New Products - December 2018

Twist-Lock Circuit Tester Quickly Diagnoses Issues

For boat owners using shore power, knowing if electrical systems are safe and functional is crucial. The 30A/125V Hubbell Twist-Lock® Circuit Tester can quickly diagnose if power is present and if equipment is wired correctly. It is small and compact, making it perfect for use in dark, difficult to reach spaces.

The tester is modeled after the style and size of a standard Hubbell Twist-Lock plug. Its exclusive patented design eliminates the need for traditional measurement techniques and easily tests the condition of the circuit.

Users simply plug it into any 30A/125V locking receptacle, and the LED output back panel will instantaneously indicate the state of the circuit. The tester can identify seven improper wiring conditions, including an open ground or reverse polarity. Hubbell gives the user confidence that connections are made properly and in the appropriate position.

It arrives with an easy-to-read card to help interpret the LED signals. The Hubbell Circuit Tester is compact and durable, and effortlessly clips onto any standard tool belt. It is UL and C-UL listed. MSRP is $75.

Hubbell Marine Electrical Products,
40 Waterview Dr.,
Shelton, CT 06484


Raritan Offers The Longest Lived Water Heaters Available

Whether for cooking or bathing, boats never seem to have enough hot water to satisfy demand. It is a different story when a 1700 Series Water Heater from Raritan Engineering is on board. Its proven design combines extreme efficiency with a compact size and is glass-lined for a long, corrosion-free service life providing clean, fresh water.

They boast high-density non-CFC foam insulation with a high R-value for maximum heat retention and non-corrosive polymer jackets. Available in 6, 12 and 20-gallon sizes, in 120V or 220V AC, they come with an easy-to-use adjustable ignition protected thermostat.

The dockside water recovery rate is 13 gallons per hour. With a 240V heating element, it can go as high as 18 gallons. Because it can accommodate extreme temperatures (up to 160° F) and is mixed with cold water, the usable delivery capacity is much higher.

Unlike cubic water heaters, Raritan′s are cylindrical. This shape enables it to withstand far greater pressure. This is an important safety consideration when it is attached to a heat exchanger. 1700 Series Water Heaters feature an ignition-protected thermostat that is adjustable from 110°-160° F, with a safety shutdown limit of 190°. The temperature and pressure valve is rated at 75 psi at 210° F, instead of the typical 150 psi, to protect the vessel′s plumbing.

Compact and lightweight, the 6 gallon model is 14.5- by 16.25-inches and weighs 36 pounds. The 12 gallon unit is 18.75- by 16.25-inches at 62 pounds and the 20 gallon version is 18.75 by 24.25 at 81 pounds.

Each 1700 Series Water Heater is hand-assembled and individually tested. They are backed by Raritan′s five-year warranty on the tank and two on the unit. Suggested retail starts at $1,045.

530 Orange Street,
Millville, NJ 08332


Finally A Dry Box That Stays Where It Is Needed

Few things spoil a day on the water more than having a cell phone drenched, car keys lost, or eyewear fall and break. With SeaSucker′s Large Dry Box, valuable belongings are well-protected from extreme elements, damage and being misplaced. When used with the exclusive SeaSucker Vacuum Mount, it can be placed where it is most convenient without drilling holes and installing it permanently.

SeaSucker′s Large Dry Box is sized to accommodate oversized smartphones such as the Samsung S9+ and iPhone XS Max. It measures 7.5-inches L x 3.5-inches W x 3.5-inches H. Built in the USA of rugged translucent polymer, contents are easy to see. Two clips keep the lid closed tight, and a gasket seals out water and dust. A tote cord is attached for easy carrying. A video is at

Easy to use, the Vacuum Mount is simply placed in position and the integrated power button pumped until the bright orange indicator disappears. When the color reappears after a few days, a few more pumps keeps the Dry Box securely in place.

Two versions of SeaSucker′s Large Dry Box are available, with the Vacuum Mount on the bottom for horizontal installation and on the back, for vertical. Both cost $77. The box alone without the mount is $28.50.

SeaSucker, LLC,
1912 44th Ave E.,
Bradenton, FL 3420
941/900.1850 H

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