New Products - August 2018

Spotted Glass A Thing Of The Past With Shurhold

It is frustrating to spend hours cleaning a boat only to look through a windscreen or portlight and see hard water stains. Fortunately, these unsightly blemishes are easy to remove without damaging the vessel if the right tools and chemicals are used. Shurhold Industries offers a simple solution to regain crystal-clear glass.

When private or municipal water dries, the calcium, sodium and other minerals left behind form hard water stains. Even rain, collecting dirt and dust particles as it falls, can create spots that are hard to remove. If left untreated, they can etch the glass, permanently disfiguring it.

Often, people use common products such as window cleaner or vinegar to clean the stains. But as soon as they dry, the spots reappear.

Shurhold’s combination of Buff Magic Compound and a Magic Wool Hand Pad is a sure winner. A small dab, worked gently in small, tight circles, will turn the product hazy. Then, it is simply a matter of buffing with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. For extra-large panes of glass, a Dual Action Polisher with a Magic Wool Polisher Pad can be used, if set at its slowest speed. The result is unrivaled clarity.

Buff Magic Compound is the ultimate restoration compound that removes oxidation, gelcoat staining, surface rust and minor scratches. As it is used, the abrasives in the proprietary formula break down, becoming ever finer. No longer are multiple grits needed to complete one job. Buff Magic goes from dull to glossy in one easy step.

The Magic Wool Hand Pad and Polisher Pad are ultra-fine, pure bronze scrub pads. Unlike steel wool, they will not leave rust stains or disintegrate after a single use. They are perfect for use on chrome and stainless-steel fittings, brightwork, propellers and solar panels.

Made in the USA, Shurhold Industries Buff Magic Compound is $28.98 for a 22-oz. container; $59.98 for 4 lbs.; and $139.98 for a 10 lb. pail. The Magic Wool Polisher Pad sells for $19.98, as does a three-pack of Magic Wool Hand Pads.

3119 SW 42nd Avenue,
Palm City, FL 34990


Vinyl, Plastic And Leather Protected With Iosso

UV rays, ozone, dirt, salt and other environmental contaminants can prematurely age vinyl, plastic, rubber and leather leaving them bleached and prone to cracking and looking old. Iosso spray-and-wipe Vinyl and Leather Cleaner & Conditioner restores and protects these materials, bringing back their original sheen and suppleness.

Iosso Vinyl and Leather Cleaner & Conditioner contains natural oils that loosen grime and revitalize in one easy step. The advanced formula works wonders on clear vinyl windows and makes scratches less visible. It leaves a light gloss and provides long-term protection against the ravages of environmental extremes.

Using the product could not be easier. The formula is sprayed on to a clean, lint-free cloth or microfiber towel, then simply wiped evenly across the surface, buffing as it is applied. Iosso Vinyl and Leather Cleaner & Conditioner costs $3.75 for a 4-oz. spray bottle, $12.95 for 16-oz. and $65.95 for a gallon container.

Iosso Products,
1485 Lively Blvd.,
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


Lil’ Dolly Makes Moving Buckets Easier

Continually moving heavy buckets while working on a boat is more than an inconvenience. The repeated lifting can quickly lead to fatigue and possible unpleasant back strain. The Lil’ Dolly from Beckson Marine offers a safer and more efficient means to maneuver full pails for the task at hand. Its rugged construction is equally suited for use onboard, or at marinas, yards, dealerships and manufacturing facilities.

Beckson’s Lil’ Dolly features a tip-free design and five solid-wheel casters that roll smoothly and effortlessly over a variety of hard surfaces including tile, concrete or pavement. The Lil’ Dolly’s 11 inch inside diameter and generous 75-pound capacity easily accommodate 5, 6 or 15 gallon pails. It is ideal for big jobs like hull cleaning, applying anti-fouling, engine oil changes or cleaning and maintenance.

Available in black ABS or a choice of white or beige polypropylene, the heavy duty Beckson Lil’ Dolly has a list price of $91. Additional colors and alternate materials are available with quantity orders.

Beckson Marine,
165 Holland Ave.,
Bridgeport, CT 06605 H

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