New Products - September 2015

Electric Outboard For Use In Salt Water

Too often, when brackish or saltwater boaters and fishermen shop for an electric outboard, the choices are limited to motors designed for fresh water. Responding to market demand, Flover introduces its fully marinized, feature-packed Flover 55TGS.

The Flover 55TGS is designed for harsh saltwater environments. Its shaft is ceramic-coated aluminum. The motor's metal parts are either stainless steel or have a corrosion-resistant finish. The 11-inch propeller has a sacrificial zinc anode.

Its low weight and powerful 55 lbs. of thrust make the Flover 55TGS ideal for use on a dinghy or tender, or as a dedicated fishing motor. At less than 29 lbs., the outboard is easily brought aboard by racing sailors.

Its shaft is 33.5 inches long. Combined with a 10-level locking bracket, it's flexible enough to use on a wide range of transoms. With a telescoping tiller, the motor adapts to the helmsman's location.

The Flover 55TGS runs off a common 12-volt marine battery. A power gauge is located on the control box. Without the need for gasoline, there's no noise, odor or hazardous, explosive fuel.

The Flover 55TGS is simple to operate. The motor features three forward and two reverse speeds for a wide range of maneuvering and distance-making needs.

The Flover 55TGS comes with a two-year factory warranty. The suggested retail price starts at $247.


Busan, South Korea,

U.S. office: 13280 SW 131 St., #111, Miami, FL 33186,


Easy Thru-Hull Valve System

Tru-Design glass-reinforced nylon composite thru-hull fittings and ball valves now meet or exceed ABYC H-27 and ISO 9093-2 requirements by utilizing a Load Bearing Collar.

Offering ease of installation and uncompromising strength, they're designed for boatbuilders who don't want to drill additional holes in their hulls, or deal with the hassles of bonding or gluing a thru-hull fitting into place.

The non-corroding thru-hull fitting, load bearing collar and ball valve system can eliminate problems associated with metal and bronze sea cocks, such as corrosion and electrolysis. Unlike sea cock with flange models, Tru-Design collars spread the load evenly, so they don't require any gluing or fasteners to the hull.

This system can be retrofitted to existing thru-hull assemblies. The lightweight valves are designed for long-term use.

When in place, the thru-hull fitting-ball valve-tail assembly can withstand a 500-lb. static force for a minimum of 30 seconds. Tru-Design thru-hull fittings are compatible with all hull types across a wide range of thicknesses and can be used on aluminum, steel, wood, GRP or composites.

They are available for 1/2-inch to 1-1/2-inch sized units.

Available in small and medium sizes, the collar is part of Tru-Design's complete thru-hull system. The 3/4-inch thru-hull with ball valve and collar is $114, while the collar alone is $10.


530 Orange St.,

Millville, NJ 08332,


Safe, Watertight Deck Plates

Those that are serious about safety can turn to Beckson Marine's Deck Plates, which were the first to include a cover that would not open unexpectedly, deliver maximum water tightness and prevent jamming. Now, taking the level of security even further, independent laboratory tests have certified that all of the company's 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch Pry-Out and Screw-Out Deck Plates meet or exceed the ABYC H-3 Standard for Watertight Deck Structures.

The Screw-Out Deck Plate features a single-start, non-jamming, extra-strong, self-cleaning buttress thread. It also incorporates a self-aligning center and an innovative gasket, ensuring a watertight seal. A unique back-up sealing wall leaves the plate water resistant, even if the gasket is removed.

Beckson developed the Pry-Out Deck Plate with an extra-heavy O-ring that assures a watertight fit. It comes in a choice of two non-skid surfaces, pebble or diamond, or a smooth texture for different installation requirements.

Beckson's Pry-Out and Screw-Out Deck Plates are available at quality marine stores through distribution and suited for OEM applications.

Beckson Marine,

165 Holland Ave.,

Bridgeport, CT 06605,

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