New Products - December 2016

Rechargeable 12 Watt LED Floodlight Lantern

Larson Electronics has come out with another innovative LED lighting device perfect for fishermen, boaters, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

The RL-17-LED-M-CPR portable LED floodlight is a compact rechargeable lantern built to withstand demanding outdoor conditions and rugged use, constructed with four, three-watt high-output light emitting diodes that generate up to 1,050 lumens of cool white light while drawing only 17 watts of energy. The unit contains a single 3.7 volt lithium ion battery, which carries a 1.5 hour runtime in "high" mode and a three hour runtime in ‘low’ mode. A single sealed push button control allows the operator to easily switch between modes, with the "high" setting producing 1,050 lumens and the "low" setting producing 525 lumens.

The floodlight lantern LED assembly is protected by a durable plastic housing and polycarbonate lens making the unit impact and vibration resistant, dustproof, and IP67 Standard waterproof rated. The unit features an articulated light head that can be manually adjusted through 180 degrees of vertical tilt. A magnetic base simplifies mounting on most metallic surfaces, and the ergonomic handle can be used for handheld carrying and as a hanging hook to position the light overhead when needed.

The rechargeable LED floodlight comes complete with a USB charging cord allowing the unit to be charged at any location using a computer, a vehicle USB adapter, a USB wall charger, or any other device that will accept a USB port. The RL-17-LED-M-CPR floodlight has a suggested retail price of $152.74.

For more information and to order, visit

Larson Electronics

9419 E. US Highway 175

Kemp, TX 75143


Great Stocking Stuffer Idea

Looking for that perfect holiday stocking stuffer, or maybe just a better way to hang your holiday stocking this year? Check out the fun and functional over-sized boating clothes pins from Bernard Engraving.

Too often, boaters find towels and other laundry hug-out to dry lying about in a wet heap on deck, or worse, missing altogether. Standard, home sized laundry pins aren’t up to the task, especially when underway or on a windy day. Bernard "Sea Snaps", however, are strong and over-sized to handle the heaviest of items, and now they come in five vibrant colors, perfect accents for the coming holiday season, whether you are hanging a stocking or stringing lights on your boat.

Made from thick, durable plastic, Sea Snaps remain dry, and won’t rust and discolor fabrics. At 6-inch L x .75-inch W, the large jaw and teeth provide ample gripping power to hold tight even in a stiff sea breeze. A hook on one lever arm allows each Snap to hang easily on everything from a lifeline to a 1.25-inch rail. New red and dark blue colors complement existing yellow, clear, and teal blue.

The Sea Snap isn’t just for use on deck… Inside a boat they’re great for organizing cables and wires, and hanging other gear including hats, shoes, produce hammocks, and wet foulies.

Bernard Engraving also sells custom and stock "Identi-Plate" engraved plastic labels and signs for your boat, office, and home. Sea Snaps are available from Bernard Engraving for $3.69 each. For more information and to order, visit

Bernard Engraving

P.O. Box 320034

Fairfield, CT 06825


Stay Warm In The Coldest Conditions

With winter closing in, staying warm on the water can be a real challenge, and if you have ever suffered through a long cold night at sea you know what I mean. Volt Resistance has created a heated clothing line with patented Zero Layer® heating technology that manages the user’s thermal comfort regardless of the weather.

Using only the highest quality UL tested electronics and top rated batteries, Volt Resistance incorporates their heating system into fashionable outdoor wear using technical fabrics and advanced insulating materials. The full line of heated apparel ranges from heated gloves, scarves, and socks to insulated vests and jackets that are easy to use and guaranteed to keep your body at the perfect temperature.

The Zero Layer® Heat System eliminates bulk while providing more efficient heat transfer, less battery power, and longer run times than other heating systems. The ultra-thin heating panels utilize tiny stainless steel fibers woven into insulated fabric. The heating elements are encapsulated in a special thermal bonding sealing tape, protecting the heating panels from wear and tear and making them extremely durable.

Among the various garments, Volt Resistance Heated Fleece Gloves provide state of the art technology perfect for outdoor activities. Featuring leather tipped fingers for better grip and soft tricot lining to wick away moisture, these great winter accessories retail for $149.95.

The 5v Heated Scarf is ultra-soft and fashionable, and able to provide warmth for up to seven hours on "low" and three hours on "high". The 5v Scarf comes complete with battery and USB charging cable, and retails for $69.95.

For more information and to order the complete Volt apparel line and accessories, visit

H2C Brands, LLC

110 Cumberland Park Dr.,

Suite 205

St. Augustine, FL 32095


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