New Products - May 2019

Moldaway Cleans The Natural Way

Keeping a boat spot–free is a constant battle, with many owners resorting to harsh, toxic chemicals and lots of elbow grease. Moldaway from Shurhold Industries is different. It is an oxygenated cleaner effective on a wide range of surfaces and removes stains the natural way.

Made in the USA, scientifically formulated Moldaway contains no bleach or chlorine, so it is safe to use on colored vinyl, canvas, plastic, carpeting, interior and exterior cushions, sails and wood. It removes mold, mildew, algae, dirt, blood and food and drink stains without scrubbing.

Using Moldaway is easy. Two teaspoons of the powder mixed thoroughly into a quart of warm water will remain effective for 10 hours. The solution is then sponged or brushed onto a cool surface. After standing damp with the mixture for 10 minutes, it is rinsed with clean water. For extremely soiled areas, it can soak longer. A 12 oz. jar costs $14.98.

3119 SW 42nd Ave.,
Palm City, FL 34990

Pop–Up Countertop Receptacles Are

Electrical outlets in a galley or head are typically located on a wall or the side of cabinetry, and often too far away from where they are needed. Hubbell Marine′s new Countertop Receptacles install discretely in the countertop for maximum convenience. By simply pushing down on the device, a 15A 125V receptacle pops up. Because spills happen, especially while underway, they are UL–listed for half–gallon water–resistance. And with seven different finishes, one will match any boat decor.

Countertop Receptacles are available in surface and flush mount models, in polished chrome, brushed aluminum, brass or nickel, powder coated black or white, and matte bronze. They feature Hubbell Marine′s patented cam action tamper–resistant technology and patent–pending silicone gaskets. Highly durable, they are built to withstand 10,000 open/close cycles.

At the forefront of safety, Hubbell Marine Countertop Receptacles are UL 498 Section 146 listed for water resistance. Additionally, they meet NEC 406.5(E), 406.5(F) and 406.5(H) for countertop, work surface and seating compliance, respectively. Rated for up to 20A service, it′s recommended that they are fed via a GFCI circuit.

Hubbell Marine Countertop Receptacles are compact, needing only 4–inches wide of space, a 3.4–inch hole and 4.7–inches of depth. The surface mount version extends a mere .09–inches high and has a chamfered edge for a finished appearance.

Permanent installation ready, Hubbell Marine Countertop Receptacles accept non–metallic sheathed cable, and/or metal conduit with a wire clamp or .5–inch KO. A 4.2–inch locknut holds the receptacle securely to avoid wobble and misalignment. MSRPs start at $109.99.

Hubbell Marine Electrical Products
40 Waterview Drive,
Shelton, CT 06484

New Powder–Coated Primus Wheel Evokes A Range Of Moods

Depending on the boat it graces, the new powder–coated Primus steering wheel from Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products can be tactical, race–inspired, sophisticated or rebellious. Made from cast stainless steel with a deep, rich, durable powder coated finish, the bold look instantly becomes the focal point of any dash and defines the style of the entire vessel. Black is the standard color, with others available upon request.

The powder–coated Primus is made using a unified investment casting surrounding an integrated steel ring. It is so incredibly strong, it easily exceeds ABYC P–22 and ISO 8848 standards and comes with a lifetime warranty for corrosion and structural integrity.

The marine grade 316L stainless steel is meticulously finished prior to powder coating. The result is a lustrous finish that is impervious to weather, with little maintenance needed.

Available in 13.5 and 15.5–inch diameters, the finger–grooved rim of the Primus is thicker than most others, a generous 1.125–inches wide. Combined with UV–resistant black Santoprene™ rubber inserts that show through the top and bottom of the wheel′s rim, it provides utmost control, and delivers all–day cushioned comfort. It is offered in three spoke patterns: solid, slotted and slotted with matching Santoprene inserts.

Powder coated in the same attractive color as the wheel, the ergonomic control knob features corrosion–resistant glass ball bearings for trouble–free spinning. It is mounted away from the outside edge of the rim to keep it from catching on clothing and gear.

The powder–coated Primus comes with a .75–inch tapered shaft. Its center nut fits all standard marine steering systems.

The Schmitt & Ongaro powder–coated Primus marine steering wheel prices ranges from $710 to $902.

Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products
1001 Ranch Mill Road,
Lancaster, PA 17602
866/724.6488 H

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