New Products - February 2019

Shurhold Makes Cleaning Polisher Pads Fast & Easy

Polishing and buffing with a dirty pad that is caked with wax or compound splatter materials adds time to the job and can mar the work surface. Shurhold Industries has a simple method to clean expensive pads, whether wool, bronze, cotton, microfiber, foam or synthetic fiber.

Using a scoop of Shurhold′s Serious Pad Cleaner in a gallon of water, pads, bonnets and towels are soaked for 15 minutes after a light agitation. Then, remaining compound and wax is hand-washed and/or brushed off the pad. After a thorough rinse to ensure total cleanliness, it is left to air dry. It is best to store in a re-sealable storage bag.

Citrus-based Serious Pad Cleaner was developed specifically by Shurhold to dissolve buffing compounds and waxes. Made in the USA, it pulls contaminates out of the pad, rejuvenating it and extending its life. Once mixed with water, the solution will continue its effectiveness for up to a week. One jar makes approximately 20-24 gallons.

The Pad Cleaning and Utility Brush from Shurhold makes short work of cleaning pads. Stiff bristles scrub away waxes and compounds. Its unique, ergonomic shape delivers all-day comfort. It′s especially useful while compounding for quick pad touch-ups.

Shurhold Serious Pad Cleaner costs $13.98 for a 12 oz. jar. The Pad Cleaning & Utility Brush is $5.48.

3119 SW 42nd Avenue.,
Palm City, FL 34990

Compact Ski Tow Fits Any Transom

Many boaters would like to add a ski tow to the stern of their boat, but don′t want to further clutter what is often an already busy space. The Flush-Mounted Ski Tow from Accon Marine keeps the transom free of protruding hardware while providing a discreet and secure point for attaching such a line.

Made from durable 316 stainless steel for optimal strength and corrosion resistance, the patented, four-piece assembly consists of the main body, a sealing cup, backing plate and gasket. Installation is a simple matter of drilling a 2.5-inch hole and attaching the hardware with four .25-inch stainless screws. The recurved hook design faces back into itself for safety, while still providing an accessible attachment point that works with any standard tow rope. Measuring just 3.5-inches square and 1.25-inches deep, the Accon Flush-Mounted Ski Tow is functional and effective, while neatly blending with the decor of any vessel. The MSRP is $48.26.

Accon Marine,
13665 Automobile Boulevard,
Clearwater, FL 33762

Propele Electric Boat Motors Announces The EP Carry

Now in full production, the innovative motor system provides lightweight, efficient, simple-to-use electric propulsion. The EP Carry is designed specifically for dinghies, tenders, small rowing and other craft under 13-feet and 600 pounds.The new product line delivers ship-to-shore simplicity, and quiet electric power with unique, patented features for easy control, comfort and safety

Weighing in at a mere 14 pounds, the revolutionary EP Carry motor is sold complete with a 7-pound buoyant battery pack making it the lightest electric motor system on the market and compact enough to easily handle and lift by hand. This light weight, combined with advanced ergonomics, allows for simple and fast set-up and operation, all from a seated position. The motor clamps onto a transom or motor mount and sets up in less than a minute. With a pull on the tiller arm to lift the prop, boaters can beach their dinghy, eliminating the challenges of traditional outboards that require reaching back or latching with a second hand. All controls including reverse gear are within reach at the end of the longest tiller arm of any outboard motor.

In spite of its small size and low weight, the EP Carry provides ample propulsion for one to three hours, depending on the power level selected. Designed to deliver long runtime for multiple ship-to-shore trips, most small boats can expect speeds of 3.5 to 4.2 knots with a range of 3-6 miles per charge. Lithium battery packs offer reliable operation with fast recharge times.

Engineered for maximum efficiency, the EP Carry′s custom brushless motor provides 220 watts of power. Offering boaters the easiest ownership experience, the EP Carry includes a patented water-lubricated gear system that requires zero maintenance. Owners of the EP Carry can enjoy safe shallow-water operation due to its innovative design features including a unique, high-aspect ratio and slow-turning prop design; as well as a low-force grounding kick-up, a well-protected skeg and an electronic shear pin. The motor is available in three shaft lengths - Mini, Standard/Short and Long, and is solar-ready with a variety of 24-volt panels available to fit the unique needs of each owner.

The EP Carry motor system is available for $1,600 as a complete kit with motor, battery, fast charger, accessory carry bags and a lock for security.

ProEle Elecctric Boat Motors Inc.,
10404 428th Avenue SE,
North Bend, WA 98045
425/502.5232 H

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