyle.     Read more.

January 2018

New Products - January 2018
Even in hot weather, large power cords are often stiff and difficult to lay out and coil; cold temperatures only compound the problem. SmartPlug Systems’ new SUPERFLEX50 50A 125/250V cordset remains incredibly flexible, even down to 58-degrees fahrenheit.     Read more.

December 2017

New Products - December 2017
SailStep revolutionizes docking and casting off. With a rock-solid step, about half your hull’s height, your crew can step off on approach, with dock lines in hand. Or walk your boat out of the slip, and effortlessly step aboard. No stress, no hazardous jumping and no embarrassing sit & scootch.     Read more.

November 2017

New Products - November 2017
Whether putting the boat or RV away for winter, or getting ready for the season down south, now is the perfect time to clean and protect outdoor fabrics. Iosso Products' Fabric Cleaner & Protectant Kit has everything owners need to care for a wide variety of materials.     Read more.

October 2017

New Products - October 2017
Whether at a home marina or transient slip, dock water can be unpalatable, full of spot-forming minerals and occasionally unsafe to drink. FCI Watermakers’ three models of DTS (Dockside Treatment System) make up to 3,000 gallons of fresh, clear water every day - the average daily needs of ten typical American families.     Read more.

September 2017

New Products - September 2017
Boatbuilders who understand cost-benefit analysis take the long view when rigging their boats. That’s why notable manufacturers such as Catalina Yachts, Fleming Yachts.     Read more.

August 2017

New Products - August 2017
With a bold, clean design and easy installation, the Tecma Flexi Line 2G range of macerator marine toilets from Thetford Marine is the choice for boat owners looking to replace or upgrade current equipment.     Read more.

July 2017

New Products - July 2017
Awesome music can be as much a part of boating as sunshine. With the new Infinity by Harman? Kappa 4100MSB Amplified Marine Soundbar from Prospec Electronics, crystal clear audio performance is now available in a super flexible, compact, separable speaker system.     Read more.

June 2017

New Products - June 2017
I sailed for years with a Fortress Anchor setup as a backup and ready stern anchor system on my Catalina 470 sloop. Whether used as a primary anchor or conveniently stowed backup, Fortress Marine Anchors are well-known for their holding capability.     Read more.

May 2017

New Products - May 2017
LED lighting has changed how people experience the outdoors at night. Davis Instruments takes this innovative technology to a high level with its new Mega-Light. Two models provide bright, clear light, while only drawing 1/50th of an amp.     Read more.

April 2017

New Products - April 2017
It?s time to start thinking about summertime water toys again. And the Schiller S1 Waterbike just might be the ultimate choice.     Read more.

March 2017

New Products - March 2017
In most marine environments, especially during the damp and cold winter season, a reliable corrosion inhibitor and lubricant is critical for properly maintaining a vessel's mechanical systems. The failure of equipment due to corrosion caused by humidity.     Read more.

February 2017

New Products - February 2017
Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., manufacturer of in-vehicle infotainment systems, has taken their premium entertainment technology outside to wherever the fun may be in a new portable sound system in a cooler.     Read more.

January 2017

New Products - January 2017
Shakespeare has expanded boaters? ability to stay in touch with the world with its new WebWatch?, all-in-one Wi-Fi hotspot and high-definition TV antenna systems. Designed to be fast, reliable, and tailored for long-range reception, the antennas provide more range than PC and mobile device wireless data connections.     Read more.

December 2016

New Products - December 2016
Larson Electronics has come out with another innovative LED lighting device perfect for fishermen, boaters, and other outdoor enthusiasts.     Read more.

November 2016

New Products - November 2016
Ooh... what′s that smell? Flushing a marine toilet with raw water saves onboard fresh water supplies, but it also draws organic materials into the boats septic system. When they die and decay, an offensive, rotten egg smell permeates the boat after a couple of days.     Read more.

October 2016

New Products - October 2016
With the fall and winter cruising season quickly approaching many boaters will be heading for distant shores. And whether you are heading for the beaches of the Channel Islands, Mexico, or just visiting local anchorages a set of sturdy launching wheels always makes small boat and dinghy shore landings and launches easier.     Read more.

September 2016

New Products - September 2016
Hobie's revolutionary MirageDrive pedal propulsion system for kayaks has evolved even further with the introduction of the new patent-pending Hobie "MirageDrive 180" forward-reverse propulsion system, which will be integrated into the 2017 Mirage kayak line available October 2016....     Read more.

August 2016

New Products - August 2016
Few things can put a damper on a planned day of boating than dropping your keys in the water. Not exactly new, but definitely hot, the patented Key Buoy from Davis Instruments is a key fob that automatically inflates a bright orange float when immersed, making it easy to spot and retrieve your dropped keys.     Read more.

July 2016

New Products - July 2016
The HP Extreme? PWC docking platform is the newest product from HydroHoist Marine Group with a number of improvements over older generation PWC ports.     Read more.

June 2016

New Products - June 2016
Costa Sunglasses, handcrafted in the USA since 1983, has introduced a number of new design models to their patented 580 Lense collection of outdoor sports sunglasses     Read more.

April 2016

New Products - April 2016
Thermacell Repellents, Inc. has developed one of the more aesthetically pleasing and versatile non-topical bug repellents available with their line of lanterns, torches, and other repellers. All are up to 98% effective in creating a 15 x 15 foot zone of protection from mosquitos, black flies, no-see-ums, and other biting bugs in just minutes.     Read more.

March 2016

New Products - March 2016
Lighting specialist, Larson Electronics, has release a new 30 watt LED decklight equipped with a 360? spindle, and vertical tilt, allowing complete rotation while permanently mounted.     Read more.

May 2016

New Products - May 2016
If you're looking to improve your navigation skills, but can't find the time for a classroom course, the new online "Modern Marine Navigation" course from the BoatUS Foundation and US Coast Guard Auxiliary could be the solution. The course can be taken anytime and allows online students to stop and return to the program as their busy schedules permit.     Read more.

January 2016

New Products - January 2016
The constant snapping and jarring of dock and tow lines, anchor chains, and cable connections can put massive wear and stress on docklines, cleats, railings, bow rollers and shackles. With a patented progressive tension design and internal stretch limiter, Davis Instruments? LineSnubber reduces shock loads on lines, tie-downs and preventers.     Read more.

December 2015

New Products - December 2015
Light, quiet and odor-free, electric outboard motors are a convenient and economical alternative to a traditional gasoline-powered engine. Flover electric outboard motors are easy to rig and have a range of adjustments to accommodate a wide selection of vessels.     Read more.

November 2015

New Products - November 2015
Washing a waterline is an important part of keeping a vessel in top shape, especially if it stays in the water year round. Shurhold Industries offers the following simple steps to keep this area clean.     Read more.

October 2015

New Products - October 2015
Seakeeper, the forward-thinking global leader in marine stabilization, has developed its first DC-powered gyro. Engineered for boats 30 to 40 feet in length, the state-of-the-art Seakeeper 3DC reduces resonant roll by up to 95%, in a wide range of sea conditions.     Read more.

September 2015

New Products - September 2015
Too often, when brackish or saltwater boaters and fishermen shop for an electric outboard, the choices are limited to motors designed for fresh water. Responding to market demand, Flover introduces its fully marinized, feature-packed Flover 55TGS.     Read more.

August 2015

New Products - August 2015
Constant tension from tidal surges, wakes, winds and currents can damage a line. Owners can reduce these dangerous shock loads with Davis Instruments? DockShockle, which helps lines last longer and minimizes wear to cleats. One size fits all ropes from 3/8-3/4 inches thick.     Read more.

July 2015

New Products - July 2015
The SOS Distress Light is the first and only LED Visual Distress Signal Device to completely replace dangerous and environmentally harmful pyrotechnic flares.     Read more.

June 2015

New Products For June 2015
Being days or weeks from the nearest source of potable water isn't a concern for boat owners who have FCI Watermakers desalinization units. The Max-Q+ line produces up to 1,850 gallons of pure, fresh water every day with a simple touch of a finger.     Read more.

May 2015

New Products - May 2015
The redesigned Icer-Ette ice maker from Raritan offers more features, style and convenience than before, better enhancing the beauty of a boat's interior. It was created and constructed for harsh conditions.     Read more.

April 2015

New Products - April 2015
Until now, owners of smaller boats put up with a rolling vessel in rough weather, or simply stayed ashore. With the recent launch of the state-of-the-art Seakeeper 5, they can now enjoy the comfort and safety of gyro stabilization.     Read more.

March 2015

New Products For March 2015
The design of Beckson Marine's Thirsty-Mate 519CG#2 and 519CG#3 hand pumps exceeds the original requirements of Coast Guard regulation No. 519C.     Read more.

February 2015

New Products For February 2015
Terra Motors Corporation of Tokyo, Japan's leading innovator of electric two- and three-wheeler scooter models, has unveiled the A2000 e-scooter. It is their succeeding model to the A4000i.     Read more.

January 2015

New Products For January 2015
Originally devised for the commercial shipping industry, Automatic Identification System or AIS has proven quite useful for recreational boaters as well. By keeping users apprised of the course and speed of other vessels, AIS-dedicated antennas increase safety and security.     Read more.

December 2014

New Products For December 2014
West Marine, the world's largest waterlife outfitter, has launched an online dive experience on west The new dive product assortment includes dive computers and gauges, regulators, buoyancy control devices, wetsuits, tanks and accessories.     Read more.

November 2014

New Products For November 2014
Marine Satellite TV Antenna Systems KVH has introduced a new TV antenna series designed to support a variety of digital TV and movie channel providers. The web-based user interface allows easy access from any smartphone, tablet, smart TV, computer, or Wi-Fi enabled device.     Read more.

October 2014

New Products For October 2014
Even utilitarian hardware can contribute to a boat's good looks. As attractive as they are effective, lockable hold-down clamps from Perko come in two styles to meet boaters' needs.     Read more.

September 2014

New Products For September 2014
Fender Whip Is Friendly To Your Boat. The Shockles FenderFriend from Davis Instruments is a fender whip with a built-in shock absorber to receive the impact generated by fenders rubbing against the hull, dock or piling.     Read more.

August 2014

New Products For August 2014
HarborHoist is a self-contained, free-floating boat lift. The convenience of the lift comes from its easy assembly and installation, ability to work in shallow water (as little as 2 feet plus boat draft), and simplicity of access for both loading and unloading passengers with non-skid step pads.     Read more.

July 2014

New Products For July 2014
Ideal for evening fishing, diving or swimming, underwater trim tab lights enhance vessel ambiance while they illuminate dark waters. The Fig. 0178 LED Surface Mount Trim Tab Underwater Light from Perko delivers nighttime brilliance in a dependable unit that's easy to install.     Read more.

June 2014

New Products For June 2014
overing and uncovering a pontoon boat is no longer a hassle. The Liberator from Jackson Canvas Company is an automatic, key-fob controlled mooring cover/cruising top combination.     Read more.

May 2014

New Products For May 2014
Using Shurhold's Buff Magic on a boat is simple, once an owner knows how to do it. Proper compounding is explained below and users can also watch a video detailing the process at this link:     Read more.

April 2014

New Products For April 2014
Keeping portable media devices dry and safe while boating is accomplished with a key product from Prospec Electronics. The company's docking station, part number MiliDock, enables users to connect portable media devices, when used with the appropriate adapters, and house them in a slide-out drawer.     Read more.

March 2014

New Products For March 2014
Boating and outdoor enthusiasts can now entertain with style and ease with Starboard Collection's Carina tabletop line created by avid sailor and entrepreneur Aimee Marti to conquer the challenges of entertaining at sea.     Read more.

February 2014

New Products For February 2014
HydroHoist Boat Lifts, a division of HydroHoist Marine Group, has introduced a series of floating boat lift products - the Landing and the SeaPort.     Read more.

January 2014

New Products For January 2014
Keeping portable media devices dry and safe while boating is accomplished with a key product from Prospec Electronics. The company's docking station, part number MiliDock, enables users to connect portable media devices, when used with the appropriate adapters, and house them in a slide-out drawer. The adapters used, which are sold separately, depend upon the features of the head unit.     Read more.

December 2013

New Products For December 2013
With the Shakespeare CA-VAT Anywhere Voice and Data Cellular Booster Kit, boaters will no longer miss making or receiving important telephone calls.     Read more.

November 2013

New Products For November 2013
DF Consumer Products, Inc. has launched a new product line named Mobile Clean & Go. Mobile Clean & Go safely and effectively cleans screens on devices such as smart phones, tablets, marine electronics, laptops and mp3 players leaving screens free of germs, fingerprints, and dirt and grime.     Read more.

October 2013

New Products For October 2013
Cleaning tools deserve their own special washing to keep them in the best possible condition. Shurhold Industries' new Serious Pad Cleaner is a scientifically formulated powdered cleaner for rejuvenating buffing pads. Environmentally friendly, this product is biodegradable.     Read more.

September 2013

New Products For September 2013
The spinnaker is a very useful sail, especially in light winds, yet many shorthanded sailors, especially cruising couples, are reluctant to use a spinnaker because of the difficulty in rigging and hoisting it, then bringing it down and hauling it in, particularly if the wind should pick up.     Read more.

August 2013

New Products For August 2013
HydroHoist Marine Group (HMG), an industry leader in boat lifts, recently introduced the HydroGuard Boat Protection Package.     Read more.

July 2013

New Products For July 2013
A navigation light mounting base that folds adds versatility and simplifies the operation and care of a boat.     Read more.

June 2013

New Products For June 2013
Boat owners don’t always have time to perform a full cleaning of their vessel, especially if guests are coming over in 10 minutes.     Read more.

May 2013

New Products For May 2013
The right interior lights on a boat create a welcoming atmosphere and enhance living aboard.     Read more.

April 2013

New Products For April 2013
Perko’s new Stealth II LED lamps are now USCG certified up to 2 nautical miles for powerboats under 20m. Boats under 12m can use either Stealth II brighter lights or the original Stealth models.     Read more.

March 2013

New Products For March 2013
Just Marine is marketing the internationally renowned Dan Buoy in the United States. This quick-to-action, inflatable man overboard marker is manufactured by SOS Marine in Australia.     Read more.

February 2013

New Products For February 2013
Damp outdoor conditions take a toll on the inside of boats and RVs, making mold, mildew and corrosion problems inevitable.     Read more.

January 2013

New Products For January 2013
Torqeedo is recognized as a leading manufacturer of electric outboards, especially in the smaller hp range – up to 8 hp. Now, with a new 80-hp motor, the company is gearing up to support electric mobility in the higher hp ranges.     Read more.

December 2012

New Products For December 2012
SalVinCo’s Bee Green LED bulbs carry a message of energy savings and conservation. They are designed with an 80-color rendering index (CRI) value to provide optimum light color and less shadows.     Read more.

November 2012

New Products For November 2012
Prospec Electronics has introduced the Infinity PRV250 marine receiver. This compact receiver is capable of Bluetooth audio streaming and features AM/FM radio.     Read more.

October 2012

New Products For October 2012
Torqeedo’s Power 26-104 Li NMC battery protects against short circuits, overloads, deep discharge and wrong polarity. Weighing only 55 lbs., this high-performing battery delivers 2,685 watt-hours.     Read more.

September 2012

New Products For September 2012
With Soft Lines’ Boat Locator Dock Lines, owners will locate their boat in the same position every time.     Read more.

August 2012

New Products For August 2012
Four-blade propellers provide the qualities ideal for watersports and other high-performance applications. However, the drawback of most designs traditionally has been a marked reduction in top speeds. Turning Point Propellers solved this problem with its uniquely engineered Four-Blade Aluminum Hustler Propeller.     Read more.

July 2012

New Products For July 2012
Bowlights are crucial for boaters who cruise in the night or early hours when the sun is just beginning to rise. Accon Marine’s 210-M and 211-M LED Bowlights help light the way. When compared to standard lights, LED lights are brighter, last longer and generate less heat.     Read more.

May 2012

New Products For May 2012
With the Milennia PRV20 from Prospec Electronics, there’s no reason not to take a portable media device for a day out on the water. This portable media receiver is Bluetooth capable, letting boaters stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device.     Read more.

April 2012

New Products For April 2012
Cobra Electronics has introduced two powerful two-way radios. The CXT135 and CXT235 provide the National Oceanic and Atmos-pheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio (NWR) feature.     Read more.

February 2012

New Products For February 2012
The newest product from Delta “T” Systems, the new Arid Bilge Sentry, ensures boats stay dry below deck. From a single control box, this system keeps bilge compartments bone dry and logs and displays the historical data for all of the bilge zones so that irregularly high pumping activity can be investigated and corrected.     Read more.

January 2012

New Products For January 2012
Air Oasis LLP has developed air purifiers that provide fresh, clean air from your home to your car to your boat. The Air Oasis Mobile Sanifier® 175 cleans the air in areas up to 175 square feet and the Air Oasis Mobile Sanifier® 250 cleans the air in areas up to 250 square feet.     Read more.

Decemeber 2011

New Products For December 2011
Like other valuables, fuel tanks should be kept under lock and key. Perko makes it easy to retrofit a sturdy locking mechanism in most of their 1-1/2-inch vented and non-vented fills.     Read more.

November 2011

New Products For November 2011
Organized and easily accessible lures can make the difference between catching fish or spending valuable time on the water searching for the right bait. The Gear Grabbar from Magnetic Marine Products offers anglers the ultimate lure organization station to keep baits safely and neatly in place.     Read more.

October 2011

New Products For October 2011
The right propeller can make all the difference on pontoon, inflatable, fishing and workboats. Smart owners employ Turning Point’s Hustler Series aluminum propellers to maximize overall performance of lower-horsepower outboards.     Read more.

September 2011

New Products For September 2011
No skipper should take a vessel or crew onto the open ocean without the means to cope with the unthinkable. Ed Mapes catalogs solutions to real-life situations on the open ocean in his book “Safer Offshore.”     Read more.

August 2011

New Products For August 2011
The Sticky Bag, Sticky Pockets and DeckHand Boating Pouch from Davis Instruments make it easy to keep everything in its place. Sticky Bags hold fishing or diving gear, ropes or clothes. The bag is held in place with suction cups rated at 8 lbs. It can be permanently mounted with the boat owner’s fasteners. The small bag measures 12 inches by 12 inches; the large bag measures 18 inches by 12 inches.     Read more.

July 2011

New Products For July 2011
A sleek watercraft demands equally edgy electronics. Engineered to meet the rigors of the marine environment with an ultramodern look, the Milennia MILSPK652B Speaker from Prospec Electronics stands apart from traditional marine speakers.     Read more.

June 2011

New Products For June 2011
Nano silver technology has been employed by NASA for water purification systems and the medical field, especially in surgical tools, to prevent bacterial growth. Now RV owners, boaters and other outdoor enthusiasts can use the same science to protect their food with the Nano Silver Food Storage Kit from InterCon Marketing.     Read more.

May 2011

New Products For May 2011
Making it easier to listen to the radio or portable media devices when on a boat, Prospec Electronics introduced the Milennia MIL-PRVBB5 Black Box with a MIL-PRVMC25 five-line wired controller. This IP67-rated AM/FM receiver can withstand chronically wet conditions and is Bluetooth®-ready, enabling users to enjoy the music with or without speakers.     Read more.

April 2011

New Products For April
When lines rub against dock hardware, their service life is significantly reduced. Chafe Guards from Davis Instruments prevent chafing and damage.     Read more.

March 2011

New Products For March
Many boat owners are trying to minimize expenses, but that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice an onboard generator. Next Generation Power offers an ultra-compact, lightweight UCM1-3.5 diesel generator for small- to medium-sized vessels.     Read more.

February 2011

New Products For February
While many larger and older boats have an onboard telephone system, most owners prefer to use their cell phones to communicate when on the water or at a marina. Now, the Cobra PhoneLynx® system lets users make and receive phone calls on their onboard telephone using their cell phone signal and service...     Read more.

January 2011

New Products For January
Boatbuilders and boat owners don’t have to wait for a surface to dry or even take a craft out of the water to start caulking. Adhering to wet, dry and oil-stained surfaces, the Slick Seam from Davis Instruments is a proven, underwater, seam-caulking compound.     Read more.

December 2010

New Products For December
A push pole can be useful in many daily situations and especially in emergencies. Accon Marines new 710 Push Pole Holder enables boaters to keep their pole in place, lessening the possibility of tripping...     Read more.

November 2010

New Products For November
Enjoy the ambience of beautiful underwater lighting with Aqualumas Surface-Mount Light. Designed to mount to the transom of a vessel, this light is ideal for any craft where a thru-hull installation is not suited.     Read more.

October 2010

New Products for October
Now making a delicious cup of coffee onboard a boat or RV is even more convenient. Featuring a new, streamlined design, the Contoure CMM2000 coffeemaker offers an advanced carafe, water reservoir and brewing basket that remain in place while underway.     Read more.

September 2010

New Products For September
Perfect for taking trips on the open highway in an RV or trail-ering a boat, the 7700 Pro navigation system from Cobra provides multi-route trip planning options, including shortest time or distance and critical driver information.     Read more.

August 2010

New Products For August
Boaters would rather spend time enjoying the water than waste it cleaning out their bilge. Allowing moisture to collect down below can result in mildew infestations, unpleasant odors and costly damage. Arid Bilge Systems automatically removes water and keeps the area bone dry, leaving more moments for cruising.     Read more.

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