New Products - March 2019

Iosso Removes Funky Water Related Scum and Odors

Boat owners all know that funky smell when opening a cooler, refrigerator or live well. That not-so-fresh aroma is algae, mold, mildew and other microorganisms that thrive in moist environments. It is simple to get rid of that annoying smell and keep it away with Iosso Products′ Live Well Cleaner. The biodegradable and environmentally-friendly solution leaves surfaces sparkling fresh and clean.

Live Well Cleaner is chlorine-free, pH-neutral and does not leave a residue, so it is safe to use around food and live fish. But that does not mean it is not tough on stains. It easily removes fish blood and waterline scum and helps prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. It is the perfect solution to bring new life to a portable cooler.

Using Iosso Live Well Cleaner is simple. The concentrated powder is poured directly into a filled tank or bucket of water. It can be sponged onto surfaces or circulated through live well tubing using the pump. Then it is drained and rinsed with fresh water. A 4 oz. container is $5.95 and is enough for two treatments.

Iosso Products
1485 Lively Boulevard,
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

A Boost In Speed And Fuel Savings With Scrubbis

Powerboaters and sailors may disagree on how to get around, but they agree that fast is fun. Algae and other marine life clinging to the hull, however, rob a boat of its speed even with bottom paint. With the Davis Scrubbis™ Underwater Hull Cleaning Kit from Davis Instruments, it is easy to get up to a 30% boost in speed while saving up to 20% in fuel. And because it is gentle on expensive ablative, hard and hybrid coatings, toxic chemicals are not inadvertently introduced into the water.

Davis Scrubbis is a simple but altogether new concept. The 13cm x 40cm cleaning head is buoyant. Attached to the 1.1 - 3.2m telescoping aluminum handle, it is pushed down the side of the hull. 2kg of flotation brings it back, removing scum. The durable foam-like material is gentle on bottom paint and, used regularly, keeps fouling at bay. For stubborn spots, the head can be turned to expose a stiff cleaning fin. With the angled tube and 1.1m extension, there are few spots Davis Scrubbis cannot touch with its 3.6m reach. Strakes, steps, bulb keels and deep rudders can all be cleaned. Because of its versatility, it can be used with equal effectiveness from a dock, dinghy or deck. A 9m boat can be tackled in about 20 minutes.

A number of attachments are available for specialized cleaning tasks. Scrubbis has stiff bristles that remove barnacles, worm casings and grass. The Waterline Brush has three cleaning fins and a replaceable scrubbing pad for tenacious scum.

Davis Instruments
3465 Diablo Avenue,
Hayward, CA 94545

New Digital Switch From Albin Ends Bilge Woes

The problem with a conventional bilge switch with a float is that it is only a matter of time before a moving part becomes stuck. This means the pump will run dry and burn out or simply will not activate. With Albin Pump Marine′s new 12/24V Digital Bilge Switch, there is nothing to corrode or jam. It provides peace of mind that bilges remain dry and boats stay safe.

Completely encased in rugged, corrosion- and oil-resistant plastic, the Digital Bilge Switch has no moving parts. It contains no mercury, so it is safe for the environment. It features Albin′s field-sensing digital technology that automatically activates and deactivates the pump.

The Digital Bilge Switch is built to last. It is CE marked 94/25/ECC, ISO 8846 Small Craft, Electromagnetic compatibility 89/336/EEC and EN51014 1993/radio disturbance.

Installation is simple. Two tabs offer mounting points and sealed pigtail leads provide easy wiring. Albin Pump Marine′s 12/24V Digital Bilge Switch has a list price of $79.

Albin Pump Marine, LLC
13280 SW 131 Street, Suite 108,
Miami, FL 33186
860/670.1632 H

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